Best Torrent Downloader Software | Safer and Faster

Best Torrent Downloader Software | Safer and Faster

Finding the Torrent you like is not a big thing nowadays. This is also essential to have Torrent Downloader Software. It would help us extract and download the actual music, movie, or software. Thus, the Torrent downloader is necessary for download and then accesses the Torrents. In that case, you can find a bit massive list of Torrent downloaders. Today, In the article, we are going to give a detailed note to you for details.

Is Torrenting Safe?

Torrenting is ideal for occasions when you need to download a huge file. Torrent Downloader Software is used mainly for uploading and downloading purposes. Sometimes, your IP gets tracked when you try to download a file from Torrenting websites. While the internet service provider has banned and has put a restriction on some particular Torrent site, but this problem cannot affect you if you use a VPN.

The ISP can trace out IP and penalize for violation of laws. However, you could even be called a culprit for violating copyright rules. The government authorities will take it as cybercrime and take action against you. In that way, you will be in big trouble.

Why Is It Essential To Set Up VPN Protection?

Virtual Private Network is the full form of VPN, which is a commonly known name. With this, Users can solve the issues created by ISP or other malicious agents trying to hack the PC.

It might not be legal to download even though the Torrent files are free. A VPN cannot destroy the obstacles. But, can lift the restrictions and unblock the blocked sites in your region while keeping the users secured and covered.

Best Torrent Downloader Software | Safer and Faster

Today, we are mention here top Torrent Downloaders to Safe and Fast Torrenting.


uTorrent is the most prominent Torrent downloader in today’s world. It’s a top-rated Torrent downloader as people are using it since 2005. It is ad-supported, and many reviews argue that the most recent versions are a little too heavy. uTorrent is useful, practical, and doesn’t move against of system resources of the user.
Though, it is not the official BitTorrent app, BitTorrent has maintained it for the last decade. It also supports the scheduled download. Also, it is size compactable so that it will save hard disk space.


The qBitTorrent is a free open source Torrent downloader that provides almost all types. This has all the main features that a Torrent downloader should have for free. It is free from any promotional ads or advertisements. qBitTorrent boasts an integrated torrent search engine, media player, encryption of Torrents, and the files.

Also, it has its search bar, which lets the users find downloaded or downloading Torrent files. One exciting feature of qBitTorrent is that the UI lock. Also, the Settings window in qBitTorrent is the most sorted than in any Torrent client. However, one of it’s main disadvantages is that it consumes more RAM. Thus, it will slow down all the apps running background.


Deluge is an offbeat Torrent downloader, and it is a UI less downloader. It is a simple, lightweight Torrent downloader that does its job pretty well when downloading Torrent files. It also provides a way to adjust its upload speed and slot. Deluge also provides a cross-platform and also supports Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also has support for various third-party plugins for delivering a more personalized user experience.


ZBIGS is one of the best Torrent Downloader Software available. It is also a Torrent downloader with a fast Torrent downloading speed. This Torrent downloader has an option to seed Torrents Also. It helps the user to download those files in HTTP format. For the Filestream, ZBIGZ is one identical Torrent downloader.

It allows downloading Torrent even from the access resisted area by ISP. But, it will not download Torrent files whose file size is more significant than 1GB. It is also a bigger problem that, sometimes, it’s download speed will not go beyond 150 kbps.


The Vuze is a multiplatform software, which is excellent functionality and usage. It is the best alternative for uTorrent. It is one of the best among Torrent Downloader Software. Vuze has two variants: – Vuze Leap and Vuze Plus. Among these, Vuze Leap supports music playback, music download, and magnet file links.

While Vuze plus adds integrated virus protection and the ability to preview media files, also, Vuze provides bandwidth limiting, IP filtering, and all the other services. Moreover, the Torrent downloader also burns download files directly to DVDs, but that requires Vuze Plus. However, the support of plugins helps Vuze to access new features and capabilities.


Tixati is cross-platform Torrent Downloader Software. It focuses on BitTorrent clients on system resources. Tixati is available in portable versions that can be selected and operated with a USB drive. It has the facilities to streams audio and videos on it.

Additionally, it supports chat room features. This feature is mainly used for sharing the magnet link through chat. It also checks if the files are virus affected or not. But, it has some drawbacks that the design of this software is not user-friendly.


BitComet is the most liked Torrent downloader on the internet. The software is primarily designed as a Torrent downloader for Windows. Other than basic Torrent client features, there are a couple of things that make BitComet exclusive. Users can only share their Torrents but not the files.

The long seeding feature helps when all the seeders are not connected, and the Torrent gets stuck. It also boasts intelligent disk caching, where frequently accessed data is cached in the main memory. It also had a key feature as it has an inbuilt video player.


Miro is a typical Torrent downloader and client, which is available for free. This is a media player that runs on multiple platforms. It supports operating systems like Mac, Ubuntu, and Windows. The operating system enables file downloading powered by Miro. It also consists of web browsers. It shares the Torrent files through a network using the software. However, the interface of this app is not user friendly.


Bitlord is one of the best available among this list of Torrent downloaders. It has a small VLC player embedded on this downloader for viewing the video. It consists of a built-in search engine along with the comment section. Users can access the subtitles with the help of APIs of One of its demerits is that it contains ads.


Transmission is the best option for a Torrent downloader. It is an effective solution for a Torrent downloader. Transmission Torrent downloader is a lightweight software. Like the Vuze and BitTorrent, It also supports magnet URLs, which helps share the link. It only supports Mac and Linux platforms. It will not be stable on the Windows platform. Also, there is an issue that some of its Mac versions consist of ransomware.

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Final Words:

After going through various Torrent clients, we can conclude that every one of them targets a somewhat the subdivision of the Torrent community. The Torrent downloader has become an essential part of daily internet usage. Torrents downloaders shown in this article are some of them.

There was a lot of Torrent Downloader Software available on the internet nowadays. Among these, some prefer appearance, some of them for their features, and so on. This article shows the best 10 Torrent Downloader Software preferred by numerous Torrent clients on the internet. So, start downloading your favourite Torrents using the best one among these and enjoy it.