PayPal Ship Now Link – Complete Overview

PayPal Ship Now Link – Complete Overview

Paper money and other tangible currencies have been supplanted by the widely used digital payment network PayPal. PayPal Ship Now is their newest service, making shipping easier for online retailers. This service is perfect for you if you run an online business and offer PayPal as a payment option. Delivering your products, packages, and items will be safe, easy, and speedy. So that you don’t have to stand in line to send a parcel to a customer, it offers first-class delivery. Go to any of their business locations and drop off the parcel there. Continue reading to the end of the post if you want more information about PayPal Ship Now.

What Is PayPal Ship Now?

PayPal Ship Now, a service for online retailers, provides an expedited and safer method of shipping products to clients. PayPal Ship Now works with USPS and UPS to streamline shipping. In the past, merchants had to handle the laborious shipping procedure independently, either through the USPS (United States Postal Service) service or other retail shipping companies. However, with the PayPal service, it is no longer required. Online commerce and delivery are now more practical thanks to first-rate delivery by reliable mail service providers. Your packages will be conveniently delivered and handled with care.

Online sellers find it challenging to look for the PayPal Ship Now Link since it is almost impossible. Thus, the following link will take you straight to the PayPal Ship Now page: To ensure rapid access, you should bookmark this page.

PayPal Ship Now Service Features

These are a few helpful PayPal Ship Now features.

  • The UPS or USPS services make it simple to mail the items. In addition, they provide you with a tracking number to track the shipping and delivery. (Locations both domestically and internationally are supported).
  • This service is provided without a monthly cost or subscription. Your shipping weight and label will determine how much you must pay.
  • Right from your PayPal account, purchase and print your shipping label.
  • You can send one or more items simultaneously by entering the shipping information in batches. As a result, using the PayPal account dashboard to track and confirm package arrivals is made simpler.
  • Give the weight, dimensions, and package type, and make the appropriate payment.

PayPal Ship Now Advantages

The advantages of PayPal Ship Now for you are listed below.

  • Take your time with the shipping documentation.
  • Track every shipment you make with PayPal in one place.
  • Follow up on packages you’ve shipped using PayPal.
  • At the same time, send several packages.
  • Benefit from shipping discounts with UPS and USPS.
  • To include the packing slips with the delivery, customize and print them.
  • Ship from practically anywhere in the world.

PayPal Ship Now Requirements

You must fulfill the following minimal prerequisites to use and gain from PayPal’s service.

  • You need to be using a working PayPal account.
  • The PayPal account you set up must be registered as a business account.

If registered as a personal account, you may easily change its status to a business account anytime.

How To Convert Personal PayPal Account Into Business Account?

  • Log into your PayPal account first.
  • Navigate to Profile and click it.
  • The account type should appear as Personal under My Settings. Pick the link labeled “Upgrade my account.”
  • Upgrade Now may be found at the bottom.
  • After selecting Business Account, click Proceed.
  • You will be prompted to enter your business information to complete the conversion.

How To Use PayPal Ship Now?

The easy steps to use PayPal Ship Now are as follows.

  • Launch any web browser.
  • Open your account on the official PayPal website and log in.
  • From the tab for recent activity, select Ready to Ship.
  • Select Print Shipping Label under Ready to Ship.
  • Input your shipping details, including the weight and size of the parcel, the service type, and the delivery options.
  • After you’ve finished entering all the data, click Calculate Shipping Cost.
  • Before continuing, go over the data you entered.
  • Click the Confirm and Pay option when everything is checked.
  • The amount of the shipping label will be subtracted from your charge.
  • Now, download the shipping label and print it.

That is all there is to it. Drop off your box at the UPS or USPS shipping service closest to you.

Extra Things to Think About

  • If a pop-up appears, turn it off to avoid problems printing the shipping label.
  • Please print the label and then fold it along the marked line on label paper or plain paper. Label 369, measuring 7.375 x 4.5 inches, is the suggested size for PayPal shipping labels if you use label paper.

PayPal Couriers

PayPal works with the two largest courier services in the United States, United Parcel Service and UPS.

USPS Shipping – Flat rate boxes, Priority Mail, First Class Mail, Priority Mail Express, and other services are offered for domestic and international shipping. Having access to USPS Commercial Base price is the finest feature.

UPS Shipping – Get exclusive online discounts on local and international shipping with UPS Shipping. It offers up to 45% off UPS Ground shipping and up to 55% off 2nd Day Air for qualifying packages.

Final Thoughts:

That’s it. Online business entrepreneurs may easily use the PayPal Ship Now service since it is simple and intuitive. The service is first-rate, and its features are beneficial. Additionally, it offers you a first-rate service with delivery for about the same price as traditional shipping carriers. Please use the comment area below to ask questions regarding PayPal Ship Now.