5 Summer Roadtrips to Take in 2022

5 Summer Roadtrips to Take in 2022

Are you not sure about the type of travel you are going to have this summer? Summer road trips have always been a great idea. This is the best time to easily find some distance away from everyone else and have a great time. You will have enough to explore the destination of your choice and unwind from busy days. Here are the five summer road trips you should take in 2021.

1. South East Coast

Grand strand is another name for Myrtle Beach, which has been a favored summer vacation spot for many years. It provides a perfect spot to enjoy nature as you take in the atmosphere exuded. Before embarking on your journey toward Charleston, you want to stop and have fun in Myrtle Beach.

Have you ever been to Fort Sumter National Monument? You don’t want to miss out on that this summer. To see this, you want to explore the antebellum city, where you will also see the Battery Point Gardens. From there, you can continue to see and experience the beautiful savannah; here, you will get to interact with flora and fauna.

2. Desert Southwest Loop

The US southwest is where you want to take your road trip in the summer of 2021. You can kick off your journey in Las Vegas or Albuquerque and put together an amazing loop by bringing together 1-40, 1-15, as well as many other branch highways. You can take as many detours as you want and make your road trip as memorable as possible.

There are so many things you can see and enjoy in this part of the world. Amid your expedition, you want to stop at the Grand Canyon National Park and have fun with the wild. If you like, you can stay on that route and experience the western part of Grand Canyon, where you will see its famous skywalk.

3. Rocky Mountain High

Suppose you are in the mood to take everything a bit higher, then a rocky mountain high can be a great idea. To experience the rocky mountain high, you might want to commence at the Denver, where you will use the I-70 to access the mountains. From this point, you can easily visit Crested Butte, towns of Aspen, Vail, and Breckenridge.

The rocky mountain high is a fascinating place to visit with a loved one that enjoys a lot of hiking on rocky terrain. You can also choose to go through the Colorado State Highway 91 and arrive at Leadville. This is the home of the Leadville Race series, so getting here should be on your list.

4. New England Pastoral

This part of the US has a lot of things going on and can make a great summer road trip. The atmosphere in this place cannot be found elsewhere within the US. Plaques dot the town squares, and this whole place seems to be unchanged for the past 250 years.

New England pastoral belongs to those who want to have a feel of what history used to be like. Using the southern route allows you to kick off the expedition from New York City. On US highway one, you will get to explore the Gold Coast and much more.

5. Pacific Northwest

In this part of the country, you will see a lot of lush green landscapes, lots of mountainous terrains, and dense forests. These are some of the things you want to see in the summer. To have the best experience, you want to start the journey from Seattle and see the areas within the Puget Sound proximity.

From there, you want to keep moving to Olympia through the I-5. Using US highway 101, you will be able to circumnavigate and see the Olympic National Park. After you have turned south, keep moving to cross the Columbia River and get into Oregon.

Closing Thoughts

Not everyone finds it easy to plan summer road trips. There are so many places to see, and they will give you different experiences. It is always a good idea to begin planning your journey ahead of time. It is essential to keep in mind the necessary equipment like the proper car or RV, an RV mattress, pillows, blankets, food, etc. The areas shared in this article are just a few of many places you can visit during your summer road trip. If your trip is going to be a long one, be sure to carry enough food and bedding because you will spend a night or two away from home.