Top 10 Ping Monitoring Tools You Can Try

Top 10 Ping Monitoring Tools You Can Try

A ping monitoring solution is the first thing that springs to mind whenever you want to monitor and troubleshoot your network issues. Ping is the most popular application when you encounter a network troubleshooting procedure since it is the simplest and quickest technique to test network connection between servers or hosts. With the help of a ping monitoring tool, Internet protocol and the related parts may be handled and monitored. To ensure the system is up and running, users can check the appropriate connections and verify their network connection. Let’s learn more about ping, its effects, and the best ping monitoring tools to monitor & troubleshoot the network.

What’s A Ping?

In computer network work administration, pinging is a technique that enables you to test and identify whether a specific destination IP address can accept requests. On any operating system with network connectivity, it is a command-line tool. Ping is a test to check if a network work device is reachable. A successful ping elicits a response from the computer, which is then pinged back to the one that initiated the ping. According to sonar terminology, a ping is an audible sound wave that emerges from an object when force is applied.

What’s Ping Monitoring?

Ping Monitoring periodically pins a computer or device to check if it answers. A good ping will occur instantly if the device gets a network work signal. But it will be a terrible ping if the device receives it too late. You may then find the maximum, lowest, and average response times in this manner.

Ping time is the interval between sending a network packet and receiving a response, often expressed in milliseconds (ms). Your ping quality will be greater the lower the value of your ping time. This represents how quick and wholesome your network is. Additionally, ping transmits an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request to the particular network interface. When the target gets the requests, it instantly replies to the message by sending echo reply packets.

How Is Ping Monitoring Helpful?

Online gamers, hosted services, remote workers, sysadmins, IT professionals, network engineers, legal IT services, VoIP services, and others can benefit from Ping monitoring. Let’s go more into its advantages.

Uptime Monitoring And Recording

Especially when the network work spans numerous sites, it is impractical to monitor uptime manually. In this situation, a ping monitoring solution may automatically check the connection and response time from multiple sources according to a predetermined schedule. You may track your uptime, identify issues, and fix them in this manner.

Device Availability

If you are running a business, you must ensure that all of your networked devices are accessible to your users at all times. You may use ping monitoring software to determine the device’s availability rather than manually checking each site individually.

Improved Security

Many businesses have had their data compromised physically due to silicon-level security flaws and probable hardware malfunctions. Improve server security by continuously tracking the server’s availability and performance with a ping monitoring tool by discovering speed and stability issues. You may need to fix certain issues if your performance is slow.

Enhanced Profits

Ping monitoring might be helpful for you if you are running an internet business. Your consumers’ experience and income are impacted when your website is unavailable. Therefore, you risk losing hundreds of visitors every second your website is offline. But you can ensure your server is always accessible and fix availability issues by employing potent ping monitoring software. You may provide a flawless customer experience, save time, and continue to increase your earnings in this manner.

Let’s study the best ping monitoring tools to see how they might benefit your organization.

Top 10 Ping Monitoring Tools You Can Try

We’ve compiled a list of Ping Monitoring Tools to help you find the right one.

1. WhatsUp Gold

Ping Monitoring Tools

With WhatsUp Gold, a ping monitoring tool, you can monitor uptimes, network availability, connection data, and more. Well, it monitors the pings in the network, notifies you of issues, and monitors changes in your network connectivity. To check the health and availability of your network, this software contains ping, improved ping, graphical ping, proxy ping, and SNMP ping. Additionally, it offers an effective notification and alerting system.

WhatsUp Gold may determine whether the network is connected by measuring the time the ICMP protocol takes to deliver data packets to the target host. It automatically checks device connections, downtimes, and outages using periodic pings. Ping statistics data will be sent to you, including lost packets, maximum/minimum roundtrip times, average roundtrip times, unsuccessful pings, and uptime time. WhatsUp Gold also assesses it for you to be notified in real-time about the connection state.

2. Paessler PRTG

Ping Monitoring Tools

Using Paessler PRTG’s all-in-one ping monitoring tool, verify the availability of all network work devices. In the event of interruptions, it offers PROMPT, personalized dashboards with a rapid overall view of everything. The popular Windows operating systems, including Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2, are compatible with this network and ping monitoring software. As a result, your entire network will benefit from a powerful tool. Additionally, it keeps an eye on each system in your network so that administering them won’t burden you.

Experience an integrated, programmable alarm system immediately notifies you of any problems. All your organization’s network devices use the ping sensor as their master sensor. All sensors on the device will switch to sleep mode if the master sensor malfunctions. The configurable PRTG dashboard allows you to verify that everything is in working order. PRTG provides you the benefit of accessing the server from your smartphone, so you can access everything while away from your workstation but still need access.

Thanks to Auto Discovery, setting up PRTG on your network is simple. Paessler PRTG pings private IP addresses and automatically builds sensors for your available devices. It offers the Ping Sensor, Ping Jitter Sensor, and Cloud Ping Sensor as three sensors for your ping monitoring needs. PRTG offers a clear license model that is easily upgradeable. To check if it matches your needs, you’ll get a free 30-day trial. Your membership will automatically revert to the freeware version when the trial time is up; at this point, you can upgrade to any premium license.

3. Pingdom

Top 10 Ping Monitoring Tools You Can Try

With Pingdown, you can monitor and test the ping status of network devices and receive the results immediately. It offers an automatic ping monitoring solution and issues prompt notice in case of any outage or uptime problems. This cutting-edge ping monitoring tool is best for rapid content delivery over complicated networks of hosts and services. It tests website availability and response times using a network distributed across more than 100 geographically distant sites.

By pinging worldwide, you may get precise page load speeds and enhance user experience. Instantly identify any performance issues with your primary website or CDN data centers. Additionally, you will receive a brief notice by email or SMS on your device. You will receive a notification to take immediate action if a problem in your network work or ping answers fail. Similarly, you will receive a notification once your website is back online.

Every monitoring ping is recorded by Pingdom, together with the results of numerous tests. Based on their underlying causes, its built-in engine allows you to identify long-term and short-term performance issues. These ping answers may show your server’s response to the initial connection. Use Pingdom’s group messaging applications to share the ping status with the team and quickly handle ping issues. Take advantage of a free trial to monitor the ping right away.

4. Better Uptime

Top 10 Ping Monitoring Tools You Can Try

A contemporary monitoring solution called Better Uptime integrates ping and uptime monitoring, issue management, and status pages into one elegantly designed package. It takes 3 minutes to set up. After that, if your server or website goes down, you receive a call, email, or Slack notice.

5. Spiceworks

Top 10 Ping Monitoring Tools You Can Try

Try Spiceworks to receive real-time ping monitoring, detect real-time issues, and fix them quickly and simply if you have problems with your network devices. This ping monitoring tool helps you detect whether the connectivity of your network device is offline or online. Spiceworks’ intelligent dashboard intelligently configures your crucial network devices to be monitored in real-time.

With the connection dashboard, you can monitor routers, servers, printers, Wi-Fi APs, switches, IP-enabled security cameras, and more. To access it and monitor the infrastructure, add the hostname or IP address from any accessible network monitor to the dashboard. Spiceworks notifies you with a smart email alert option as soon as any of the crucial devices in your organization goes down. With your Spiceworks subscriptions, you will also receive a set of cloud tools for IT administration that are completely integrated. Spiceworks has a free version available.

6. EMCO Ping Monitor

EMCO Ping Monitor software lets you keep tabs on the status of your network devices and the quality of your connections. You will receive a prompt notification each time the host’s connection quality changes. EMCO gathers comprehensive data for each host, including outages, latency, uptime, and other monitoring parameters, allowing you to examine performance over any elapsed time and provide a real-time report. It analyzes connection quality and uses ICMP pings to detect the condition of the hosts. To explore hosts for comprehensive data, you may find hosts with various quality and condition criteria using EMCO software. It supports email, Windows Tray, and sound alerts; creating a script offers customized notifications. Additionally, you will have strong built-in reporting and data analysis capabilities.

The tool displays the gathered data on charts to estimate performance quickly. EMCO has a particular engine designed to monitor many hosts simultaneously, such as 32000 hosts at a time. It is possible to switch between measuring ping latency with a precision of 1 ms and measuring ping latency with a precision of 0.01 ms. Also included are monitoring for high host availability, connection quality, host performance analysis, extensive data, customizable notifications, simple modifications, built-in reporting, and more. Three EMCO Ping Monitoring software variants are available, from freeware to corporate edition.

7. SolarWinds Ping Monitor

SolarWinds Ping Monitor lets you continually track the response timings of your devices. The network devices that are accessible for you to choose from to check their availability. You may export monitoring data from the tool as text files, pictures, and graphs. All the results are shown as bar, column, ribbon, area, or step charts using SolarWinds’ Ping graph tool. Therefore, you will receive sophisticated yet user-friendly ping monitoring software for network troubleshooting. To simplify diagnosing network problems, it continually monitors routers, workstations, servers, and other network devices.

With a straightforward ping tool, you may obtain real-time response times and response rates in the shape of graphical charts. It monitors the response time and packet loss by sending ICMP packets to the target IP address. SolarWinds offers an improved ping tool with several graphical options to assist you in visualizing and identifying problems in real time. Use this ping monitor software to solve network connection issues and gain visibility. You will also receive more than 60 network administration and troubleshooting tools. You may access the network diagnostics tools from a unified desktop dashboard to work on more difficult issues, including Enhanced Ping, Ping, Ping Sweep, TraceRoute, and DNS Analyzer. Get a free trial immediately to find out how all the tools will assist you in managing and troubleshooting your network.

8. Dotcom-Monitor

With Dotcom-Monitor, you can instantly ping and verify the connection quality of your servers and other network devices. Diagnosing problems in real time helps you swiftly identify network-related issues and outages. Verify uptime status using ICMP requests to delve deeper into your network work data with robust and dynamic reports. Firewalls, routers, and other network work devices’ integrity can be ensured. The ping protocol sends an ICMP request to an IP address and/or target name to verify an IP-level connection.

Dotcom-Monitor offers several tools, including reports, alerts, filters, private agents, and many others, to ensure you never miss a single piece of data. Additionally, the XML reporting service is an open-source platform that offers APIs for your monitoring data. Connect Dotcom-Monitor to popular software programs like Asana, Zapier, BMC, Salesforce, and more. Get reliable business features and functions in a cloud-based paradigm, and track the performance of your actual browsers across all available network locations. To find the ideal configuration, pick a flexible price option. Get public dashboards, XML data feed, multi-user support, PDF reports, SSO integration, API, and more by starting your 30-day free trial immediately.

9. PingPlotter

Improve your internet connections using Ping Plotter, which helps you diagnose your connection issues and point you toward a better solution. Depending on the problem you wish to solve, you will find several tools accessible.PingPlotter is a troubleshooting tool that displays diagnostic data such as traceroute, jitter, and ping on an endless timeline for all your network devices. It may also be used to identify bottlenecks and determine the root of any problem.

PingPlotter pings every second, whereas others ping every minute so that you may experience a quicker sample rate. Measure industry-recognized parameters, including latency, mean opinion score (MOS), packet loss, and jitter. To communicate problems more effectively, it also helps you find sporadic trends. Obtain proactive tools that enable you to use custom notifications to deliver alerts of occurrences to other applications. View the diagnostic data with anybody who can share the results, and test the network quickly from the perspective of any device having issues. Start tracking the pings in your network by downloading the free trial immediately.

10. Nagios

Use Nagios to take the ping monitoring quality of all your network work devices to the next level. It offers a variety of monitoring for pings, such as reachability and packet loss. You may benefit from improved services, application availability, and speedier servers using this efficient ping monitoring solution. Nagios offers two products, Nagios XI and Nagios Core, with ping monitoring features. All of your organization’s essential devices are monitored by Nagios XI, the most powerful monitoring tool on the market. Moreover, it has a rapid detection rate for protocol errors and network outages.

Nagios XI offers a straightforward graphical user interface (GUI) with the option to customize the look and feel for each user individually. Strong dashboards let you view all of the operations and procedures. On the other hand, Nagios Core offers a potent monitoring engine that allows you to monitor your network devices to the maximum possible level. Get powerful user administration, setup wizard, network management, snapshot, and other useful benefits for your troubleshooting work. The free trial lets you check how the ICMP monitoring plugins and ping action component work.

FAQs: Ping Monitoring Tools

What Factors To Consider While Picking A Ping Monitoring Tool?

Check the benefits you will receive when selecting the software, such as automation, tool quality, alerts and notifications, data privacy, etc. A decent ping tool relieves your network work-related problems without adding to your workload. With the same level of benefits, some software offers gratis editions.

Why Should You Invest In A Ping Monitor Tool?

Ping monitoring tools offer data on the device or system level. Regarding availability and performance, the device-level data is really helpful. You may save time and effort by eliminating the need to check your network connection manually. So it makes sense to invest in quality software.

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The Bottom Line: Ping Monitoring Tools

IT teams, competitive gamers, businesses, and other professionals must understand how their network infrastructure and crucial servers operate. They must also be notified when the network work connection goes offline, which is more crucial. To track the performance and availability of any device in your network, Ping monitoring tools make this procedure straightforward. It guarantees they work properly, assist you in identifying and fixing any issues, and guard against security risks.