4 Medical Alert Gadgets for Seniors

4 Medical Alert Gadgets for Seniors

There is no question that technology is truly shaping and guiding the world we live in today. It is used to make our jobs and everyday tasks easier, more productive, efficient, and even help from a safety and health point of view. And all these high-tech gadgets aren’t just being used by younger generations; they are being geared towards each and every age group, providing specific benefits and features catered to that group. Nowhere is this more obvious than with seniors, as their needs vary drastically from that of a teenager.

One of the hottest tech gadget trends among seniors right now is medical alert gadgets. These are gadgets that are designed to keep seniors safer, healthier, and more in tune with their current health and wellness needs. So, whether you’re a senior yourself or you are thinking about your elderly parents, here are four medical alert gadgets that are well worth checking out.


The first medical alert gadget we’ll examine is MobileHelp. This particular device has created a strong reputation in the field for being easy to use, reliable, and of course useful. The idea is that it provides peace of mind for seniors should a sudden health issue occur. The way this system works is that it uses cellular and GPS technology in order to provide coverage at home and while they’re out. It’s an all-encompassing system in that sense.

Seniors don’t need a landline or cellular plan to use this system, making it more versatile. It offers monitoring services wherein the person can use the help button in order to trigger the 24-hour emergency help center. Because it is tracking the person through GPS or cellular technology, it can locate them immediately.

Other features include an automatic fall detection and a fall button, reminders that can be set for medications, and loved ones can also be granted access to the system to locate the senior’s device. You can read MobileHelp review right here to get more in-depth information on what the system is capable of, the setup, and all costs involved.

Medical Alert USB Drive

Here’s another important medical device for seniors, as you never know when this information will be needed. The idea behind these gadgets is that seniors can store all their important medical details on it, and then they wear the USB drive on them at all times. It can be worn around the neck, clipped to a keychain, or kept in their purse.

So, while they can’t sound an alarm or an alert with this device, it will be an important tool for first responders should they be unconscious or unable to communicate their specific medical history/conditions. Data that can be stored on these devices include a medical history, contacts, medical information, laboratory results, and other important information. Some even allow for legal documents such as a living will and power of attorney.

This sort of device is especially useful for those with Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer.


4 Medical Alert Gadgets for Seniors

While on the surface a smartwatch may not seem as important as the other medical devices mentioned, in reality, these can prove to be extremely helpful. Take for example the Apple Watch – this one offers features like automatic fall detection and the ability to download various health monitoring apps. With a smartwatch, you get the added benefit of useful lifestyle features, meaning it can do a lot in one tiny device.

The thing to keep in mind for these devices is that the senior wearing it needs to be at least somewhat tech-savvy. It’s also best when paired to a smartphone, so likely they will need to have a phone that is compatible with the smartwatch. However, this just opens up more features and capabilities in the device.

GPS Vehicle Tracker

For seniors who are still driving, a GPS vehicle tracker can be another smart device to get. Again, it’s all about providing that peace of mind should an emergency situation occur.

These devices can offer monitoring through a companion app, as well as location and maintenance tracking. They can also constantly offer driving safety information. Alerts can be set to sound off if the vehicle leaves a particular area, it can detect a crash and then alert a family member, and even offer location updates every three minutes.

For family members that are feeling a bit nervous about elderly parents behind the wheel, this can really put their mind at ease.

Well Worth the Purchase

Each of these medical alert gadgets can be used for the senior in your life that you care about, and want to ensure is kept safe and healthy at all times. They all offer peace of mind and extreme usefulness. Which will you choose? Let us know which one you find to be the best.