Here Are Six Fashion Accessories That Support Health

Here Are Six Fashion Accessories That Support Health

Fashion is a huge part of our lives, shaping everything from what we wear to the people we spend time with. However, some people go too far by picking fashionable trends over their health, like excessively high heels and heavy handbags.

But then, it’s not all bad because some fashion trends actually support health. Here are six accessories that look gorgeous and promote better health.

Face Masks

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in January 2020, the world hasn’t been the same. The World Health Organization made recommendations on how we can survive and thrive during a potential global health crisis. One of the recommendations was face masks to be worn when in public.

Even though they were an uncomfortable addition to our wardrobes, face masks have since become a part of everyday life. They have also become pseudo-fashion accessories, with people owning as many as ten different masks. We now find masks to match our outfits and complete our looks. Who says you can’t look good while staying healthy?

Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses have been around since the 1200s, giving people of all ages support for their impaired vision. They used to be incredibly expensive until a couple of innovative companies made it affordable for everyone who couldn’t see straight. Since then, various frames and themes have been produced, drawing inspiration from various objects.

We even have computer glasses in the works. These bring the content of our various technological devices to our lens. The bottom line is, glasses are a huge part of our fashion these days, and it’s not surprising to find individuals with several pairs.

Compression Shirts

Compression shirts aren’t as common as glasses or face masks, but they’ve earned their place on this list. These clothing items are used to resolve specific body problems like gynecomastia or swollen male breasts. A hormonal imbalance causes the condition, and it can be very embarrassing for people who suffer from it.

Luckily, Confidence Body Wear and other manufacturers developed compression clothing to hide the swollen breasts and give men the confidence they need. The clothes aren’t just limited to shirts alone. There are also compression tank tops and nipple covers. You can find some of the products at this link:

Fitness Bands

Fitness bands are, for some people, an integral part of their health and fitness. They are small bracelet-like devices that track everything from your heart rate to daily steps, sleep habits, and even calorie usage. Fitness bands also allow you to share your stats with friends and family and compete on predetermined fitness goals.

These accessories belong on this list because besides supporting health, they are also incredibly fashionable. The manufacturers made them visually appealing, so people could wear them with confidence while staying in the best shape of their lives.

Shoes For Flat Feet

Flat foot is a condition characterized by the absence of the arches of the foot. The arches of the foot are structures made up of bone and muscle tendons. They support us during walking and running, absorbing most of the impact as we move. People with flat feet experience pain while walking, and the intensity of the pain depends on the severity of the condition.

Shoes for flat feet solve this problem by providing all the support the feet need for movement. They are designed to include special contours and curves that mimic the arches found in a normal foot. These shoes take the pain and discomfort out of walking, while also remaining fashionable and attractive.

Smart Clothes

Smart clothes aren’t very common, so you might not have heard about them. They are like fitness bands, except they take the practice of supporting health to a whole other level.  They are still in development, but they are basically clothes with devices and sensors built into them.

These sensors pick up signals, assessing your posture, heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature, and other things. They can also help you cool your body temperature if you get too hot. If you think it sounds like something Batman would wear, you’re not alone. A lot of work is needed before these clothing can be available for purchase, but the news is very promising.

Tips on How to Embrace Your Body

Some of the items on this list were developed because people felt unwilling to wear prescription accessories in public. Glasses make people look weird, and face masks are uncomfortable, and sometimes, downright ugly.

But then, sometimes, it’s easier to accept your body and the medical devices you need, rather than seeking ways to make them more attractive. Here are four tips to help you become more accepting of your bodily flaws.

Acknowledge it.

It may be easier to ignore the flaws and hope they go away. However, ignoring problems has never been the answer to anything. Instead, acknowledge what’s bothering you and try to identify why. You may find out your opinions are shaped by other people’s perceptions, instead of how you really feel.

Appreciate your individuality.

Believe it or not, flaws make you unique. They make you stand out of the crowd, and they are why no one can ever pretend to be you. Even though you don’t like them, embrace your flaws as a part of who you are. Stop trying to fit in; be comfortable with standing out.

Address it.

If your flaws are something you can address, find a way to do that. If you’re overweight, a diet and exercise routine can help you achieve your dream body. If you’re bald, you can seek out products that help men regrow their hair. It’s not about hiding your flaws; it’s simply trying to be better.

Use your flaws.

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do about your flaws, and that’s okay. The only thing that matters is being comfortable in your skin. Once you embrace it, no one can use your flaws to mock you ever again. Take Peter Dinklage, for example, a dwarf who’s grown to become one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors. Flaws make you who you are, and they may just take you to greatness.