How to Use Focus Mode in Microsoft Teams Meetings?

How to Use Focus Mode in Microsoft Teams Meetings?

The Microsoft Teams meetings with tens of attendees can sometimes become quite confusing & tiresome. Well, Participants exchange a lot of information and ideas, & you may experience a little fatigue from time to time. So, Or your capacity to focus on what is being said may drop.

However, To properly follow the speaker, it is always a good idea to focus only on that person. The Microsoft Teams allows you to view up to 49 participants on a single screen. Though, all this visual clutter can make people feel tired, affecting their attention span and ability to focus.

How do I Focus on One Person During Teams Meetings

Use Pin

Suppose you want to focus on one attendee in your view only, you can use the Pin feature. That option overrides the presenter’s settings.

To Allow the Pin feature, click on Show Participants. Next, use the drop-down menu to select Pin.

How to Use Focus Mode in Microsoft Teams Meetings?

This video of the pinned attendee will then take the focus in your view.

Use Spotlight

This Spotlight feature lets presenters set the person speaking as the main video for all the meeting participants. So, In other words, Spotlight enables you to lock an individual video feed making it is so easier for all the other attendees to focus on the one person.

Well, To spotlight someone, right-click on that video and select Spotlight. 

How to Use Focus Mode in Microsoft Teams Meetings?

Teams will then pin that person’s video for all the people attending the meeting.

So, Individual users can spotlight themselves too. That allows you to draw everyone’s attention to yourself. Here, To highlight yourself, click on Show participants, right-click on your name, & then click on Spotlight me.

Now, To end the Spotlight, right-click again on that video & select Stop spotlighting.

Turn off the Camera

There is another quick workaround that you can use. To ask all the attendees to turn off their cameras if they’re not speaking. So, In this manner, the presenter is the only person with the camera on. Overall, this method also reduces the strain that Microsoft Teams video meetings put on your capacity.

Visual Noise and Attention Deficit Disorders

How to Use Focus Mode in Microsoft Teams Meetings?

Extraordinary of the meeting attendees may have attention deficit disorders. Various may tell you about it, while others prefer to remain silent. So, Focusing on the main speaker is very difficult for these persons, especially when there’s so much going on. Now, After a long workday, staying focused on what’s being said is difficult even for people who don’t suffer from attention deficit conditions.

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Final Words:

Therefore, use the Spotlight or Pin featured as frequently to reduce the overall visual noise & improve your focus.