Home Renovation Trends to Consider for 2022

Home Renovation Trends to Consider for 2022

As homes and real estate continue to evolve, the renovation trends that property owners consider year after year change with them. Years ago, the most ground-breaking projects you and your family could invest in often revolved around installing a new bathroom or kitchen. Now, it’s more common to spend your money on new technology, smart home trends, and even strategies to make your property more energy efficient. If you’ve been thinking about updating your property with some new features, now could be the perfect time. In 2021, there’s bound to be a range of new renovation opportunities to consider, and plenty of great properties out there to give you a dose of inspiration. Today, we’re going to look at some of the most significant trends that are likely to make an appearance in the real estate market of 2021, to help encourage your creative side.

Eco-Friendly Living

A more environmentally-friendly approach to homeownership has been growing at the forefront of property owners’ minds for some time now. As we continue to listen to news stories about things like global warming and the loss of essential resources, we all want to make sure we’re doing our part to keep the planet in the best condition possible. Updating your home in a way that allows you to live with less of an impact on the world could be the perfect way to give something back and attract future buyers. Something simple, like installing energy-efficient roofing, windows, and appliances could be an excellent first step if you can’t afford a home built from scratch with energy efficient materials. Another option could be to look into investing in alternative forms of power for your home, solar panels are more affordable than ever in the current landscape, with tons of grants available to get you started.

Home Lifts and Aging in Place

Many people are living longer these days than ever before. That means we’re all thinking about our future more carefully, and what we might be able to do to maintain our independence when we get older. Looking for convenient home improvements for 2021 including a domestic lift could be the best way to invest in your future. A home lift is a great way to ensure that you don’t have to worry about stairs getting in the way and increasing your chances of tripping or falling as you get a little older. Additionally, even when you’re still young, these installations can make it easier to manage things like cleaning around the home, dealing with piles of laundry and carrying boxes. Aside from your elevator, you can also think about other updates that will support aging in place too, like having a walk-in shower installed instead of a bath tub, or using motion activated lights to avoid tripping during the night.


Minimalism is becoming increasingly popular as a home improvement trend for 2021. People don’t want to feel crowded by too much these days, which means that it’s important to clear out furniture and belongings that aren’t genuinely benefiting you and your family in some way. If you’re struggling to cut down on the amount of clutter around your home, you might have to start your path to minimalism by creating some more space. Adding a loft renovation to your property so you have more room for storage and space for relaxation could be an ideal way to ensure that you get the absolute best return on investment for your real estate. You could also look into alternative options, like conservatories for relaxing in the sun during the winter months, and outdoor summer houses. Adding more space to your home gives you more opportunities for recreating a sense of minimalism by getting rid of unnecessary extra furniture.

Making the Most of Gardens

It’s easy to forget about the exterior space around your home when you’re looking for ways to renovate and improve. However, your garden can be just as appealing as any room in your property – particularly to potential buyers. If you’re constantly building up your indoors, but not thinking about curb appeal, then you might not be able to attract the kind of people who would want to spend more on your property. Consider how you can make the most of the space around your home with some convenient landscaping that opens up new room for relaxing and even eating outside. You could install new lighting for evenings when you want to relax under the stars with a glass of wine and think about storage locations for things like unsightly gardening equipment, so you can keep your yard looking its best.