How Long Before CBD For Dogs Kicks In?

How Long Before CBD For Dogs Kicks In?

Thanks to the fact that our dogs also have the endocannabinoid system (ECS), we can safely give them CBD products. Extensive research has been conducted in order to determine whether these products can harm our little four-legged friends, and the results are rather satisfactory. So far, CBD has shown to have no serious side-effects, which means that it only helps our animals, without causing any damage whatsoever. Read this to learn how it helps.

However, even though we all know that it works and even how it works when you decide to buy it for your pup, you are definitely going to have some more questions. One of those questions is connected to the time necessary for noticing its positive results. This can be very confusing for new users of the product. You want to know if it is working, but you don’t know how long you should wait for the effects to actually kick in.

First and foremost, you need to understand that there’s no simple answer to this question. Nobody can tell you with exact precision that it will take 5 minutes or 5 hours… Nobody can know the exact time frame. This is because the time frame depends on multiple factors. And I’m going to take you through those factors now. Hopefully, these explanations will give you the general idea of how long it takes for the drug to take effect.

Method Of Delivery

If you have done at least a little bit of research on this topic, then you must know that CBD comes in many forms for our little friends. This is not a “one size fits all” pill that you can give to your dog by putting it in its food, or something similar. In fact, it’s not a pill at all. But, depending on the exact product you are using, it can very well be put in your dog’s food sometimes. What’s more – it can also come in the form of food.

When using CBD oil, the way in which you are administering it will determine the time needed for the product to start working. Generally, if you put the oil directly into your canine’s mouth (provided that this little bundle of joy allows you to do that), you will notice its effects approximately after an hour. If you put the oil in food, it can take a bit longer.

This does not come in as oils only but in many different forms. Check Holistapet deals, you will see that oil isn’t the only option. Actually, CBD treats for dogs might be the more popular solution, especially because they are fairly easy to administer. Show me the pup that could resist a treat! In any case, when you use treats, it might take up to an hour, or an hour and a half for the medicine to start doing its magic.

How Long Before CBD For Dogs Kicks In?

Concentration Of CBD

Not every product contains the same amount of the CBD compound. This doesn’t mean that the amount depends only on whether you are using oil, or treats. There’s something more you need to take into consideration. Different manufacturers produce the drug in different ways. That means that you need to check the label of your specific product in order to know how much CBD it contains.

This information is also important for you to determine the dosage. Naturally, you don’t want to administer more than necessary. And, although a higher CBD concentration might mean that the drug will kick in more quickly, you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to give your dog a higher dose than it needs. Yes, it’s true that these products don’t have serious side-effects, but if you overdo it, you might get your canine a bit sedated.

Therefore, make sure to always check the label and talk to a professional about this. A vet will always know better how much of the product is enough. Following these instructions is important since it will allow the canine’s endocannabinoid system to react positively to this product. And, as we have already established, the ECS plays a key role in the effects of CBD.

Here’s a bit more info on ECS:


Now, as I have mentioned above, together with CBD concentration, you should take the dosage into account. These two factors are closely connected and you should always observe them in unison. That means that the dose will depend on the amount of CBD contained in the product. Once again, your vet will be your best friend for determining these.

Remember, the above estimates I have provided regarding the oil and the treats are…well, just estimates. In order to really be able to determine the time necessary for this drug to work and ease all kinds of your pup’s symptoms, you need to carefully study the dosage. All of these factors should be looked at together, rather than individually.


Unsurprisingly, this time frame we are talking about also depends on the very symptoms that your little companion is exhibiting. Using CBD for anxiety treatment is not the same as using it for pain management. And those are only two among the many symptoms and illnesses that CBD can help your dog with. For starters, you need to know what the drug is used for inorder to determine the right dosage. Once that is done, give it some time and be patient, since relief won’t come in a matter of seconds, no matter the symptoms in question.