A Sample Galveston Vacation Itinerary

A Sample Galveston Vacation Itinerary

Located just one hour from Houston, Galveston has emerged as the premier summer vacation destination for the more urbane Texans. With rich wetlands and beaches, a historic harbor, and also other exciting attractions, the resort city offers a prime destination for people looking to escape to a different city.

Galveston appeals to people of all interests and ages. Whether you are trying to look for indigenous culinary delights, engage tweens, or you just want to enjoy the 51 km of the sprawling beach, a summer vacation here is what you need. Here is a sample itinerary to get some much-needed inspiration from. 


When you first arrive at Galveston, it’s recommended to go straight to East Beach and officially start your vacation. You and your other fellow party poopers can remove your clothes and get into your bathing suits and start enjoying the island’s cool waters. After sampling the sand and surf, you can take a walk along the boardwalk of the East Beach. There are a variety of beachfront activities like sandcastle competitions and live music.

For lunch, you can head straight to Shrimp-n-Stuff that’s just nearby. For years, this restaurant has served clients with delicious tastes to leave them satiated. Sample mouth-watering and affordable seafood, like stuffed shrimp PO-boys and steaming gumbos.

After you’ve had your lunch, you can hop onto the Artist Boat kayaks for a nature-leaning tour of Galveston. This gives you a perfect opportunity to take in the beauty of the island’s wetlands.

To end your first day at Galveston you just need to head to the Grand 1894 Opera House for some much-needed relaxation and entertainment after a long day. For the longest time, the theater has established itself as the de-facto place for hosting different types of talents.


The Moody Gardens is the perfect place to start your day two of the tour. This might turn out to be an all-day affair because this not-for-profit theme park brims with exciting attractions. Some of the key talking points of Moody Gardens are its 1.5 million-gallon aquarium containing a diverse array of animals like sharks and penguins, a rainforest exhibit, and a zip line and ropes course to put your physical skills to the ultimate test.

If your itinerary demands that you only spend a half-day here, grab late lunch at Jimmy’s. This is a full-service restaurant complete with an extensive wrap-around porch to give you stunning views of the gulf waters and the island. Serving delicious treats, this is the best place to enjoy the sights, relax, and prepare for the next day.

After lunch, you can rent a beach cruiser to explore the afternoon and the boardwalk at your pace. You can take an occasional dip in the surf while you are at it. To round up your day, head off to the iconic Pleasure Pier. This entertainment joint stretches some 1130 feet into the Gulf of Mexico. It has all kinds of carnival attractions you would expect. Some of these include funnel cakes, margarita vendors, and roller coasters among other things. 


Your final day in Galveston is best spent with a relaxed tour into the history of Galveston and taking in the working harbors. Start by shopping along with the famous Downtown Strand District and while you are at it, remember to get a postcard to send back home.

For brunch, you can head to the Farley Girls Café for some great-tasting food. With a culinary motto of “a little bit of everything”, they cook some of the best meals to appease the appetite of your entire crew members with their electric menu.

After your brunch, you can visit Texas Seaport Museum nearby for clues about the important role that Galveston plays as a harbor. The towering Elissa is the highlight of this place. This massive three-masted barque bears the tag of the Tag Ship of Texas. The rest of the afternoon can be spent exploring the nearby Pier 21 harbor as well as the Strand Seaport. The latter is a historic harbor with a perfect blend of restaurants, entertainments, and a plethora of attractions.


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