5 Tips to Choosing the Right Office Chair: What Is Lumbar Support?

5 Tips to Choosing the Right Office Chair: What Is Lumbar Support?

Low back pain is one of the most common health problems as 80% of adults experience it at some point. Just because the issue is common, does not mean it isn’t worth trying to avoid. At an office job, it can be difficult to prevent lower back pain, but lumbar support can help.

So, what is lumbar support? Read on to learn about lumbar support and five tips on choosing the right office chair.

1. Create a Budget

Office chair prices range vastly. It may seem silly to create a budget for an office chair, but deciding how much you can spend will help you narrow down the choices. There are a lot of factors that will relate to your budgeting choices.

The range of prices can be cheap or over the top expensive. This means some chairs can cost you thousands.

There’s no real need to spend thousands on an office chair. Generally, even the super pricey ones are not worth the money. The price comes from finishes, trimming, and padding, not real ergonomics.

On the other end, you probably should not be buying a cheap chair. A bargain product also won’t provide you with worthy ergonomics.

If you are especially budget-conscious but don’t want to buy a cheap chair, you can try looking for something second-hand. This way you can go with the high-end chairs without breaking the bank. Even a small budget can go a lot further when you choose to buy a second-hand product.

More expensive chairs are created to last a long time. You don’t have to worry about your chair falling apart if you choose to buy second-hand. However, there are still some downsides to consider.

A second-hand chair won’t come with a manufacturer guarantee. If you decide to buy a second-hand chair, do your research on the seller. A retailer should have great reviews and details about their used products.

2. Chair Type

You will be sitting in your office chair quite often. Because of this, you will need to consider the chair type you want to buy. There are a lot of different design options that can be beneficial to your workspace.

If you have a small workspace and desk you should consider compact chairs. A standing desk may work best with a stool chair type.

You also need to consider what elements are most important to you. Not all chair types will have armrests or a headrest. If these things are important to you, you need to keep them in mind when choosing the chair for your needs.

Chairs also have different finishes. People find comfort in different kinds of finish. You can choose leather, fabric, etc.

Leather is more beneficial to those who want something easy to clean. If you are worried about spilling your morning coffee, get a leather chair for easy cleanup. Whereas a fabric chair will cost less and work better in hotter weather.

You should also consider a breathable material like mesh. A mesh back is a must for some office chairs.

3. Ergonomic Considerations

An ergonomic office chair refers to one that has a wide range of adjustments. Every part is designed with ergonomic performance on the mind. These are generally the more expensive chairs.

Every office chair is going to have some sort of ergonomic and comfortability. However, a lot of them are basic adjustments. These include things like changing the seat height and the tilt of the back.

In contrast, a true ergonomic model will do more. You can do things like adjusting the positioning of the seat pan, backrest, and recline. You will also be able to adjust the height, armrest positions, and headrest.

Your personal needs will be met when you consider ergonomics. Some chairs are so advanced that they can automatically adjust to the way you are sitting to fit your body type.

4. Consider Lumbar Support

Correct lumbar support can do wonders for you. A small budget won’t get you a chair with adjustable lumbar support. You can get this element for an extra fee normally, and it is worth the price.

But what is lumbar support?

Lumbar Support Importance

Working in an office all day can truly affect your back, and not in a good way. An office chair that does not have adequate back support can cause a lot of stress on the back.

Your body has lumbosacral discs that can stress the soft tissue and joints in your spine. The stress comes from sitting down for long periods without support. It can also lead to bad posture.

If you’re wondering where to put lumbar support when you add it to your chair, it’s on your back. A lumbar cushion is strictly for back support.

Your spine naturally curves and lumbar back support promotes good posture when sitting. It does this by filling the gap between the spine and the seat. This supports the inward curve of your lower back.

If your chair does not provide lumbar support, you will have a difficult time maintaining good posture while at the office. Your muscles will need to work harder without the support which can cause strain.

Over time, your body will get tired and make your muscles weak. Your head and upper back will begin to lean forward to compensate for your muscles. It’s natural to slouch without lumbar support, but it does not have to be that way.

Your muscles are relieved when you have lumbar support. Your spine will keep its natural curve. This type of support is necessary when you are sitting for a long period.

The Right Position

The lumbar cushion can support your back if your chair is positioned correctly. You can focus on lower back support and other things that will protect your spine. There are simple ways to find support for your back and neck.

Those sitting at a desk all day should have elbow support to help with neck strains. You can avoid these strains by placing your elbows on the right angle of the elbow support.

Even your knees should be at a certain angle to create support throughout your body. Typically, a right angle bend in the knees works best. A footrest can even help by elevating your feet when you are sitting in your office chair.

Your eyes should be straight ahead. If your computer is in front of you, angle your chair to be right in front of the computer.

Lumbar Support Types

There are different types of lumbar supports you can choose from. For example, an adjustable back support chair or portable lumbar back support will be beneficial.

An adjustable back support chair can be lowered or raised at the hands of the user. The seatback will also be able to be placed in a certain position so the spine is supported. Being able to adjust this level of support is especially important if more than one person will be using the chair.

A portable lumbar back support can be a cushion or lumbar roll. This will be fitted to the seat by being manually placed on it. Most chair types can fit a portable lumbar back support.

These products can sometimes be inflatable. This makes it easier to find the right position for you. You can decrease or increase the amount of air to gain support.

If you cannot afford to add additional lumbar support to your office chair, there are other options. Avoiding back pain is a crucial thing when working a desk job all day.

Luckily, you can use simple solutions like a rolled-up towel or pillow. Find your desired thickness and place it wherever you see fit.

Practicing good back support includes avoiding staying in the same position for longer than thirty minutes. You should find time throughout the day to stand up, stretch, and even walk around some before sitting back down again.

5. Try It Before You Buy

Something as important as choosing an office chair needs to be tried out first. It is something you will be using days on end.

It is also important to understand that doing research won’t always suffice. Each person has a different reaction to certain chairs. You could think something is hard and uncomfortable while another person believes it has comfortable padding.

If you have the ability, you should try out a chair before you buy it. After all, you will be the one using it.

What Is Lumbar Support? Explained

Deciding on an office chair is an important task that should be done carefully. Now that you have an answer to what is lumbar support, you can make having it a top priority. Follow all of these tips to ensure you are finding the right office chair for you.

The next article you read could give you more great tips so keep coming back for more articles like this.