Easy Guide On How To Reset Insignia TV

Easy Guide On How To Reset Insignia TV

Because the TV does not have a specifically built-in reset button that executes the action with a single press, resetting an Insignia TV may be difficult. The process, however, is not difficult. In just a few seconds, you’ll discover how to reset your Insignia TV in this article securely. The following are some of the conditions that need resetting an Insignia TV:

1 – When you wish to revert a setting. 

2 – When your TV becomes unresponsive. 

3 – Instances where your TV isn’t performing as it should.

Where’s The Reset Button On Insignia TV?

Insignia TVs lack a reset button, unlike some of the most popular brands. This doesn’t, however, rule out the possibility of a reset. To reset the TV, all you have to do is use your remote to access the Service Mode option.

How To Hard Reset An Insignia TV

Before you reset your TV, keep in mind that you’ll lose most of your specific settings and your data and installed apps. To reset the TV, follow these steps:

1 – Unplug the TV from the wall socket. 

2 – Leave it unplugged for at least 30 minutes before connecting it back in.

3 – Plug in the TV again, and it will prompt you to re-enter your system info.

It’s ideal for emphasizing that leaving the TV unplugged overnight and continuing the hard reset process the next day is preferable.

How To Factory Reset Insignia TV

Factory resetting your Insignia TV is more involved than a hard reset, which yields superior results. During this process, you must utilize your TV remote. To factory reset, follow these steps.

1 – Press the power button on your remote controller to turn on your Insignia TV.

2 – To access the main menu option, press the Home button.

3 – Select Settings from the drop-down menu and press the right arrow on your remote.

4 – Select System, then enter using the right arrow key once again.

5 – Select Advanced Settings and press the right arrow once more.

6 – Press the Okay button on your remote control after selecting Factory Settings. A code will appear on your screen right away.

7 – Key in the code in the appropriate slots and press Okay.

8 – Wait for the TV to reboot.

When your TV reboots, you’ve finished the reset.

Well, use the first procedure to reset your Insignia TV if you don’t have a remote. If your remote is working, however, the second method is preferable.