How To Cancel fuboTV Subscription Easily

How To Cancel fuboTV Subscription Easily

Whether you’ve used up your free trial or want to test another TV streaming service, you may cancel your fuboTV subscription. Unlike other online TV services, fuboTV offers one of the most straightforward ways to unsubscribe. You will, however, lose access to fuboTV’s broad content regardless of your reasons for opting out. So is it possible to cancel fuboTV at any time? Unfortunately, yes. If you’re on a free trial, you’ll be locked out right away, even if you still have days left. However, you will not lose your account until the end of your paying cycle if you have a paid subscription.

Best Ways To Cancel A fuboTV Subscription

Unlike other online TV services, fuboTV provides users with various options for unsubscribing from the platform. For example, you can unsubscribe using the following method:

Through A Browser

Whether you’re watching fuboTV on a PC, Smart TV, or mobile device, the most convenient method to exit the platform is to use your browser. Well, to cancel fuboTV from a browser:

1 – Open your browser and go to

2 – Sign in using your account’s details 

3 – Scroll down to Profile 

4 – Click My Account 

5 – Go to the Subscription & Billing 

6 – Select Cancel Subscription

To end the process, follow the on-screen directions. It is not necessary to explain why you are quitting the platform. You’ll get an email confirmation of your cancellation after you have completed the process.


You don’t need to use a browser to unsubscribe from fuboTV if it’s on your Roku subscriptions list. To cancel fuboTV on Roku, follow these steps:

1 – Locate the fuboTV app 

2 – Press the Start button 

3 – Click Manage Subscriptions on Subscription Channel 

4 – Click Cancel Subscription 

5 – Select Done

If fuboTV isn’t among your subscriptions, sign in to Roku using your browser. If not, go through the process again. Then, contact Roku’s customer care for further information if it still doesn’t work. In addition, if you have any additional problems, the agent will assist you.

Apple TV

To unsubscribe from fuboTV on Apple TV, follow these steps:

1 – Switch on your Apple TV (if it is off). 

2 – Press the Home button 

3 – Using your remote control, scroll down to Settings 

4 – Select Subscriptions 

5 – Go to fuboTV 

6 – Click Cancel Subscription

You’ll get a confirmation message that you’ve successfully canceled fuboTV. Unlike other options, you do not need to check your email to verify if the process was successful.


If you’ve an iPad or iPhone, you may unsubscribe from fuboTV. To cancel fuboTV on iOS, follow these steps:

1 – Go to Settings on your device 

2 – Go to your Apple ID account 

3 – Look for fuboTV on your subscription list 

4 – Click Cancel Subscription 

5 – Tap Confirm

FuboTV will be removed from your subscription list due to this process. The app will not log you out until your paid subscription expires if you have one active. The process would immediately lock you out if you were on trial.

Canceling fuboTV: Refunds And Costs

Because fuboTV is only an online TV subscription, there is no need to return any items when canceling an active subscription. In addition, fuboTV does not charge you to cancel your subscription due to the lack of supporting accessories.

After Canceling fuboTV, Will I Get A Refund?

No. While canceling your subscription is free, fuboTV does not refund your subscription price. You can, however, continue to use the streaming platform’s content until your subscription expires.

However, canceling a subscription is not the greatest solution if you want your account back. If you want to preserve your fuboTV account, you can “pause the account.” You keep it instead of deleting it, but billing will be ceased.

You can contact customer support if you’ve chosen to unsubscribe since you’re “not getting what you paid for.” You may fill out a form on their website or phone their customer service line at 844-441-3826.

Wrapping Up:

Unlike other streaming TV networks, fuboTV makes it simple to cancel an active subscription. While unsubscribing from free trials may result in you being locked out, there are no further fees or penalties.