How To Torrent

How To Torrent

The use of torrenting websites is common at global level. It helps to download movies, music and, TV shows from internet. Before you learn how to torrent, you should have a look on the fact what torrents are, actually.

Torrenting is the process of sharing or downloading content from BitTorrent. Without connecting to the authorized server, you download or upload a file shared among a network of interconnecting units with no trusted server. The content file circulates among the people of this connection. It is a peer-to-peer connection ( commonly known as P2P connection) in which one person of this network downloads a file from the torrent website, and it automatically starts uploading for the next torrenter and the chain goes on.

Process Of Torrenting

Unlike authorized server connection, torrenting is a connection between computers participating in making a network. In this network, every computer is equally authorized to share and download content files. As discussed earlier, torrenting has P2P network that splits the file into smaller parts that conveniently transfers from uploaders to downloaders. This system has three main components i.e. torrent file, torrent client and, torrenting Uploader.

A torrent file is actually the content converted to smaller parts that is to be transferred between seeders and leechers. Torrents have complete information about all the computers participating in a network.

Torrent Uploader is the one who uploads the torrent file and allows the next computer to download it from the torrent website. Uploaders are also downloaders back in the chain that means leechers also become seeders for the next computer of the connection.

A torrent client is a seeder that downloads the content file, and it starts uploading automatically for the next leecher. When a torrent client enters the torrent website, a suitable tracker connects to it. The function of the tracker is to hide the users’ IP addresses, and it allows you to surf unanimously.

Once the torrent client downloads its favorite movie, it automatically starts uploading to the torrent site for the next torrenter.

Characteristics Of The Best Torrent Website

There are uncountable websites on the internet that claim to be the best torrenting site, but only a few of them work, while the rest of them are fake sites or malignant sites containing malware that harms your computer. Here is a list of characteristics that will assist you in choosing the best torrent website.

  • Speed Of File Download 

The downloading speed of the file is the main feature of a torrent website. The reasonable average rate should be 5 to 6 MBs per second. A slow-speed torrent downloading can be data and time-consuming.

  • Traffic On The Website

Trafficking on a torrent website is the guarantee of its reliability.  The easiest way to find the traffic saturation level is to check its highest leechers to seeders ratio. This seeder to leecher ratio for any popular movie will give you the average visitor number.

  • Variety And Quality Of Content

People go for a torrent website for the sake of the latest content of high quality. Otherwise, poor-quality content is readily available on various websites. Torrent Websites like the Pirate Bay and RARBG have such a colossal Library comprising thousands of movies, each of which is of high quality.

  • User Interface

The user interface leaves the first impression of a torrent website on the visitors. The interface should be user-friendly and sophisticated. People should feel convenient to use it, and content should be on the front page. The library of the torrent site should be categorized, and there must be a feedback button.

  • Safety

Safety is the primary concern of people using torrent sites these days. Most of the torrent sites on the internet are fake and contain malware that injects viruses into the user computers. So it would help if you are looking for the verification of the website and its complete background information for added security. The use of a VPN protects your personal information from exposure.

  • Ad intrusion

Ad intrusion is the most annoying feature of a torrent website, and people hate popping up irrelevant ads on the screen. There are only a few websites that block ad intrusion. It would help if you went for them.

Best Private Torrent Sites

Private torrent sites are much better than simple torrent sites because they are secure and don’t allow intruders to fetch your data. Furthermore, they don’t have much traffic, so they run smoothly. Here is a list of some fast sites, reliable and secure for torrenting.

  • IPTorrents

IPTorrents is a private, fast and, reliable website with 7 million visitors every month. This torrent site contains all types of content, including music, movies and, TV shows. It comprises trending, and the latest content allows high-speed downloading. This website is easy to connect with the torrent client.

  • BitMe

BitMe is specified for learning because it contains academic video lectures of different courses. It allows you to access various courses conveniently. It includes online lessons and books in pdf form.

  • Redacted

Redacted has all types of content but is famous for its music library collection. It has a vast categorized library saturated with trending separate songs, albums, and TV serials.

  • Bibliotik

Bibliotik has an attractive interface with an active community of 70 million. It has an e-book content type library. Books that are unavailable in the market are readily available on this torrent site.

  • GazelleGames

As the name indicates, this torrent website is popular among gamers for downloading heavy game software. Its genre is video gaming with 65000 users.

  • PassThePopcorn

PassThePopcorn is a famous and most primitive torrent website with 3 million torrents and 35000 visitors each month. It contains all the classic and trending movies in its library. The interface is user-friendly and it is highly recommended by the people. The only setback is that it is difficult to connect with this site.

These were some private sites that are secure and easy to use. They are way much better than simple torrent websites because they are difficult to catch by the internet police and have much content of almost all the types.