Mistakes That Can Cost You A Job During Technical Interview

Mistakes That Can Cost You A Job During Technical Interview

Aspiring to work in big tech giant companies is not wrong or getting a job there is not impossible. It may be a little difficult but definitely not impossible. All you need is determination and confidence in your skills and you can crack any interview.

In order to get a decent job in a tech company all you have to do is prepare for a job interview and crack it by proving your skills in your field. Now you must be well aware that to get a job in a tech company the interview is little different.

Tech interviews are pretty different from general interviews. For a tech interview you need to be prepared to showcase your skills and understanding rather than just showing what you know. The tech interview may be conducted online or in person but it makes no difference in the seriousness of the interview.

You just have to be thoroughly prepared and have to leave no room for any mistake. Just so that there is no mistake many people choose assistance from something like Kickstart Tech Interviews that help an individual for a tech interview. For more details  about this you can visit Interview Kickstart Instagram.

Today we will mention a few things that could go wrong in an interview and have miserable effects on your reputation and job. Let’s check out some mistakes that can cost you a job during a technical interview.


This is the worst thing you could ever do in an interview. Your interviewers are looking to hire an honest and hardworking employee. If you are not honest about things it will create major discrepancies for you in future.

The biggest truth is that when you bluff about something you in fact lie to yourself rather than lying to others. Bluffing can create a mess and getting out of it will get messier. So, no matter what you have to be honest about everything that you speak there.

Not Being Dressed Well

The way one presents themselves says a lot about their personality. You have to build an impression which will keep your dignity and respect intact. If you go looking like you’ve just woken up from bed it gives a highly unprofessional first impression.

Dress up like a qualified professional with formal clothing, your clothing should say that yes you are there to work for them. Spend some time on how you present yourself for a better personality.

Being Very Less Interactive

When you are in an interview it is surely sort of an exam but this is more conversational. Don’t just listen to their questions and answer them, build up a conversation. Be interactive and make them feel your presence.

People often don’t make eye contact with the interviewer which is not a good sign. Look them in their eyes while you talk to them because they also test your communication skills. Keep asking questions if you have any doubts so that they know that you are keen towards working with them.

Going Without Proper Research

There is nothing worse than not being prepared enough for an  interview. Preparing does not only mean that you go through the questions they may ask you because it is not a school examination. Take some time and research about their company and spend time working on some things that you must know for that particular profile.

When you know about their company and include some of that information in your conversation, it will create a good impression. Take care of these things and never go without any research.

Lack Of Confidence

Confidence plays a very vital role when it comes to proving yourself. If you have all the necessary knowledge, skill and quality for the job but aren’t confident about any of it, it’s a big downfall.

You need to be confident about every word that comes out of your mouth. Not just that but the way you present yourself should also be confident. When you have confidence in yourself you will surely get through the line. When you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. Always remember that you need to believe yourself for others to believe you or have confidence in you.