Or Admin Login IP Address Or Admin Login IP Address

Routers frequently use a private IP address,, as their default gateway address. To access the router’s admin panel, enter the following address into your web browser. The router’s settings, including the Wi-Fi password and network name, may be changed after you are logged in.

How To Login To

  • In the address box of any open web browser, type or
  • On the login screen, enter the password and username.
  • To access the admin panel of your router, click Login.

Default Username & Password

Router Brand Username Password
Xfinity/Comcast admin password
LPB Piso WiFi <p>admin<br />administrator</p> <p>123456789<br />admin1234</p>

What Is The IP Address?

For every device on a network, including computers, smartphones, and routers, an IP address is assigned as a special identification. IP addresses come in two varieties: public and private. Public IP addresses, visible to any website or internet service provider, might reveal details about your location, internet service provider, and online activities.

Private IP addresses are used for intranet communication and are only visible to devices connected to the same network. Private IP addresses are assigned by network administrators or router manufacturers, not by internet service providers. The private IP addresses designated for network devices like routers, switches, and firewalls include the IP address. It is frequently used as the admin access default access point or gateway address to control router settings.

How Is It Used By Routers?

Routers are network connectivity devices that transport data packets between several networks. Two or more IP addresses are assigned to routers, one for each connected network. A home router, for instance, may have two IP addresses:, which is its address on the local network, and, which is its address on the internet. While the internet IP address is used for communication with websites and online services, the local IP address is used for communication with other devices on the same network.

As their local IP address or their default gateway address, routers frequently use This means every device connected to the same network must transmit its data packets through the router using the IP address to access the internet or another network. Routers frequently use the IP address as their default admin access point. To access the router’s admin panel and change its settings, any device on the same network must enter the IP address in a web browser.

Troubleshooting With

You may do a few things if you are experiencing problems accessing the router’s admin panel or connecting to the internet.

  • Verify that the network of the router is connected to your device.
  • Restarting the router is an option.
  • Use a different device to attempt connecting to the router.
  • Try resetting the router to its factory default settings if you are still experiencing problems.

Common Issues & Solutions

Unable To Connect To The Internet – Verify that the modem is turned on and the router is correctly linked. It can also be necessary to restart the modem and router.

Unable To Access The Router’s Admin Panel – In the web browser’s address bar, confirm that the IP address you are typing is accurate. Restarting the router and your PC can also be necessary.

Forgot The Router’s Username And Password – If you still need to change the router’s default username and password, you can often find them in the manual or on the router itself. You should reset the router to its factory default settings if you change the default username and password and can’t remember them.

Reset & Troubleshoot Routers

Usually, the router has a reset button on the back that you may press to return to factory default settings. The router will restart when you press and hold the reset button briefly. When rebooted, you must adjust the router’s settings, including the network name and Wi-Fi password.

The default gateway address for the following router manufacturers and models is

  • Xfinity Comcast.
  • LPB Piso WiFi.
  • D-Link.
  • ASUS.
  • Belkin.
  • TP-Link.
  • Netgear.
  • Linksys.

You can check your router’s manual or contact the manufacturer to clarify the router’s default gateway address.

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