Show Off Your Mad Skills with Light Gloves

Show Off Your Mad Skills with Light Gloves

If you’re interested in becoming a master of light gloves, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve been to festivals, raves, or glow-in-the-dark parties, you likely have seen light glove users or “glovers” flicking around their fingers and dancing in the dark with these awesome gloves.

Learning how to glove isn’t easy, and takes practice and patience. The movements are meant to be smooth, fluid, and entrancing. Take your time and practice at home before bringing them out to a party where you can wow your friends with your new moves.

Not only should you work on mastering the latest moves, but you should also learn how to change settings and turn the gloves on and off in a fluid motion. Changing the colors and flipping the lights on and off have a cool effect and can further entrance your audience.

Basic Light Glove Moves

Before taking your gloves to a show, you should be the master of basic movements. Even the most basic movements can leave your audience in a trance while they watch you perform. Sure, there are more complex things to learn, but you should always build up a good base first.

Building up a good base will not only ensure that you don’t overwhelm yourself, but it’ll allow you to easier learn more difficult moves when you’re ready. Basic gloving movements include:

  • Finger tutting
  • Stacking
  • Finger roll
  • Figure eight
  • Liquid or flow movement

Advanced Light Glove Moves

Once you’ve spent enough time practicing your basic light glove movement, you can start working on more advanced ones to really blow your friends’ minds. Advanced glove movements include:

  • Flails
  • Conjuring
  • Mode switching

Conjuring and mode switching are two techniques that will really wow your audience. Conjuring makes your lights appear as if they’re teleporting. By switching your lights on and off at the right time, you can trick your audience.

Mode switching is also a great way to do this, and a great way to build up hype for your performance. Switching modes to go along with the music, or switching light colors can help set the tone and tempo, really drawing people in.

Light Glove Etiquette

There are many important rules you need to follow when gloving in public. There are no set rules, and there are certainly no light glove police that are going to arrest you for not following these rules. However, you should keep the following in mind:

  1. Don’t touch. You should never touch the person that you’re performing for. It might overwhelm them. You should also never touch anyone without their permission, so make sure to keep your distance when performing. In return, you can expect that no one will touch you while you’re performing.
  2. Don’t jump in on someone else’s show. If someone else is performing, don’t jump in on their performance. Let them perform for their audience.
  3. Gloving can be overwhelming for some, so if someone asks you to stop performing for them, you should always listen.

Light gloving is almost like building a relationship with your audience. You entrance them and take them to a faraway place. It’s important that you build trust with the person you’re performing for.

Other Fun Rave Toys

There are many options when it comes to rave toys and attire. You can choose hula hoops, light sticks, whips, mouth guards, hats, headbands, shoes, and more. Anything that can light up, probably does.

Find whatever tool you love and have fun with it. Bring it raves, entertain others, and yourself. All rave toys require practice, but there’s definitely one out there for you.