How Do I Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows?

How Do I Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows?

The most widely used sound driver for controlling Windows system sound settings is the Realtek HD Audio Driver. Along with the Realtek Audio engine, the Realtek High Definition Audio Manager is packed. This is essentially the most widely used sound driver equipped with fantastic features and supports a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) six-channel along with 16.20.24-bit Pulse Code Modulation in 5.1 channel audio. We’re going to talk about how to Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager on Windows in this post. We’re going to start!

This sound driver also makes it easy to play sound on the Windows desktop and provides the device with high-quality sound through an audio card. To enhance the sound experience, it is tagged with your audio unit. Recently, Windows users have also stated that the sound driver is difficult to access. Users have also lost or misplaced the Realtek HD Audio Manager icon from the taskbar, device tray, and notification area as well. The problem could have arisen either after the Windows update or due to a change in the audio card driver. 

Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager

This would be best if you uninstalled all the existing drivers before installing the new drivers. To avoid duplicate conflicts between different drivers, the duplicate audio drivers must also be uninstalled.

  1. To open Device Manager on Windows 10, press Windows + X and choose Device Manager.
  2. Expand the catalog of sound, video, and game controllers. Right-click High-Quality Audio from Realtek, and then click System Uninstall.
  3. Tap the Delete app driver option for this system and press the Uninstall button.
  4. You can then press the Action tab and select the Hardware Shift Scan tab. Windows scans and downloads the Realtek HD Audio driver automatically and then reinstalls the Realtek HD Audio Manager app. 

How Do I Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows?

Navigate to Realtek’s official website here,, to manually download the audio driver. Tap Applications (High-Resolution Audio, Codecs). The download page will list the audio drivers available for download now. Check for the one you want and download it after that.

Double-click on the setup files when the download process is complete, and then follow the instructions to complete the installation.

If you still find the part missing or find it difficult to open it, despite the reinstallation of Realtek HD Audio, follow these suggestions. 

Resolve Realtek HD Audio Manager issues

1: Switch off HD Audio’s Microsoft UAA Bus Driver and address driver conflicts

  • It would be best if you extended the System Devices in the Software Manager,
  • Scan and then find a High Definition Audio Microsoft UAA Bus Driver.
  • Right-click on it, and from the drop-down, press Disable.
  • Open Windows Configurations and go to Applications & Features.
  • Tap the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver and then press the Uninstall Driver option.
  • Then navigate to System Manager and right-click the Microsoft driver that you have disabled.
  • From the drop-down menu, tap on Uninstall.
  • Now, reinstall the Realtek HD Audio Driver when you do this. 

How Do I Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows?

2: Enable the Startup in Task Manager

Even You can turn on the Realtek HD Audio Manager from the Task Manager when you startup.

  • Head to Start, then open the Task Manager tab.
  • Navigate to the Startup tab, then.
  • Check for the Realtek HD Audio Manager and then find it.
  • If the status is switched off, right-click it and from the drop-down menu, tap Activate.
  • Restart your machine now. 

How Do I Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows?

3: Update the Sound Driver Software

By upgrading the sound driver, you can also download the Realtek HD Audio Manager’s newest version.

  • Open the Manager for Computers.
  • Expand your sound, video, and game controllers as well.
  • Right-click Realtek High Definition Audio, and from the drop-down menu, select the Update driver.
  • If you have the most current driver setup file on your computer, choose to Browse My Computer for Driver Applications.
  • Choose and decide Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer that is available.
  • Scan and select the new driver by date, then tap Update to Next. 

4: Add Legacy Hardware | Realtek HD Audio Manager

  • Move to the Manager for Computers.
  • Find and tap the controls for sound, video, and games.
  • On the Action tab, tap.
  • From the drop-down menu, scan and press Add legacy hardware.
  • Tap the Next button, and then automatically pick the Radio button to scan and mount the hardware (Recommended).

How Do I Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows?

  • Click Next and reinstall the driver manually. 

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Final Words:

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