The Best DDR5 RAM You Need To Try

The Best DDR5 RAM You Need To Try

The most recent advancement in PC main memory is called DDR5, or Double Data Rate 5. Enhancing RAM’s bandwidth and density is the main goal of this new RAM version. In addition to enhancing these features, it emphasizes power consumption reduction. The first motherboards that support this DDR5 RAM are those with the Z690 chipset. The main goal is to improve DDR5’s capacity, which is now 64GB per IC. Compared to DDR4, this is a four-fold increase.

DDR5 RAM In PC Gaming Importance

DDR5 memory has higher frequencies and low latency, which affect frame rates because frames per second decrease with faster frequencies. As a consequence, responsiveness and performance in gaming are enhanced. DDR5 has thus proven appealing to PC gamers.


The key distinctions between DDR5 and DDR4 are listed below.

Capacity – DDR4’s maximum die density is 16GB, but 64GB is the maximum die density of DDR5, which is a four-fold increase. In comparison to DDR4, DDR5 has a substantially larger capacity.

Power Management – The motherboard in DDR4 handles power management. However, PMIC or power management integrated circuits handle this function in DDR5.

Compatibility – Intel Core i7-12700K, Intel Core i5-12600K, and other 12th-generation Alder Lake CPUs are all compatible with DDR5. These CPUs are incompatible with DDR4 memory.

Price – The price of these two RAMs differs significantly. Customers with limited budgets cannot purchase DDR5 since it is significantly more costly than DDR4.

How To Pick The Best DDR5 RAM For PC?

The following are the things to think about while buying DDR5.

Speed – If you’re considering getting DDR5, you may need it for high-performance tasks or gaming. You would require a quicker or faster option for this. So, take into account the goal of your application. You may choose the DDR5 RAM speed using this information.

Power – Another crucial issue to take into account is the need for power. Power consumption increases as the power need climbs. An option with a low power need is, therefore, ideal.

Capacity – You should also be certain of the required memory capacity. You may shorten your list of options using this.

Compatibility – All DDR5 RAMs are not compatible with all types of CPUs, according to compatibility. So, before making a choice, consider your system’s compatibility with the options.

Now that you thoroughly understand DDR5 RAM let’s investigate the best DDR5 RAM for outstanding performance.

The Best DDR5 RAM You Need To Try

We’ve compiled a list of DDR5 RAM to help you find the right one.

1. T-Force Vulcan Alpha DDR5

TEAMGROUP’s T-Force Vulcan Alpha DDR5 memory enables you to experience cutting-edge system performance. It has chipsets from the AMD series. The AMD X670 Series and Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs are compatible with this DDR5 RAM. Better cooling is provided by its streamlined form and stronger construction. It includes power management ICs, which support consistent and effective power utilization. Systems stability is ensured by its On-die ECC.

2. XPG Lancer DDR5 RAM

The two versions of Lancer, the newest DDR5 memory, are provided by XPG. One version includes addressable RGB, whereas the other does not. The PCBs and chipsets in these two versions are of the highest caliber to guarantee reliable and unwavering performance. It exhibits exceptional performance in overclocking and gaming since it can achieve rates of up to 6000 MT/s. Its On-die ECC contributes to enhancing computer stability and dependability. It supports DDR5 and is compatible with motherboards and CPUs.

3. Kingston Fury Beast 32GB

The Kingston Fury Beast 32GB DDR 5 RAM lets you use a starting speed of 4800MHz. Compared to DDR4, this memory is 50% quicker. The system’s On-die ECC (ODECC) helps with data integration to operate at peak efficiency. This RAM includes two separate 32-bit subchannels with double burst and bank length. It features enhanced overclocking efficiency, reliability, and memory that is Intel XMP 3.0-ready certified. A low-profile heat spreader is one of its features.

4. CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5

With improved speed, frequency, and capacity, CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 memory lets you enjoy exceptional system performance. It ensures that your high-end CPU can swiftly access and process data effectively. It features a 32GB capacity and a 4800MHz memory speed. Its integrated voltage management contributes to overclocking, which is far better and more stable. It lets you preserve and customize your XMP 3.0 profiles. It is made for motherboards with DDR5 memory.

5. Patriot Viper Venom RGB DDR5

The Patriot Memory Viper Venom DDR5 series is their fastest DRAM. It has a 4800 MHz starting frequency. Innovative technology lets it operate twice as quickly and with double the bandwidth of DDR4. For low power usage and effective operation, it features cutting-edge power management ICs. Thermal management technology contributes to the modules’ longer lifespan.

6. Crucial DDR5 RAM 32GB

This 32 GB of DDR5 RAM from Crucial has a maximum speed of 5600 MHz. Easy performance recovery is guaranteed by Intel XMP 3.0. DDR5 RAM lets you play games with high frame rates. It is a 288-pin, 1.1V-voltage Non-ECC memory.

7. G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series

Well, This Trident Z5 RGB Series DDR5 RAM features a modern, streamlined aluminum style. It is perfect for Intel Z690/Z790 Series Chipsets with the most recent 12th or 13th-generation Intel Core CPUs. Also, it contains a compact RGB light bar that lets you customize the lighting with the help of its lighting control software. It was programmed using XMP 3.0’s most recent profiles. Simply enabling the XMP profile will allow you to use this kit’s rated overclocking speed. This memory is great for being used as a gaming memory and/or for various high-performance requirements.

8. T-Force Delta RGB DDR5

With this TEAMGROUP Delta RGB DDR5 RAM, experience the next OC generation. The Intel 600 series is compatible with it. It features 120 degrees of super broad illumination and RGB colors and supports various lighting effect applications. With the help of Intel’s XMP3.0, you can execute a one-click upgrade. Its power management ICs make sure that power utilization is optimal and reliable. For dependable systems, it features on-die ECC.

9. G.Skill RipJaws S5 Series DDR5

This RipJaws S5 Series is ideal for Intel Z690/Z790 Series chipsets with 12th or 13th-generation Intel Core CPUs. It operates at a 5600MHz speed and has a 32 GB memory capacity. Also, it is a dual-channel non-ECC kit. It features a small design with a height of just 33mm and supports XMP 3.0 profiles. With system stability and performance, it can reach the rated XMP overclock speed.

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The XPG Lancer is one of the best options if you’re looking for high-quality DDR5 RAM. You may choose this version if you want a non-RGB option because it also comes in a non-RGB version. These are fantastic options for enhancing the gaming experience.