How To Activate HBO GO On Apple TV [Complete Guide]

How To Activate HBO GO On Apple TV [Complete Guide]

HBO GO has some of the finest shows on TV right now. HBO GO, a service that allows you to access your subscription from various devices, was established by the corporation. This implies that your audience isn’t confined to cable subscribers. All shows are now available to stream on your Smart TV, iPhone, Android device, iPads, and other devices. Well, There are a few steps to follow to activate HBO GO on Apple TV. But first, you’ll need an HBO subscription. You may skip the activation procedure if you’ve already signed up.

How To Create An HBO GO Account

1 – You can subscribe to a pay-TV in your region and include HBO/Cinemax pack in your package. Once you’ve done this, you can set up your HBO now account without any extra costs. 

2 – You can log on to to create a subscription. This is the only way to activate HBO on Apple TV without cable 

3 – Open your browser and go to 

4 – You can then enter the username and password provided on your subscription 

5 – Fill in the details on the prompt that pops up. 

6 – Now click on sign up

This will create your HBO GO account and ensure that you can activate HBO GO on your smart TV.

Activate HBO GO On Apple TV

To activate your HBO subscription on Apple TV, follow these steps:

1 – Download the HBO GO app on your TV. Current versions of Apple TV have the HBO app pre-installed. 

2 – Open the app 

3 – Click on ‘connect your provider account.’ 

4 – Steps will be provided on how to continue on screen. 

5 – You need a computer or an internet-enabled device. Go to via the device’s browser. Alternatively, a QR barcode will appear on your TV screen, which you may now scan with your phone. When using the QR code approach, you must first log in to your HBO GO app on your phone before scanning the code. Once you scan the code, your Apple TV will be enabled instantly. Continue using the URL technique if the barcode method fails to connect to HBO GO on Apple TV.

6 – When using the URL activation method, enter the code displayed on your TV screen on the phone or computer to continue. This will activate the TV account. 

7 – Select a TV provider or details of your subscription provider account. 

8 – Log in and enjoy it.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to activate HBO on your Apple TV device, and you are now ready to enjoy some of HBO’s finest shows. If you continue to have problems, please let us know in the comments area below.

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