The Best Receipt Scanner Apps/Tools You Can Use

The Best Receipt Scanner Apps/Tools You Can Use

You must be aware of where your money is going if you’re trying to manage your business’s finances. One may opt for a receipt scanner as a result. Receipts from any goods or items you purchase from retailers tend to go lost, whether in a sea of documents or a tangle of papers. On the other hand, physical papers are more susceptible to being lost or damaged. These problems may be resolved by converting your printed receipts and papers into digital data, and a receipt scanner is an excellent tool. You may manage and retrieve your receipts from any location with the help of several receipt scanners that provide online services. What you need to know about receipt scanners is covered in this article. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Are Receipt Scanner Apps?

You may quickly obtain digital copies of your physical receipts from shared cloud storage using receipt scanner apps to take images. Learn how a receipt scanner works first before moving on. A smartphone app, a receipt scanner, lets staff capture receipts using their phones. Businesses have started using receipt scanners for business expenses and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to save paperwork.

Is Your Business In Need Of Receipt Scanning Software?

You need to assess the benefit of reading receipts for your business. The easiest approach to determine whether your company needs a receipt scanner app for business is to consider how frequently and intricately your company’s reimbursement process is implemented. Look at historical data on employee engagement and business spending. If they believe it will assist them, ask your employees. The finance staff is the ones that deal with reimbursements and expense-related concerns regularly, so speak with them first. All company employees may profit from the receipt scanner app since it will reduce the amount of manual documentation required for cost data management and reimbursement.

Using Receipt Scanning App Advantages

Employees and your finance staff must spend time on the outdated reimbursement method. The process is also prone to several errors. Employees who lose their receipts will find obtaining reimbursement for their costs challenging.

Using a receipt scanning app may be beneficial. It enables your staff to submit receipts in digital format quickly. The optical character recognition algorithms eliminate the human mistake that may result from directly entering data from receipts in the app. For your business, a receipt scanner may also assist your financial division. They won’t have to harass employees to submit receipt claims thanks to digital receipts.

There are many receipt scanners, from physical (like computer and mobile) to digital (such as apps and internet software). However, because this tool is an investment, you should research the key features the best ones provide before purchasing. The essential features of a receipt scanner are listed below. You may only require some of them, but you may choose the best one by following this guidance.

How To Pick The Most Appropriate Receipt App?

One of the simplest ways to reduce stress during tax season is to keep receipts neatly arranged. Without having to keep track of hundreds of little paper slips, the technologies we’ve outlined make it available. Consider your particular requirements as a freelancer or business owner whenever you agree. Consider the following.

  • How many people are you in charge of?
  • How many clients do you take care of?
  • How many purchases do you make from businesses each month?
  • How frequently do you travel for work, and where?

Your receipt-tracking system may require various tools, depending on your specific needs.

Receipt Scanner Features

Every organization has certain criteria for keeping track of business receipts, as is widely known. Make sure the app you choose meets the demands of your business before choosing it. It could be challenging to choose with so many options available nowadays. Are you choosing a receipt management app? Here are some of the most important things to take into account.


You may need a portable receipt scanner to track expense reports and receipts for employees or contractors. This can appear as a mobile scanner. The size of the scanner is important for portability. Choose a lightweight device that can easily fit into a briefcase or bag.

Online Availability

It’s helpful to have a receipt scanner that is accessible online, similar to Mobility. Your procedure will be sped up by your ability to connect with accounting software very quickly. You can retrieve your receipts at any time and from any place.

Storage Space & Security

It would be best to consider your receipt scanner’s limits before deciding between physical and digital cloud storage. Do you scan receipts every day or just occasionally? Will you use it frequently or only on special occasions? Use this to determine how much space you’ll need on an external device or in your receipt scanner software. Remember to consider the storage facility’s security. You should ensure that many layers of security protect all receipts and papers. Traditional receipts and documents may be physically harmed or destroyed, but digital data might fall into the wrong hands if appropriate security measures are not taken.


Scanning receipts for expense accounts is one of a business’s most disagreeable tasks. A lightning-quick receipt scanner may assist people who prefer to do this task as quickly as possible. In as little as 7.5 seconds, certain scanners may capture a photo of your documents. Scanning several receipts at once is helpful.

File Formats

They could have a certain format depending on what you’re using your receipts for. Your work expense program only takes JPEG photographs, but your tax accountant may insist that you scan or submit your receipts as PDFs. Please find out the file types your receipt scanner supports so you can avoid changing them after manually scanning them.


Finally, after scanning your receipts, ensure your scanner covers your procedure. Are you going to store them on the cloud? Are you going to send them to anyone else? Your receipt scanner must be able to transmit scanned papers with ease. Now that you know the fundamental duties a receipt scanner performs, search the app store for the best receipt scanner apps. The list of the top ones is presented below.

The Best Receipt Scanner Apps/Tools You Can Use

We’ve compiled a list of tools to convert EPUB to PDF to help you find the right one.

1. Foreceipts

Over 500,000 business owners, independent contractors, agencies, and freelancers worldwide are using the Fo Receipts app, making it the best receipt management solution.


  • Send your digital receipts to yourself or take images of your paper receipts. Your receipts’ data will be instantaneously scanned by the Foreceipts app and added to your book. By scanning your invoices, you can generate more revenue.
  • Use your Excel or PDF expenditure reports to file taxes or share them with your accountant. You are safeguarded in the case of an audit thanks to the storage of every image of a receipt.

Your year-end expense report will fully satisfy the tax-filing requirements since they have created business spending categories for the United States and Canada. The categories may also be changed if necessary.

2. Neat Receipts

A clever organizing tool and mobile scanner are Neat Receipts. Using the Neat Receipts mobile scanner, you can scan receipts, business cards, and paper data on the move as the program recognizes, finds, and organizes relevant data.


  • Compact and lightweight, the NeatReceipts portable scanner may easily fit in a briefcase, backpack, or carry-on. Additionally, it doesn’t require AC power. You may use it after connecting it to your computer using USB.
  • It may be powered via USB from your computer.
  • Neat scans anything you scan extracts the data, and creates digital resources.
  • With receipt data, you can sync contacts using Outlook or Address Book, export to Excel, or generate tax or expense reports.
  • NeatCloud, which enables you to sync and backup Neat files and access them from any browser or mobile device, is available for a free 30-day trial.

In addition, NeatCare, which offers help and accidental damage protection for your NeatDesk, is included with your NeatCloud subscription for as long as you remain a customer.

3. Smart Receipts

Your phone becomes a receipt scanner and expense report generator with Smart Receipts! It gathers receipt information and enables you to generate PDF, and CSV reports that you can send to your email addresses.


  • Using fully customizable PDF, CSV, and ZIP files, professional reports may be created for your budget monitoring and work needs.
  • Smart Receipts lets you choose from more than 20 default data formats.

This function may assist you in writing the perfect paper, saving you many hours of work and enabling you to concentrate on things that are more important to you.

4. Easy Expense

Using strong image processing and AI, Easy Expense retrieves crucial information, including vendor, division, taxes, total, and payment method. Additionally, this receipt scanner tracks bank account and credit card spending. With the help of your bank accounts, Easy Expense can scan up to 18 months’ worth of transactions for expenditures and tax write-offs.


  • It is perfect for use when traveling because it operates offline.
  • The quickest method to capture, crop, and monitor receipts
  • With automatic cloud sync, you’ll never lose a receipt.
  • Intelligent automatic categorization to increase deductions.
  • Evaluate transactions in bulk.

Through user permissions, Easy Expense enables real-time syncing across users. You can easily control who has access to pertinent information.

5. Shoeboxed

ShoeBoxed is the best receipt scanner app if you need dependable storage for digital tax receipts. It will make processing receipts simpler for you.


  • Simplify your day-to-day bookkeeping duties.
  • Discover tools and features designed for bookkeepers, accountants, and small companies.
  • You may have the data from your receipts retrieved, validated by humans, classified, arranged, searchable, and editable so that you can access it anytime and wherever you choose.

In addition, you can export, share, or print your receipts for simple tax preparation or reimbursement. You may also produce detailed expense reports that contain images of your receipts.

6. Dext

Dext meticulously prepares and collects your documents before immediately processing them into your accounting software. It enables you to spend more time on worthwhile endeavors.


  • For organizing and digitizing all of your documents, Dext Prepare is a pleasantly simple solution.
  • Dext will gather the required information and transmit it to your accounting system when you submit a receipt, a bank statement, or a bill. Instead of having to sit down and manually input the required numbers, you will receive the precise numbers you need.

Before submitting information to your accounting system, Dext Prepare gathers and analyzes market-leading data. Your team’s schedule is freed up to focus on more important tasks, and you have confidence knowing you’re working with the best.

7. Expense Management

A cost-tracking tool like Expense Management may assist you in managing your accounting system by allowing unlimited receipt scanning, mileage tracking, and next-day reimbursement.


  • When traveling or working remotely, keeping track of and organizing receipts can be challenging, and certain mistakes may result in receipt loss.
  • You may track your miles, scan receipts without limitation, send receipts for approval, and do other things.

Your receipts are promptly scanned and retrieved when used in conjunction with the SmartScan feature, saving you time and effort.

8. Veryfi

Here is the fastest and safest OCR Capture and Data Extraction app for invoices, bills, and receipts. Save time each week by eliminating data entry and bookkeeping. Veryfi can retrieve suppliers, payments, totals, taxes, and even line items in a matter of seconds.


  • Without the need for scripts or humans-in-the-loop, Veryfi’s OCR API extracts categorize and enrich all the information from disorganized consumer purchasing records, invoices, and bills to line items (SKU-level purchase bills).
  • One of the most significant and cutting-edge OCR (Optical Character Recognition) & ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) data extraction API platforms currently accessible is made available to you through the Veryfi OCR API.

Thanks to these features, your users will receive the best services on the market, which will help you surpass your rivals.

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The Bottom Line:

So that you don’t lose the ability to get reimbursed for your office costs, you need to keep meticulous records of them. If not, the funds won’t be accessible until the following payment period. Therefore, a wide range of apps may be used as receipt scanners. By providing improved features and services, they all make this process simpler. So let’s conclude. The top apps for scanning receipts that are listed above are worthwhile using. Get one if you still need to!