How To Truecaller Unlist Phone Number? Easy Steps

How To Truecaller Unlist Phone Number? Easy Steps

Truecaller is the best caller ID app available for iOS and Android, and it is the most widely used accurate number-searching service globally. The Truecaller Unlist Feature and how to unlist or remove a number from the Truecaller number search will be covered in this article. Regardless of whether they are using an iOS or Android device, every smartphone user uses the Truecaller app. However, these days, it is more beneficial to screen unfamiliar calls and even prevent spam calls that might annoy consumers all the time.

Truecaller Unlist Number

At times, you might want to unlist a Truecaller number or contact information from so that it doesn’t appear in the Truecaller search results. Thus, by following the Truecaller unlisting phone number instruction, we will now examine how to unlist a number from the service. Before starting, you should know that once the number is deleted from the Truecaller database, it will not be shown to others when you call, and the number will not be available once searched. You should delete the phone number only if necessary because the Truecaller phone number search online free option helps consumers quickly discover who they are and avoid spam calls.

Unlist Phone Number From Website Steps

The first step in the process of unlisting a phone number is to deactivate its Truecaller account. In the event that the phone number you wish to have removed or unlisted from Truecaller is already linked to an account, You must deactivate it first. Simply follow the steps to accomplish this.

  • Open your mobile device’s Truecaller app.
  • Toggle the navigation to the upper left.
  • From the list, select the settings option.
  • Click the Privacy Center to enter your information.
  • Click the deactivate option on the new page. A new window for confirmation will now open. Select “Yes.” You will now have your Truecaller account deleted.

Visit the unlist page to proceed once the Truecaller account has been deleted. Go to to access the website using your desktop or mobile browser.

There are two options on the page. Changing the name is the first step, and unlisting the number is the second. Two buttons will be shown to you. I wish to unlist and change my name. To unlist, choose No, please.

Previously, the Truecaller website displayed the number in a list, and you simply needed to enter the phone number or mobile number in the designated field after selecting the country. The phone number and country code now need to be manually entered, though, since they have changed. To remove the phone number from Truecaller, simply follow the pattern that consists of the + sign or 00, the country code, and the actual phone number.

Enter +1234567890 to delete the United States phone number from the Truecaller system if you want to remove a US number from Truecaller; for example, 234 567 7890 is the US phone number. Similarly, enter the number with the Indian country code as +919012345678 if you are unlisting an Indian number, such as 9012345678. Here, the international formatted country codes for the United States and India are, respectively, +1 and +91. It is thus necessary for you to provide your country code (the nation to which the number belongs) in this instance.

For verification, click the “I am not a robot” option after entering the number. You will also see one question about feedback. From the list, choose the appropriate response option. Click the unlist button when you are ready.

A confirmation box requesting an OTP will now display. The number you are unlisting will receive one OTP from Truecaller in accordance with the new change. Proceed after entering the OTP.

The notification stating that Truecaller will remove the number from the Truecaller database within the following 24 hours will then appear in another window.

Note: Once you unlist a number, it will take time for it to reflect. The number is likely to be completely removed from the search results in a day or two, although it will still be visible for a few hours.

Is It Possible To Unlist Truecaller Number From The Mobile App?

No, you must visit Truecaller’s official website,, in order to unlist phone numbers from the service. On a PC or mobile device, you can open the True Caller website.

Deactivate Truecaller Account Is Mandatory To Remove Number From Truecaller?

Yes, you must first delete your Truecaller account. The number can only be unlisted from Truecaller at that point.

How To Access The Truecaller Unlist Page?

Open the Truecaller unlist page at

Why Is The Name Still Showing Even After Unlisting From TrueCaller?

It will take some time to unlist a number from the website. Usually, it takes a maximum of 24 hours for the modifications to be updated. You won’t observe any change until after the name has been shown. The name will no longer be visible on the caller ID after the removal is finished, and it will be removed from the number.

Why Is The Truecaller Com Webiste Not Available In My Country?

Truecaller is a service that works in all countries, as far as we are aware. However, the service is not available in many countries, particularly those in the Middle East. If you write in the browser URL bar, you might not be able to access the website. Due to regional service blockages and municipal legislation, this is the case. If you want to access the website after unlisting the number, you will need to utilize any VPN service.

Are The Number And Name Still Shown After Unlisting From The True Caller Website?

It will take time for the change to reflect if you unlist a number from the Truecaller database. As an illustration, after the number is removed from Truecaller, no name will be shown on the caller ID screen. The name shown before will no longer be visible for Truecaller’s caller ID; just the number will be. But keep in mind that you will need to provide a name when registering for Truecaller if you use the same number in the future. That name will then be shown on the Truecaller’s caller ID going forward.

Why I Can’t Unlist A TrueCaller Number From Android And iOS App?

As previously indicated, the only way to unlist a number from Truecaller is through the Truecaller website once you delete the account number from the iOS or Android app. Because of this, neither iOS nor Android have the option to unlist a Truecaller number. The only option available was to remove the number from Truecaller via the Truecaller website. The main features of the Truecaller app for iOS and Android are caller ID, call blocking, instant messaging, audio and video calls, etc. For instance, the mobile app for Truecaller has the ability to conceal the last seen if you use it for chatting. But only on the website can the Truecaller number be deleted.

How Much Time Will It Take To Remove A Number From Truecaller?

Within 24 hours, TrueCalller often removes the unlisted number from TrueCalller. But occasionally, it could take longer. After a day, if the name and number are still visible in the Truecaller search, you can try the unlisted method again to get the number removed from Truecaller.

Do We Need Truecaller Premium Or Truecaller Gold Subscription To Remove A Number?

The Trucaller app is more ad-free and offers additional features with Truecaller Premium and Gold subscriptions. To remove a number from the Truecaller database, for instance, no subscription is needed, and it may be done for free.

Is It Possible To Use The Unlisted Truecaller Number Again?

To register for a new Truecaller account, use the unlisted Truecaller number. After signing up for the Truecaller service with the number, you can provide any name. The Truecaller will thereafter be shown in all searches for that name. After that, you may use the messaging and caller ID features of Truecaller.

Is It Possible To Delete My Truecaller Number From My iPhone Or Android?

You must initiate the request using the Truecaller website in order to unlist a number. For instance, let’s say you’re attempting to unlist the True caller number from an Android, iPhone, or other device. By accessing the website, you must use any browser to initiate the Truecaller unlist number process. A Truecaller number cannot be deleted using the Truecaller mobile app for Android or iPhone.

Why The TrueCaller Website Is Not Loading To Unlist The Number?

Only via the Truecaller website is it possible to unlist a number from the option. But the Truecaller website is down in several countries. Some countries are blocking Truecaller due to privacy concerns. Unlisting the Truecaller number may be difficult if you are accessing the website from one of those countries.

Why Can’t Signout From TrueCaller On Android And iPhone?

As a mobile number-based service, Truecaller does not yet offer an option on the app to log out of the Truecaller account. You used to be able to log out of an account and then sign back in using a new number using a logout option. The only option now open, though, is to deactivate and delete the account, as the opinion has been removed. Furthermore, the iOS and Android versions do not support the Truecaller Signout option.

How To Find Unlist Page?

The Truecaller unlist page is not easily accessible if you visit the website directly. This is due to the fact that the Truecaller website does not publicly disclose the Truecaller unlisting page for the Truecaller number. You must unlist Truecaller by entering the complete Truecaller unlist page URL in your browser in order to access the page. is the URL for the Truecaller unlist page.

Why Truecaller Unlisting Page Asking OTP?

In order to prevent service misuse and for security reasons, OTP verification for Truecaller unlisting was implemented. Anyone may unlist any number from the Truecaller unlisting database since, before, unlisting data from Truecaller could be done without an OTP. Misuse may result from this. These days, the only Truecaller number that may be unlisted with OTP verification is the owner’s.

How To Permanently Unlist Number From TrueCaller?

The aforementioned Truecaller Unlist steps are permanently deleted via the Truecaller Unlist page. Once you use that link to unlist your Truecaller number, Within twenty-four hours, all information pertaining to the number that was saved in the Truecaller database will be deleted. As a result, Truecaller will no longer display any information on that number.

Consider The Following:

  • Dev Error 6068
  • WiFi Calling Apps

What Will Happen If I Uninstall The TrueCaller App Without Unlisting The Truecaller Number?

Nothing will happen precisely if you uninstall the Truecaller app from your phone without unlisting your number. However, when you receive calls, you won’t get any Truecaller-based notifications, such as spam warnings, caller IDs, or unknown call data. Other Truecaller users will still be able to view your number, name, and associated information because you haven’t unlisted your number. Your data is still kept on the Truecaller server and is accessible to the public, which is why this is happening.

Therefore, you must deactivate the com account using the Truecaller app on your mobile device if you want to entirely remove the name and number data from your account. Next, you must use the unlist page to remove the Truecaller number from your list. The Truecaller app can be uninstalled from your mobile device at this time. You may accurately remove the number from Truecaller and delete all of the account’s data by following these steps alone.