Best 5 Spy Apps to View Someone’s Phone Activities

Best 5 Spy Apps to View Someone’s Phone Activities

In today’s digital age, getting an insight into another person’s private life has become very easy. Mobile phones have penetrated into our lives to such an extent that anything we do can be kept track of by simply hacking into our devices.

But, hacking is not an easy task. Using any random software that you have found on the internet won’t work. Neither are all applications available out there safe, nor do all of them work as expected. Plus, if you’re spying on someone’s cell phone, the last thing you’d want is getting caught in the act!

This is where a spyware comes into play. A spyware is software which is capable of getting you inside a target device, without raising any red flags, and fetching all information from it in real-time. Yes, such solutions exist and you’re going to find out about five such spyware in this post.

These hidden and proficient phone spy solutions are not only affordable, but they also get your work done remotely, without throwing you under the bus.

So be sure to read this article to find the best spy apps.

Part 1: Spyier

Most spyware solutions are built for the sole purpose of data theft. Many of them are simply disguised viruses, which when given access to, store the user’s data on their servers and then leak or steal it.

Spyier is different!

Spyier is the most hidden and efficient spyware of the lot. It has been around in the phone monitoring industry, for over a decade, and many giants like The Verge, Mac World and Tech Advisor have featured Spyier as the best phone spy solution for the year 2023.

Best 5 Spy Apps to View Someone’s Phone Activities

The spyware has been designed by a team of brilliant developers who’ve kept user privacy and easy usability in mind. Thus, Spyier is among those few solutions which do not want a jailbroken or a rooted device to work on.

Additionally, Spyier also does not require any data to be stored on its servers. In fact, the app isn’t allowed to access the user data section on a device and hence it cannot save any data. This safety feature prevents any sort of accidental data theft or loss.

Spyier works quite well with both Android and iOS devices. In the case of iOS, no installation is required on the target device or on your own device. The solution is completely web-based.

In case of Android, application installation on the target device is needed (nothing to be installed on your own device). Once installed, its icon can be easily hidden from the application drawer. It does not take up much space as well (a mere 2MB), and runs in the background without consuming much battery. Thus, it goes by undetected pretty easily.

Spyier provides you with an online dashboard where it transmits the data gathered from the target device. The dashboard can be accessed using any web-browser of your choice.

Best 5 Spy Apps to View Someone’s Phone Activities

The application also helps you track the target device at all times through live GPS location and even gives you access to a 3D street view.

Here’s how you can set up Spyier

Step 1: Get a free Spyier account and pick out a suitable subscription plan according to the number of devices you wish to monitor. You can use your email ID for registration.

Best 5 Spy Apps to View Someone’s Phone Activities

Step 2: Next, you will be asked to specify the target OS.

Best 5 Spy Apps to View Someone’s Phone Activities

Here if you pick iOS, all you need to do is to fill in the iCloud credentials used on the target device and wait for Spyier to start syncing the data from the target device into the online dashboard.

In the case of Android, the download link and installation instructions will be emailed to you on the ID used during registration.

Step 3: At last you will be presented with a prompt to finish the installation process. Here, once you hit “Start” the remote phone spying process will start.

Best 5 Spy Apps to View Someone’s Phone Activities

Now you can use the different options given in the left-hand sidebar of the dashboard to view the various activities happening on the target device. To understand better about the tool and what it has to offer, be sure to check out its free live demo.

Part 2: Minspy

Minspy has an impressive list of features to offer. It can hack any target device for you and have it at your disposal in a matter of minutes. The application works in the background without raising any red flags or giving itself away.

Best 5 Spy Apps to View Someone’s Phone Activities

Minspy, along with the texts and the call logs, is able to fetch all the media files present on the target device as well. It works on the same principles as those of Spyier, and thus doesn’t save any personal user data on its server.

Due to complete remote functionality, Minspy goes by unnoticed very easily.

Part 3: Spyine

Spyine is another leading phone spy solution which is capable of getting you into any device, be it Android or iOS, without any problems. It has millions of delighted consumers all around the world.

Best 5 Spy Apps to View Someone’s Phone Activities

Spyine can be installed on an Android device in a matter of minutes and it works in the background in complete stealth collecting the data required. The iOS version is completely web-based.

It is very affordable and comes equipped with a list of 30+ features. To get the spyware running you do not require any installation on your own device.

 Part 4: Spyic

Another leading spyware solution, Spyic gives you access to features like constant location tracking, a 3D street view, and a predicted address as to where the target might be. Considered to be the best phone spy solution for parents, Spyic comes in handy for personal as well as professional purposes.

Best 5 Spy Apps to View Someone’s Phone Activities

The application works in complete stealth mode without requiring any special permission. It notifies you about any incoming texts or calls and keeps a check on the deleted messages as well for full disclosure.

Spyic is quite capable of getting your job done without revealing your identity, and it’s very affordable.

Part 5: Cocospy

Packed with loads of features like full-fledged monitoring of the target’s data in real-time, Cocospy has been put on the map for giving its users complete peace of mind. The app doesn’t fall behind in being a very able spyware and has made its mark on the list of the best phone spy solutions for 2023.

Best 5 Spy Apps to View Someone’s Phone Activities

The application is capable of fetching you not only the text messages sent and received on the target device, but also its contact book. That means you get complete access to the people who your target person has been in touch with lately. You can learn more on Neatspy.


So there you have it guys, above mentioned are our top picks for 5 best spy apps. Each of them has a variety of features for you to play with and all are pretty affordable. All of the applications are hidden and do not give themselves away or push any alerts.