10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

Regardless of where you are, you may use a watch party app to watch movies together with friends or family in sync. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows together on streaming services whether you are in a long-distance relationship with your spouse or friends. It’s usually the most enjoyable when friends and family gather around the sofa to watch movies or TV shows. However, the distance has caused us to cherish and miss those times. Technological advancements allow us to watch internet content with our loved ones without traveling. The videos you watch will synchronize with many internet services, such as watch parties, and maintain connectivity throughout.

How Do Watch Parties Work?

Selecting an app to watch movies together with friends is the first step. Everyone needs a current Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription to use the same streaming app. Most apps require a computer and the Google Chrome web browser to function. You may start watching a movie together when you log into your devices and apps. For everyone watching, the video is synchronized by the watch party services. Everyone experiences a halt when one person does. While watching a movie, the service allows you to chat with friends. Video chat is possible in several app stores. With friends, you may enjoy comments, which adds to the enjoyment of the occasion. The top apps to watch movies online are listed below.

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

1. Plex

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

Plex adds virtual reality, which elevates video sharing to a whole new level. Users may join a virtual home, theater, or room to watch movies with their loved ones. The fact that this platform is the most complex one on the list for us is a drawback.


A desktop or mobile device with hardware compatible with Oculus Go, Gear VR, or Google Daydream.

How Does Plex Work?

To get started, create a Plex account and then select a movie to watch from your own media collection or Plex’s movie and TV library. Press the More button next to the movie to begin a session and invite your friends to start watching. Then, click the Watch Together option. Videos are synchronized in a virtual environment so everyone can watch the same video together.

2. TeleParty

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

You may watch movies or TV shows together on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime with the Chrome browser extension TeleParty, formerly Netflix Party. It helps you create a watch party link that you can share with friends and family and can only be installed on one computer.


  • Chrome is an essential browser that should be installed on every computer.
  • The Teleparty Chrome extension is required on a single computer.
  • The ability to use the Netflix streaming app.

How Does TeleParty Work?

On your Chrome browser, download the TeleParty extension. Open Netflix and begin playing the movie you wish to watch when it has been installed. After that, share the exclusive link with others by halting the video. Teleparty synchronizes the streaming apps’ video playback.

3. Scener

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

Up to 10 individuals can join and watch movies on streaming services using the Chrome extension Scener. A live chat and video call capability is included in the app.


Everybody needs a webcam, a microphone, a laptop or computer with internet access, and a streaming platform membership.

How Does Scener Work?

On your desktop device, download and set up the Scener Chrome extension. The following step involves searching for all your friends already on the platform and clicking the “Add Friend” button. The movie can be stopped, resumed, skipped, rewind, or played via a remote. You may pass the virtual remote to other people by pointing the pointer to their name and clicking the button.

4. Amazon Prime Watch Party

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

With Amazon Prime Watch Party, you and your loved ones can watch movies on the service together. You may watch and chat with up to 100 friends or family members simultaneously. Any movie or TV show that is part of Prime can be watched.


Everyone watching the video has to be a premier member, live in the same nation as the host, or have at least paid for it.

How Does Amazon Prime Watch Party Work?

Choose a movie or TV show that both of you wish to watch. To create your watch party and add your name, click the watch party button on your Amazon Prime account. A link allows you to invite up to 100 others to a watch party. The movie can be played, paused, skipped, or stopped by the host after everyone has joined.

5. Chrome Watch Party

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

You may watch movies or TV shows together from your preferred streaming services with the help of Chrome Watch Party, a free app.


It works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox browsers.

How Does Chrome Watch Party Work?

Install the appropriate add-on for your browser, such as the Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge extensions. To create or join a party, click the Watch Party button and fill out the three needed text boxes.

6. TwoSeven

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

A couple in a long-distance relationship for a while creates TwoSeven. It’s among the list’s easiest platforms to use.


You will require your TwoSeven account and any privately owned videos or media streaming apps.

How Does TwoSeven Work?

This browser-based app requires access. You may watch videos from streaming apps after setting up your account. Users can also watch videos that they own or that are privately stored.

7. Rave

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

Rave is a free app that lets users chat or converse while watching movies or Google images.


Users must have access to the same streaming service and a Rave account for it to work.

How Does Rave Work?

A user can create a room by searching for other users’ names on the platform or by giving them an invitation via a link. Content from Google Drive, Vimeo, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and other services is supported.

8. Watch2Gether

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

With Watch2Gether, spending time with friends and family while watching videos, listening to music, and buying online is enjoyable and simple.


You’ll need a computer with an internet connection and access to a streaming platform to watch videos with your loved ones.

How Does Watch2Gether Work?

Create a temporary nickname by clicking “Create a Room” on the platform’s home page to get started. You may add your friends to a virtual chat room that will then be displayed to you. You can join a watch room that someone else has built or invite your friends to a virtual watch room.

9. Syncplay

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

A terrific way to watch movies together using your preferred video player is using Syncplay, an open-source video party app.


Users need to use the same video file to start watching the movie and sync it. All users must download third-party programs like Skype or Mumble to participate in voice or video chat.

How Does Syncplay Work?

It is recommended that all users download and store the video locally on their hard drive from the same file. You may start watching the movies after setting up your Sync Play account.

10. Kast

10 Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Friends

Users may watch and sync videos, games, papers, and more with Kast. With YouTube and Tabi, the platform is free, but watching content from a streaming service like Netflix requires a minor cost. Twenty participants can join a session at a time.


Kast online (accessible exclusively on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) and a desktop app are both options.

How Does Kast Work?

Kast allows users to watch movies, play games, and share other content. You have two options: use the online version compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge or download a desktop app for Windows and macOS. Create your watch party or join one already scheduled as the next step.


It’s time to organize your next movie night now that you’ve read about all the hippest and most interesting methods to watch movies together. By sharing the article with your friends and family, select a watch party platform that best suits your wants and requirements.