Best Valorant Tracker To See Your Valorant Stats (Sites/Apps)

Best Valorant Tracker To See Your Valorant Stats (Sites/Apps)

Comparing Valorant to an older first-person shooter game like CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), which was released in 2012, it is still relatively young while being one of the biggest and fastest-growing first-person shooter games globally. Additionally, several features still need to be added to Valorant despite demands from a significant section of the game’s constantly expanding player population. A thorough in-game statistics tracker is one tool that most players require knowledge of to improve their performance. Because of this, external statistic trackers are often used by the majority of players in the community. Entering a game like Valorant, where there are several do-or-die situations in every round without a tracker app, puts you at a major disadvantage against seasoned and more experienced players. Furthermore, there are times when even seasoned players will want assistance.

A Valorant tracker will be helpful if you have played the game enough to distinguish between various Agents and their skills. You can play better, adjust your game, and move up the ranks once you install a stat tracker with the necessary data. By gathering player metrics and keeping them ahead of the competition, this in-game, real-time monitoring system will provide every Valorant player, from the casual spectator to the aspiring pro, a tactical edge. Everything you need to know about trackers will be covered in this post, including how to use one to track Valorant stats, how a Valorant tracker operates, and which current Valorant trackers are the best.

Best Valorant Tracker To See Your Valorant Stats (Sites/Apps)

1. Spike Stats – Valorant Tracker

Best Valorant Tracker To See Your Valorant Stats (Sites/Apps)

An easy-to-play game called Spike Stats for Valorant analyzes and presents performance statistics for gamers. It serves as a Valorant Performance Tracker, differentiating it from the other Valorant trackers in the article. You must ensure your device satisfies the following prerequisites to run it.

  • iPhone – iOS 10.0 or later
  • iPod touch – iOS 10.0 or later
  • Mac – macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later

This Valorant Performance Tracker is available for purchase and download from the Mac App Store.


Best Valorant Tracker To See Your Valorant Stats (Sites/Apps)

With the help of the in-game tracking tool Valorant Tracker, you may see the valiant stats of both your opponents and allies while playing. You may view your Valorant Stats, Valorant Ranks, advancement, match history, and more using this Valorant stat tracker. displays the following items’ stats with accuracy.

  • K/D ratio.
  • Hours played and more.
  • Win and loss rate.
  • Headshot percentage.
  • Most used agent.
  • Least played agent.
  • Top weapons.

You can see the stats of Valorant both online and offline thanks to, one of the best Valorant stats trackers. Move to the company’s official website to see Valorant stats online.

3. Senpai Valorant Tracker

Best Valorant Tracker To See Your Valorant Stats (Sites/Apps)

You may see Valorant stats online or offline (via an app) using Senpai Valorant Tracker, much as You may track your and other players’ game stats, ranks, match histories, etc., with the help of this Valorant Stat Tracker. Log in to your account to keep track of your Valorant stats. The Valorant profile stats provide additional information on the use of weapons and agents. Visit its official website, input the player’s name, and press Enter to view the Valorant stats online. Click the DOWNLOAD APP button on the page to download the app and try the offline mode. Then, install and run it by following the on-screen directions. This article presents you to IObit, Samsung, iTopvpn, Razer Cortex, and WiseCleaner’s PC game boosters. One PC gaming booster is yours to choose from.


Best Valorant Tracker To See Your Valorant Stats (Sites/Apps)

An online Valorant tracker is DAK.GG. Viewing the Valorant stats from it is quite easy. Move to the play’s official website, input the play’s name, then press Enter. You may also see the stats by signing in with Riot. Not only is DAK.GG is a Valorant stats tracker, but it can also be used to track stats for games such as Apex Legends, League of Legends, PUBG, Eternal Return, Warzone, and TeamFight Tactics. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for an HP warranty check. You may use this article to search for the warranty status of one or more HP devices.


Which Stat Trackers Are Used By Experts In Valorant?

The two most well-liked stat trackers among pros are and These are the two services that provide the greatest value to their customers and go above and beyond basic Valorant stat tracking features.

What’s The Best Stat Tracker In Valorant?

That question has a subjective answer. All trackers have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately boils down to personal tastes. We think is the best Valorant tracker, surpassing, if you ask us.

Does Using A Stat Tracker Help You Aim Higher?

It is not possible to improve your aim with a stat tracker. Though that’s about as far as it goes, you can gain useful information about where you often aim (head, body, legs). If you want to work on your aim and get better at it, consider using an aim trainer, which is designed with aim improvement in mind.

Is Using Stat Trackers Going To Get Me Banned?

The answer is typically no. Since third-party stat trackers are often browser-based, they won’t interfere with your gaming. However, some applications require you to download their apps to run them with Valorant. You will likely be banned from Valorant if the app violates their regulations.

Consider The Following:

  • AAA Games
  • Google Doodle Games


Because of how easy is to use, it is the best Valorant stat tracker. In addition, it has an external PC app and a mobile app with many extra features not found in other Valorant stat trackers. In their way, the other Valorant trackers are excellent. To see which one best suits your requirements, make sure to check them out.