A Complete CNC Machining Services Guide

A Complete CNC Machining Services Guide

CNC machines stand for “Computer Numerical Control” machining equipment that is reliable, high precision tools and controlled by computer. The instructions are given to the CNC machine in the form of computer generated-code (G-code). It is converted to the electrical signals with the computing software and then executed. This article is from WayKen Rapid Manufacturing is one of the most reputable prototype manufacturers of CNC machining in China. Want to know more, let’s discuss the article together.

Types of CNC machines

There are six main types of CNC machines used in industries for manufacturing of different products that can use prototyping to work efficiently, these listed below;

  • CNC milling machines: It is use to shape the workpieces on the customer demand using rotary cutter. The cutter speed, frequency and machine operating conditions may be coded and give precise outcomes.
  • CNC lathes: This machine uses turning centres with cutting tools which shaves off the material into conical and spherical shapes.
  • CNC Routers: CNC routers are built to be operated exclusively by CNC technology. The router generally produces larger dimension parts. The common CNC routers 3-axis (X, Y, Z) setup which includes cutting of profiles, pocketing and 3D relief machining. These are also available for 3, 4, 5 and even 6 axes in which additional axis helps to rotate the machine parts around the workpiece which lead it towards cutting more complex shapes.
  • CNC Plasma Cutters: It is made for cutting of 2D profiles to metal sheets. They do not need high power because they do not rotate about workpiece. They fly above the table with plasma torch.
  • CNC Grinders: It utilizes rotary wheel to turn the material into desire shape by repeated grinding process.
  • CNC EDM: The term EDM stands for “Electric Discharge Machines” which make a particular shape inside workpiece using electrical releases or jerks. The material expelled from the workpiece between two anodes. These anodes are distant by dielectric liquid and powered by electric voltage.

High Quality CNC Machining

CNC machining enables us to produce our products with high quality along with metals like steel and aluminium alloy. The CNC makes it accurate and repeated process of complex 3D shapes that cannot be molded manually, it also eliminates the human error. The dimension tolerance can be upholding till `0.001” of parts from milling process and can be large enough as 118.0” in length x 12.0” in width x 16.0” in height. This tolerance can be reached to `0.0005” on concentricity, if the maximum diameter tolerance is 1.625” bar-fed and 4” for chucker. This technique makes us to develop the high-quality process by CNC machines to produce the complex features.

High Precision CNC Machining

The precision of CNC machine may be high while operating it with the tolerance of `0.005mm. It is widely used in automobile, medical and aerospace parts making industries. The general application of micro machining is a single point diamond machining. The diamond helps to make it customized with precise machining requirement i.e.: the shape accuracy is less than 200nm and surface roughness is less than 10nm. While making optical prototyping such as transparent plastics or reflective metal parts, the finished surface of the mold is a significant contemplation and it also reduces the cost. The diamond machining is best method to produce high precision in CNC machining. In process inspection of mold cavity is showing in the picture below;

A Complete CNC Machining Services Guide

Benefits of High Quality and High Precision CNC machine

Machine inspection system are very valuable for CNC machines which provides their precision and many benefits in products such as;

  • Immediate feedback
  • Automatic offset correction
  • Reduce inspection backlog
  • Reduce inspection time
  • Increase system speed
  • Reduce scrap
  • High accuracy on mold cavity, cast and forged parts.

A specialist in rapid prototyping and low volume production, can increase the productivity of CNC machine using this strategy and probe tools.

What is 5 Axis CNC Machining?

The CNC machines with 5 axes are very suitable to use because it provides some significant benefits such as; suitability in complex parts, multi machine working, high precision requirement and various types of ordinary machine tools which can be machined just after multiple bracing and alteration.

A Complete CNC Machining Services Guide

Comparison between 5 axis CNC machines and 3 axis CNC machines:

Some significant features of 5 axis CNC machines that makes it more preferred in working are listed below;

5 axis CNC machines 3 axis CNC machines
1 Can built complex and special shaped parts Can built simple and common geometrical shapes
2 High inspection of size Less machine accuracy
3 Stable and reliable machining Less reliability
4 High flexibility with numerical control changes Low flexibility when numerical control changes
5 3-5 times more productivity Less productivity
6 Good working intensity Lags in automation level

 CNC Prototyping Advantages

The CNC prototyping machine becomes more advantageous due to its rapid and efficient prototyping with precise 3D models. There are some additional advantages that help engineers, designers and developing teams such as;

  • Explore and realize instructions more quickly.
  • Repeated designs to incorporate changes for assessment.
  • Save time and reduce production cost.
  • Ability to test and refine the product thoroughly.
  • Concise communication of concepts.
  • Early reality test takes into a venture.
  • Design of adequate system.
  • Error free programming and designs.

What are the CNC Machining Industrial Application?

The CNC prototyping machines are widely using in many industries to produce metallic and plastic tools. These are able to make mass-production tools with other methods to make it low volume production. Some of the industrial applications are listed below;

  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Medical and Surgical equipment industry
  • Defence industry
  • Plastic Industry


In this article we have concluded that the CNC machine services are modern and accurate method for production of metal and plastic parts. CNC machine is suitable to use for cutting, milling, grinding and EDM purposes. CNC machines are high quality and precise method of manufacturing that hits the desired target. Another objective of this article is that the CNC rapid prototypes are more significant and efficient because it gives precise production and also save time and money.The 5-axis CNC machines increase the efficiency and production of CNC prototype machines. At last, some advantages and industrial applications of CNC prototyping machine are discussed which are very wide in use.