International Shipment Release Import: What Does It Mean?

International Shipment Release Import: What Does It Mean?

You’ll receive a tracking code if you use FedEx shipping services to deliver a parcel to a different country. You may track your package’s progress using that code until it reaches its destination. The words “International shipment release – import” or “Int’l shipment release – import” may have appeared if you used FedEx to send an international parcel and tried to monitor it using the tracking ID. You may have wondered what it means.

The term “International shipment release import” means customs have cleared the package, and the imported goods have been released into the domestic market for further development.

When a package is delivered by air or water, customs clearance is required. A package can pass customs when the required documentation and payment are finished. It is released and returned to FedEx once your parcel has passed customs. FedEx will then deliver it to its intended destination. When you track your parcel, you will notice other words besides the import of the International shipment release.

International Shipment Release Import: What Does It Mean?

International Shipment Release – An export signifies the package sent from the sender’s country for international delivery. FedEx tracking does not show this status as most nations do not have stringent laws governing exports.

International Shipment Release – The FedEx tracking status for an import is identical to the international shipment release that is often shown. Furthermore, if the status is “in transit,” the package is nearing the end of its delivery journey and will be delivered shortly.

How Does FedEx International Shipment Work?

FedEx handles international shipments in the same way as any other delivery company.

  • Receiving the parcel from the sender is the first step in the procedure.
  • To clear customs, the package is then delivered to the destination country.
  • FedEx of the receiving country is released to deliver it to the destination location once it has passed customs.

FedEx will periodically notify you by email of the location of your package.

How Long Does FedEx International Shipment Release- Import take?

Customs normally takes 3-5 business days to release your merchandise once it reaches the country where you want it delivered.