How To Sell Premium WordPress Plugins: A Short Expert Guide For Developers

How To Sell Premium WordPress Plugins: A Short Expert Guide For Developers

You created a unique WordPress plugin. Sounds amazing!

But now what? How are you going to sell it?

Yeah, that’s the catch.

If you are one of them who has just developed a WordPress plugin and are clueless about how to make money out of it, then you have landed on the right blog post.

In this expert guide, we’ll discuss in detail how developers can sell premium WordPress plugins. We’ll highlight all those platforms from where you can make billions by selling your premium plugin.

Pre-Considerations to Sell Premium WordPress Themes

We all know WordPress is an open-source CMS platform that enables people to build websites.

WordPress has taken over the CMS platform since it powers around 35% of websites across the globe.

Developers from every corner of the world make generous product contributions on WordPress, especially plugins and themes.

Most of the plugins you’ll find in the Official WordPress plugins repository are free; however, some even have premium versions.

Selling freemium WordPress plugins help developers to gain more popularity and earn handsome money as well.

Step By Step Guide: How to sell Premium WordPress Plugins?

Well, there are two chief approaches, or you may call ways to sell your premium WordPress plugins. Either you sell it on a third-party marketplace or your digital store.

Both have their pros and cons, which we’ll discuss later on.

First, let’s dive in-depth to learn more about these two ways of selling premium WordPress plugins.

Selling Premium WordPress Plugins on a Marketplace

For developers who want to gain popularity and reach out to thousands of buyers in less time, the marketplace option is a blessing. There are hundreds of thousands of buyers who visit marketplaces frequently to purchase plugins

The most popular and largest marketplace to sell your plugin is CodeCanyon. You can also sell your plugin on other third-party marketplaces like Mojo Marketplace or Codester.

For that, you need to first create an account on the chosen marketplace to upload your product(plugin). Before launching your product in their marketplace first, their quality assurance team will review it.

This quality assurance procedure is quite strict. The team makes sure the product they are about to publish is excellent in quality.

Before uploading your product(plugin) to the marketplace, you need to ensure a couple of things.

  • Catchy product description: Product description defines your plugin, and it is necessary to submit. An attractive, relevant product description boosts sale conversion.
  • Appealing product images: Adding good quality product images massively impact sales. Make sure to highlight important aspects of your plugin so it can stand out.
  • Demo site: A demo site is necessary so users can test your plugins to check what actions it can perform.

Many customers visit the marketplace now and then, so you get a great chance to sell your plugin on it.

But nothing comes for free.

For every sale, they take the lion’s share from your earnings.

If you wish to sell your plugins on some other platform, you have to share a significant share of your earnings.

Why should you sell your plugin on a marketplace?

Customers prefer marketplaces to purchase plugins. But why? Well, why not? Who doesn’t like variety?

Marketplaces offer a variety of plugins. Customers can find numerous plugins that they require at affordable prices.

Apart from the sales commission, you don’t have to spend a dime. And it’s easier to sell plugins on the marketplace.

Selling Premium Plugins on your own Digital Store.

Another way you have to sell your premium plugin is by using your digital store (website).

When it comes to selling plugins on your website, you need to be concerned about a few things. First, you need to attract customers to your website; you need an optimal marketing strategy.

You’ll have to be extremely efficient and helpful for customers to find your plugin and choose it.

Also, you have to deal with the software licensing process on your own. When you start selling digital products like plugins, getting a license becomes a crucial problem.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of licensed service providers in the market who can help you to manage licenses easily.

Some of the reputable ones are,

  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • CodeCanyon
  • Appsero

Once you have the licensing method ready, you are all geared up to sell your plugin on your website.

Why should you sell your plugins on your website?

During the early days, developers prefer to sell their plugins on marketplaces because of the exposure and sales they acquire from there. However, once they start progressing, they switch their selling platform and build their website to sell their plugins.

There are many reasons why you should sell WordPress plugins on your website.

First of all, let’s not forget the obtrusive commission structure of third-party marketplaces. You have to share a significant cut of your earnings with them for selling your plugins on their websites. You don’t have the authority to set a price for your plugin; the product team will decide the quote.

Moreover, if you’re selling plugins on your website, you’ll get the whole generated revenue. You can also set the price of your plugins accordingly.

Lastly, if you sell plugins on your website, you’ll establish your brand’s identity in the market.

Bonus Tips for WordPress Plugins Developers

  • Study the marketplace before developing a plugin. Check what your competitors are selling and come up with something unique.
  • Develop a plugin that not only improves the functionality of a website but offers some astounding advanced features.
  • Always stick to the guidelines given by WordPress.
  • Remember, always build a plugin that provides a solution.
  • Be careful while coding, follow WordPress standards.
  • Improve user-experience.
  • Offer quality customer support to your customers.

Essential Takeaway

Selling premium WordPress plugins, no doubt, is a sturdy task if you’re new in this business. But still, you get ample opportunities since WordPress is used by 35% of websites across the globe.

It means there are hundreds of thousands of prospective customers who can buy your product.

We hope our short expert guide will help you to sell your WordPress premium plugins without any hassle.

Author Bio Islah Ejaz is the senior content writer of and a consumer tech expert. He’s been writing about the tech industry since 2012.