5 Ways ATS Can Help Improve Your Hiring Process

5 Ways ATS Can Help Improve Your Hiring Process

Every recruiter wants to hire the best candidates, but that would require long deliberations. Nowadays, you can do it faster and easier with the use of hiring tools like the applicant tracking system (ATS). This software has many features from screening to onboarding your new hires.

You can now eliminate long and tedious recruitment, instead, you can work on more complicated HR tasks. With such, listed below are some of the ways ATS can improve your recruitment process:

  1. Showcases Company Brand 

The first place that most applicants go to when checking a company is its website. The best candidates are often picky when it comes to the company they’re applying for. They want a company that’ll help them achieve their medium-term and long-term goals.

By using ATS software, your company can create quality web pages to discuss why your company is the best choice. You can also create content highlighting what your company offers to attract applicants. And when they think you’re a good company, they can immediately apply by using application forms embedded in these web pages or content.

Moreover, you can integrate external career website reviews on your website with ATS solutions. By doing this, your applicants no longer need to visit third-party review websites to check your ratings. Alternatively, you may not have to pay job posting ads to look for talents since your company brand is already a marketing strategy to attract a pool of talents. You can learn more about applicant tracking systems here.

  1. Connects With Career Search Websites

With ATS, you can easily connect with clients from popular career websites such as Indeed and Monster. This allows you to communicate with the applicants easily and gives you the ability to reach more talented hires.

On top of that, you can gain access to candidates’ applications quickly, even if they’re applying on other job recruitment websites. The candidate’s application information is automatically backed up in your ATS, eliminating the need to transfer data manually.

  1. Focuses On The Best Applicants 

5 Ways ATS Can Help Improve Your Hiring Process

Imagine that you’re searching for an applicant with your predetermined requirement. Instead of skimming through each applicant’s resume to find the candidate that fits your needs, you can automate it. You can filter all applicants that don’t meet the criteria and only look at those who do.

For instance, you need to evaluate applicants for the position of restaurant manager. By using a restaurant applicant tracking system, you can set certain filters and conditions pertaining to the job position.  Once set, only those that fit the requirement will appear on your search. Applicants for the wait staff won’t be included, making your search more efficient.

  1. Establishes Clear Interview Phases

Setting up a comprehensive interview process is vital in securing quality hires. Creating this process will require a lot of deliberation and time. Different job descriptions will also need a separate interview process.

Moreover, successful hires are contingent on the interview structure. So, it’s essential to layout the process for each position carefully. Some consideration you want to ponder on when structuring the interview process includes:

  • Number of interview stages
  • The employer that will be interviewing the applicant with
  • List of both technical and non-technical questions which the applicant will answer during the interview
  • Role-specific and insightful interview questions
  • Assessment to be accomplished by the applicant and any other tasks

With ATS, you can streamline all these aspects, allowing recruiters to move gracefully from one step to the next. As a result, you can quickly proceed to onboard with only a fraction of the time.

  1. Sets A Tracker For Each Progress In The Application

Most importantly, ATS also tracks the applicant’s progress in the entire hiring procedure. Interviewing with multiple applicants can quickly become confusing without a proper system in place. You might get muddled with numerous information and data, which may result in overlooking the best applicant for the job.

But you can avoid this by using ATS because it keeps everyone in the HR department aware of the hiring process. Each interaction with the applicant is recorded and tracked by the system. With such, you can make sure that your time and applicants aren’t wasted.

Having a smooth application process also impacts the applicant’s experience. Those applicants you reject will talk about the hiring process they went through with your company. And when you have negative feedback, this could affect your reputation. As a result, potential hires may shy away from your job postings.


Many tools can help improve your hiring process, and one of which is the ATS. With the ways mentioned above, you can now automate everything. From screening to interviewing applicants, ATS can surely help. Try using one now and enjoy the positive improvements in your hiring process.