How To Fix Vizio TV Has Backlight And Sound But No Picture

How To Fix Vizio TV Has Backlight And Sound But No Picture

Vizio TV Has Backlight And Sound But No Picture: The Vizio is one of the most trusted TV brands, thanks to a seamless operating system and simple navigation. However, a recent bug has been causing users to have a miserable time, with pictures not showing up yet sound working perfectly. So, I investigated a little more and realized that this bug might impact any TV model, including the most recent ones. This is what I discovered after doing further research:

You’ll need to reset or power cycle a Vizio TV if it has sound and backlight but isn’t showing pictures. Because the bug is generally caused by a software glitch, following easy measures should fix it immediately. You should check and fix any loose connections that may be interfering with the pictures. This isn’t all, though. Here’s a more in-depth look at the answers to this particular problem.

How To Power Cycle A Vizio TV

Because you won’t be able to restart your TV using the remote, power cycling will suffice. The straightforward process resolves all issues, including the set not showing pictures. To power cycle Vizio TV, follow these steps:

1 – Go to the power cord and unplug it. 

2 – On the set’s side, locate the power button and press it for five seconds.

3 – Plug the power cord back. 

4 – Switch the TV on.

The black screen will disappear if a bug causes the problem. Therefore, you should do power cycles regularly to avoid future problems. If the problem remains after this process, double-checking the connections is an advisable idea.

Check All Connections

Loose cable connections are one of the most common causes of Vizio TV not having pictures. The display may be dim or black if the set is not correctly connected. To verify that the cables are properly connected, follow these steps:

1 – Switch off your set (if it is still on). 

2 – Inspect HDMI connections if they are well connected. 

3 – Repeat on composite and coaxial connections. If they’re loose, fix them. 

4 – Switch on the TV.

The cables may be worn out in some circumstances. Before reconnecting your Vizio TV, replace it with a reliable high-speed cable, such as the Ivanky 4K HDMI cable.

Reset Vizio TV

You must reset your Vizio TV if it has power but no picture despite strong cable connections. However, the process is different because you cannot utilize a remote. Fortunately, you may still reset your Vizio TV without using the remote control. Well, to reset a Vizio TV that doesn’t show pictures, follow these steps:

1 – Switch the TV on (if it is off) and locate the buttons on the side 

2 – For 15 seconds, press and hold the volume down and input buttons. 

3 – Since you can’t see the pop-up banner on the screen, press the input button 

4 – Wait for a few seconds 

5 – Now, The TV is reset to factory default.

In most circumstances, you will be able to see the picture and hear the sound. Continue watching by configuring the Smart TV (as it was before it was reset). If you don’t see the picture, the issue is most likely with the power supply.

Replace TV Power Board

If your warranty is still valid, you can skip this process and contact Vizio Technical Support. One of the essential features covered by your warranty is replacing the power board. However, if the warranty has expired, you may proceed with the power board replacement.

If you’ve ever repaired a smart TV before, you should replace the power board. Well, most Vizio TVs are repairable, which means you won’t need any special tools to open it up and replace some of the components. To replace the power board, however, you’ll need the following items:

1 – A fitting screwdriver. 

2 – A location to put all the screws to avoid misplacing them. 

3 – A new power board for your specific TV (Available on Amazon). 

4 – Fuses (in case the TV has blown a fuse).

If you’ve got the three items, replacing the power board is possible. To replace it:

1 – Unplug the TV (if it is still plugged on the power). 

2 – Unscrew the rear screws. 

3 – Locate the TV’s fuses (all Vizio models have five fuses). 

4 – If some fuses are damaged, replace them. 

5 – Find the wires connected to the board. 

6 – Remove the wires and unscrew the board. 

7 – Remove the old power board and replace it with the new one. 

8 – Connect the wires back. 

9 – Screw back the rear cover.

The TV should’ve both pictures and sound once you’ve completed screwing the back cover. You must, however, use a power board with a model number that matches. If you’re not sure if it’ll work with your TV, ask a store representative if they have the board for it.

Consult a professional if the TV still does not show pictures after using the proper power board. While replacing the board, a professional diagnosis will uncover previously unknown flaws. If you’ve never replaced a TV before, it’s best to use a qualified Vizio technician. Because it is an American company, a professional should replace the power board in one day, depending on their schedule and the availability of a spare power board.

Contact Vizio Customer Care

Even after a professional diagnosis, the TV may not work in some rare circumstances. If a professional technician cannot repair it, you should contact the company for more assistance and diagnostics. You may be forced to transport your set to one of their factories if required. Depending on the factory’s workload, the time to repair the set may vary.

Even if the warranty has expired, contacting the company is beneficial in two ways. First and foremost, it is the most reliable method of obtaining authentic Vizio TV spare parts. Second, the company has more knowledgeable specialists in fixing Vizio sets regardless of the model.

The Bottom Line: Vizio TV Has Backlight And Sound But No Picture

The problem might be a simple bug or a defective power board if your Vizio TV has backlight and sound but no picture. As a result, before replacing the power board, attempt the basic troubleshooting alternatives listed above. Vizio TVs have the advantage of being extremely repairable.