How Tech & Software Makes Modern Planning Easier

How Tech & Software Makes Modern Planning Easier

We cannot deny that life has become more accessible through modern technology and innovation. Only a few generations ago, we didn’t even have electric lights in every home, and in some parts of the world, this is still true.

There are only so many hours in the day so using technology for business expands the possibilities for greater efficiency and even effectiveness.

Here we will take a closer look at how tech and software can assist us with planning and if we take the specific example of a construction project we need to organize.

Tables & Diagrams

Preparing any document for the project will involve many quantities, statistics, and diagrams. It would be a monumental, time-consuming task if we had to organize all of these by hand.

Traditionally, we would have to either do this personally or have others in the organization do it for us. Even widely used software such as MS Office has the capability to produce these features from your data and present them in an easily readable manner.

Access can be granted to everybody or to the people that need to be able to read those charts. This is as simple as giving people a password and link. Meetings in which powerpoints are done are wasteful in terms of time. Using software that can be accessed at any time by anybody is a great way to make sure that more time is spent on their work rather than sitting in a meeting.

Specialist Software

As much as we can use many software packages that perform various everyday office and admin tasks, there are some instances where there are no viable alternatives to specialist software.

Consider using construction project management for a complicated build; this will ensure all work is held in the same place and critically presented in the same format, and compatible with other parts of the project. Keeping everything accessible with minimal effort eliminates waste. Wasted time prolongs the project’s end date and ends up going over budget.

A software solution pays for itself right away in fewer man-hours needed to plan the project and in the fact that the project comes in on time and on budget.


Communication is key for any major project, and given that people are working across different sites and offices, technology has played a significant role in speeding up how this works. When every team member is on the same page, it helps to make sure the project runs smoothly.

Mobile phones have allowed communication room site to site for a couple of decades now, but smartphones have taken this a step further. As well as being able to talk to remote workers, we can also send plans, diagrams, and documents in an instant if required. Video conferencing software has made long-haul business travel a luxury and not a necessity, saving both time and money and ensuring a smoother path to meeting project deadlines.

This software also allows for images, links, and other media to be transferred in real-time while the communication is happening. Ideas are instantly transmitted for less opportunity for miscommunication to happen.

Collaborative Working

If we want to work collaboratively, it used to mean everyone had to be in the same building simultaneously. But these days, collaborative working can be done between any group of people, at any time and from any location.

Even international collaboration avoids the pitfalls of conflicting time zones; work can be started by one team member in London and picked up to continue by their colleague in Sydney, or anywhere for that matter.

Fewer and fewer offices require employees to work in person so collaboration with remote teams is essential. This software creates flexibility that is very important when dealing with people in different areas.

Even clients reap the benefits of this collaboration as it ensures that they are able to see the milestones of the project as they happen. Collaboration between client and contractor is yet another benefit that comes from using the software.

File Sharing

Although we have already considered the fantastic advantages of mobile technology and specialist collaboration software for construction projects. There are other times where we will need to share files and documents with external organizations and individuals.

There are a variety of file-sharing solutions available to us. We prefer to use OneDrive, as it’s easy to use, and as a Microsoft product is almost universally compatible with other systems. We can simply use email as well, but most providers have restrictive limits on file size, and for detailed construction plans, this can be restrictive.With the blockchain making file sharing fast and secure, there are even more possibilities. For instance, smart contracts allow digital signatures and sensitive information to be shared without the risk of it being leaked.