How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting for Your Blog or Website?

How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting for Your Blog or Website?

If you have decided to start a blog or want to design and launch your new website, then you would be recommended to go for shared web hosting. Shared Web Hosting has its own advantages to reduce the overall cost of launching a new website. In this article, you will get to know about choosing a reliable shared web hosting for your blog or website. The importance of shared web hosting is also listed down.

How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting for Your Blog or Website?

What is Shared Web Hosting? 

Shared Web Hosting is a type of hosting plan offered by web hosting providers to their clients. Unlike the dedicated hosting plans, shared web hosting’s pricing is affordable for everyone. It lets users utilize multiple websites on a single server.

If you have multiple websites with limited traffic, then you should go with the shared web hosting as it reduces the overall cost.

How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting for Your Blog or Website?

How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting? 

Most newbies don’t aware of the different types of hosting plans offered by their providers. They end up paying extra for the plan that doesn’t require. If you are launching a new website, then you should not go for the dedicated server as it will cost you really high. Instead, you can pick up a suitable shared web hosting plan that can be shared with multiple users or you can host multiple websites there. Let’s get on to the list of its advantages.

Plenty of Web Hosting Options 

When you search for the hosting plan, you would be provided with three different types of web hosting plans I.e. shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, and VPS hosting. For professionals, dedicated web hosting and VPS hosting plans are suitable. However, for new users, shared web hosting is highly recommended.

Almost all web hosting providers give you a number of plans to choose a suitable shared web hosting plan. Yes, as per your needs, you can select the suitable plan from the given list so that you don’t have to pay extra money. You can explore the different plans offered by the company and can pick the suitable one as per your needs.

How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting for Your Blog or Website?

Host Multiple Domains

The best thing about shared web hosting is it lets you host multiple domains on the same server. Yes, you can install WordPress and can launch multiple websites using the same server. However, it depends upon the plan you choose while launching the website. You need to be a little careful while choosing the shared web hosting plan. Check how many domains you can host on a particular plan.

Moreover, the shared web hosting’s dashboard lets you manage all the domains from one single place. You don’t need to worry about the maintenance of your websites as you can manage all the data and everything from one single place. You would be provided with full access to manage multiple domains hosted on the server through the cPanel.

Enough Disk Space 

The shared web hosting plan gives you enough disk space to store your website’s data. You are allowed to select the storage space while choosing the plan. The storage data lets you store your website’s photos, media files, documents, blogs, and other databases. You can share this storage space with multiple users through shared web hosting.

How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting for Your Blog or Website?


Bandwidth is an important aspect to consider when it comes to choosing a new web hosting plan for your website. Bandwidth maintains the flow of web traffic on your website. If the traffic on your website is high, then you should go for a plan that offers good bandwidth. For newer blogs, normal bandwidth will go the job so you should not panic about that since you are launching a new website.


Since the competition in the market is very high, almost all web hosting providers offer dedicated SSL to their clients. SSL is a security layer used for websites to add an extra layer of security. Every website must have this certificate installed to safeguard their website’s login credentials and other data. An SSL Certificate also provides great security against hackers and online threats.

How to Choose a Shared Web Hosting for Your Blog or Website?

Instant Support with Easy Maintenance

Shared Web Hosting companies have a special department to provide technical support to all the customers. With a team of highly qualified technicians, they provide instant solutions to your queries and questions. You can resolve queries in real-time while setting up a new website. You can also reach out to them by creating a query ticket.

Unlike the dedicated servers, shared hosting lets you easily maintain things. If you do not have any type of technical knowledge, then you can still launch your new website by seeking help from the customer care department. Make sure to check how the company handles its customers, you can check out the feedbacks section given on their website to know more about their services.

No matter whether you are starting a new blog on a company’s website, it is important for you to keep your website’s data safe from hackers. Make sure that the web hosting company is offering a free SSL certificate for your domain.

What should I Consider? 

While choosing a shared web hosting plan, you need to check a few parameters first. The first thing you need to check is the server speed. After that, you need to check the uptime, traffic, resources, customization options, customer support, extra tools, and many more things.

All these characteristics must be checked before buying a new shared web hosting plan from the web hosting provider. You should also compare their plans with other hosting providers to get the best of the deal.

Before choosing a shared web hosting plan, you need to study well about the different web hosting plans, their services, etc. You should also check the promotional offers on their plans that will give you some additional discounts.


Shared Web Hosting is the most popular option for bloggers. Since WordPress is the best platform for websites, web hosting companies have designed their hosting plans compatible with the WordPress platform. Users can quickly launch a new website with just a few clicks with the built-in WordPress installers.

If you were confused about how to choose a shared web hosting plan, then follow the above-given list of tips and decide which plan is best suited to your needs or you can choose HostArmada which is the most reliable one. After that, you can compare the plans with other hosting providers and finalize the plan by paying the asked fees. You can reach us anytime for additional information about the shared web hosting!