Is it Worth Renting a Sports Car in Dubai?

Is it Worth Renting a Sports Car in Dubai?

Everyone who is flying to Dubai for vacation, not for the first time knows that it is almost impossible to visit all the sights without a car. With a rental car, everything is much easier and more convenient. You can afford to go to places that are at opposite points of the city.

But what if you rent a sports car, rather than an ordinary budget sedan or hatchback? You can get several advantages at once:

  • An incredible and unforgettable experience of driving a sports car;
  • Incredibly beautiful photographs for a long memory at the steering wheel, if you rent a Lamborghini Evo;
  • Envy of friends and relatives, Instagram subscribers, and people turning around at the incredibly beautiful sound of the engine.


Among other things, renting a sports car in Dubai is an incredibly fast and emotional way to get to a particular place in the city.

Why it’s worth renting a sports car in Dubai, at least for a day

The advantages of renting a sports car are obvious:

  • It is unknown whether you will come to this country again, and the memory of driving a cool car will remain for many years;
  • Fast sports cars excite you emotionally with their driving style;
  • chic photos for decades, where you are next to a foreign car in the background of the Persian Gulf and other beauties of Dubai;
  • Fulfilling your dreams by driving them;
  • What magical beauty and expensive status photos can be made as a memory next to the luxury car.

The rental process itself is quite simple, you need:

  • Book the car for free with a well-known company at the link with the possibility of changing the date;
  • Notify in advance the place and time of the start of the lease;
  • Sign the contract, and pay the amount for a specified period;
  • Receive the keys and enjoy your vacation to the fullest;
  • Documents that are required for a successful sports car rental in Dubai: a national driving license, which the client drives on their side, or an international license, as well as a debit card or credit card to pay for the services.

Which car should I choose to rent?

Dubai is famous for its variety of cars. BMW and Mercedes here are like Lanos and Chevrolet Aveo in any other country. The real rich here drive Bugatti and collectible Corvette. To understand how much people like luxury cars here. Of the ten cars parked near the mall, four are Ferrari and one is a Bentley.

In the city of millionaires, it’s no problem to become one of them in an hour – just by renting a Lamborghini. Expensive life, expensive cars – tourists dream of at least a little touch of beauty. Wear nice clothes, rent an expensive car and, of course, show a great picture.

To rent one, yes. But to buy a car in Dubai is not so easy. The choice is limited – there is only luxury class. There is no cheap or mid-range segment. But it is possible to buy a good car at a reasonable price. For example, a Bentley Continental costs $90 thousand here.

But the seller is convinced by the idea that buying a car is nothing. The main thing is to buy an elite number for the car. For example, a Corvette costs 115,000 dollars and the car has only passed 5,000 kilometers. But a cool number costs many times more. Everything depends on the region and the number of digits. The fewer digits, the more it costs.

There are always auctions where they buy cool car license plates. The most expensive not so long ago was given – fourteen and a half million dollars.


So, we can say with confidence that Dubai is truly the capital of luxury living. What to say, if even a piece of metal on a bumper here is the budget of a small European town.