How To Analyse Software Ratings And Reviews

How To Analyse Software Ratings And Reviews

Online purchases have become very popular due to the high level of convenience they provide. Buyers research and validate the authenticity and efficiency of a product by reading reviews written by existing users. A review reflects a customer’s experience of using a product/service.

As reviews and ratings have become an invaluable source of information for buyers, those investing in an expensive software or related tools also read them before making the purchase. They provide valuable insight into the actual software performance and customer satisfaction.

For instance, when a company is looking to invest in a construction project management software to manage a construction project they may get to hear only good things from the vendors pitching them. It can get difficult for the company owner to decide which software is suitable for their needs.

Today, thanks to reliable online review platforms, construction company owners can see for themselves what other buyers of a construction project management software have to say about their experience of using the software. This helps them make an informed and financially sound decision.

Without further delay, let’s look at the important elements you should look for in a software review:

High Rating:

The initial indicator of user satisfaction is often the rating of a software presented in the form of stars, where higher numbers of stars indicate better ratings. This gives you a quick overview about the user experience.

When making a decision about a software when there are multiple options available, checking how many users have given a certain product a high number of stars helps in making the shortlist process easy.

Ease of use:

One of the most important requirements for a software is that it should be easy to use. If you have to spend hours understanding how to use a software it completely defeats the whole purpose of buying one.

Read through the reviews to identify if the software has a complex or user-friendly interface. Since most buyers try their hands on a software before writing a review, they are bound to include some information regarding the software’s user interface.


When you search for a software online, there is a high chance there are multiple options with various pricing models. Although something may look economical at first sight, it is important to check reviews to understand how cost-effective it is.

An affordable software may not have all the features you may be looking at and you may end up paying extra later to get other features included. Read through the reviews to see what features are worth including and whether the price justifies the included features.

Customer support service:

For users buying an expensive software, the quality of customer service plays a big role. Consider a Learning Management System(LMS), for instance. When a company invests in a LMS for training employees they need to know how efficient the customer support team is.

The quality of customer service provided by a software provider is something that is always mentioned in the user reviews. Users that have experienced satisfying customer support always make it a point to give them a shoutout.


Choosing a software when the market is brimming with options can be a daunting task. Start by figuring out your needs and then look into features, ratings and reviews to see which software aligns with your needs. We hope the above mentioned information will help you analyse reviews when you are buying a software. However, it is equally important to stick to genuine and dependable websites when you look for software related reviews. This ensures you don’t fall prey to fake or fraudulent reviews.