5 Best PC Mon­i­tors With Built-in Speak­ers Under $300

5 Best PC Mon­i­tors With Built-in Speak­ers Under $300

If you sit in front of their computer a lot, you must know the value of audio output. So, From streaming your favorite documentaries on Netflix to listening to your ideal music during breaks, this audio output of a computer is as high as the display. We are often limited by space on our desk, and some PC Mon­i­tors have built-in speakers, especially at the $300 price range. Although they are rare, they do exist.

I know it is quite easy to hook an outer speaker to your PC, but it is helpful to have a built-in speaker, particularly for day to day tasks, or if you like to watch something in comparatively low volumes. Therefore, if you want to look at the Best affordable PC Mon­i­tors with built-in speakers, here are some recommendations.

5 Best PC Mon­i­tors With Built-in Speak­ers Under $300

1. Samsung C27F591 27-Inch Curved PC Monitor (IT LC27F591FDNXZA)
2. Asus MZ27AQ Designo PC Monitor
3. Dell S Series 23.8-inch PC Monitor (S3219D)
4. Acer V277U 27-inch WQHD FreeSync PC Monitor
5. BenQ EL2870U 28 inch HDR 4K Gaming PC Monitor

Samsung C27F591 27-Inch Curved Monitor (IT LC27F591FDNXZA)

5 Best PC Mon­i­tors With Built-in Speak­ers Under $300

In case you are seeking a curved PC Mon­i­tors with speakers to jazz up your desk, you can check out the Samsung C27F591 monitor. The 27-inch Full HD VA monitor is famous for its bright and vibrant colors and high performance. You take a curved design with 1800R curvature. Also, the slim edges are the cherry on top.

You might want to calibrate it as per your preference, rest assured about its picture quality and contrast ratio. The FHD screen boasts of deep blacks and vibrant color, and surely, this is the main selling point of this monitor.

Just as we discussed above, the 5W speakers in this monitor occupy a far lesser berth when it comes to performance. AAdvantage, you would be able to hear the bass and punch in songs and videos. Though, as per the folks at Trusted Reviews, this VA panel requires a bit of tweaking. As long as the overall experience is concerned, this one has a 67% positive rating, and users speak highly of its picture quality.

Asus MZ27AQ Designo

5 Best PC Mon­i­tors With Built-in Speak­ers Under $300

The key highlights of the Asus MZ27AQ Designo are its sleek form factor and the near-about bezel-less design. Not only do the bezels provide a premium look, but they also build a seamless experience with a multi-monitor setup. The 27-inch IPS monitor boasts of WQHD resolution and supports a 178-degree viewing angle.
Whatever makes this monitor special is that it supports 100% sRGB, making it ideal for photo-editing and other color-sensitive jobs. That is why it has Designo in its model name.

So, now Coming to the main point, the Asus PC Mon­i­tors bundles two 6W speakers co-developed by Harmon Kardon. Both are coupled with a 5W mini subwoofer. Mutually, they give you a decent sound experience. This sound doesn’t get muffled and is clear and loud. Some users on Amazon compare the audio output to that of laptops.

The picture quality is sharp. Thus, this monitor has managed to rake in 74% positive reviews with users liking it for its picture quality, brightness, and value-for-money proposition. Nevertheless, this monitor is not without its limitations. For one thing, it lacks support for NVIDIA G-Sync or AMD FreeSync, which means it will not support the gamers with the latest NVIDIA or AMD graphic cards for a stable gaming experience.

Dell S Series 23.8-inch Monitor (S3219D)

5 Best PC Mon­i­tors With Built-in Speak­ers Under $300

Another smooth PC Monitor with a modern look is the Dell S Series S3219D. Every refresh rate of 75 Hz and support for NVIDIA FreeSync makes it ideal for gaming. It boasts of a stylish and robust stand and slim edges. For example, it has VESA holes, making it perfect for hooking it to an elegant monitor arm.

Now this time of writing, this VA panel has amassed in a rating of 4.6-stars out of 5 on Amazon, Users praising this gaming monitor for its picture and screen quality. Only For those unaware, VA panels usually churn out darker blacks thanks to a better contrast ratio than the IPS and TN panels.

Although this Dell S Series monitor packs a set of down-firing speakers, there are few settings regarding the same, which gave you control of the volume through the built-in menu. Aside from that, the sound quality is decent and proves to be quite helpful for general use.

Acer V277U 27-inch WQHD FreeSync Monitor

PC MonitorsPC Monitors

The Acer V277U. It is one of the favorite options if you seek a good monitor with primary speakers. The 27-inch monitor offers WQHD resolution of 2560×1440 and a 75Hz refresh rate. Also, coupled with the 4ms response time, it rounds up a worthy contender for those who also enjoy gaming.

Plus, it doesn’t end there. This has an IPS LCD screen that can produce 100% the sRGB color space. Such makes it suitable for some graphic design and productive content editing work too. Every picture quality is sharp and crisp, and the many users praise that in their reviews on Amazon. Now, this monitor has collected over 75% positive reviews.

These speakers in this one are decent. While not high, they will work fine with regular activities listening to songs or watching web series. You get a VESA mount. Thus you can hope for a cleaner desk look & still enjoy the audio.

BenQ EL2870U 28 inch HDR 4K Gaming Monitor.

5 Best PC Mon­i­tors With Built-in Speak­ers Under $300

This BenQ EL2870U balances excellent performance with good sound. That 4K TN panel features FreeSync compatibility, 60Hz refresh rate, and HDR10 support. All of these connect to make it a great monitor ideal for watching movies and videos. Most importantly, you can also play your fair share of casual games. Plus, the VESA mount is the cherry on top.

The picture quality is pretty good, and you can switch on the HDR when viewing content. Although, don’t expect to be blown away by the HDR content quality. Repeatedly, the preference for colors and contrast vary from person to person. Therefore we will leave it there and suggest that you check out this monitor in action in case you plan to buy it just for an affordable HDR10 feature.

There is a prominently-visible button at the front bezel, which eases the whole process. This monitor carries a sensor at the bottom, which adjusts the color temperature of the panel as per the ambient lighting. Okay, it is like the auto-brightness feature on your phone.

You can also tune the display as per your MacBook in case you happen to own one (check hard­shell cas­es for MacBook). About the speakers of this PC Mon­i­tors, multiple users praise its quality. Both are loud and clear, and you won’t find the usual muffling compared with most monitors at this price range.

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Final Words :

With these speakers, you will be capable of merging your work and playing with ease. These PC Mon­i­tors are excellent for basic computing and home use (some even are great for gaming and photo editing). You have to find the quality of sound. In case you want something loud, you can settle with the BenQ or the Asus model.
Though, in case you want something pretty basic, one of these monitors will do just great.