How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

YouTube videos are a time killer. Short films, DIY videos, documentary, motivational talks, educational and entertaining videos are just apt for people traveling by train, plane, or bus, wherever internet access is untrustworthy. If you depend on WI-Fi at home, it is better to download YouTube videos and watch them freely. Even though with your limited mobile data plan, it is believable to download low-quality videos as well. However, with WI-Fi, you will not take the risk of the limited data on your phone.

It observed that YouTube Videos could installed on the Desktop and mobile interface with ease. However, YouTube users are confused and mostly not aware of how to download YouTube videos and clips for free. To make your travel plans easy and make you a little more technologically sound, we are here to offer you some easily superlative trick to download videos.

According to YouTube’s policies, you are utilizing third-party tools to download YouTube videos as opposed to their terms and conditions. One should only transmit or receive content from their servers. In case you decide to take a video through unfair methods, there is a possible prospect of claiming copyright violation on you by the copyright holder. Also, it depends if the content published in the public domain or you are the rightful owners of the video.

Do not get disheartened too soon. There are some legit procedures to take down videos through the website and mobile portals. So, the following are the methods and techniques to download a video from YouTube.

How to Download Online Videos to a PC?

1. Install 4K Video Downloader:

How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

You can begin by installing the 4K Video Downloader if planning on downloading videos on Windows Personal Computer. The mentioned software is free and additionally helps in inc establishing degree and three-dimensional videos. Once you have completed downloading the software, you simply need to click on “Launch” and then “Finish.”

Download 4K Video Downloader

How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

2. Copy and Paste the video URL:

All you require to do is copy the YouTube video URL and paste it in the 4K Video Downloader. To proceed, tap on the Paste Link button.

How To Download YouTube Videos For Free
After that, this software will take information about the video and provide a choice of quality. The quality of the original video will decide the quality of the downloaded content in 4K if it is accessible.

3. Select the Quality and Format:

The advantage of using the 4K downloader is the option of installing video or extracting the audio from the content. To get quality options, you require to select from the drop-down menu and then select the format style. If possible, we will recommend you MP4 for your videos to enjoy the right mix of file size and the best quality of the video. Also, this format guarantees you the video will play on all devices.

How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

You may need to be more careful with the quality of the best video. No doubt, high-resolution videos are suggested for TV or PC screen view. However, the approx time of installation may rise. The software will allow you the file size as well.

The last step is to peruse the folder where you wish to place the new videos.
One smart technique which repeated users of 4K downloader could follow is to choose the Smart Mode. Which autosaves your downloading preferences and loads your data without any selection. The last setting will use whenever you check to download a new video list.

4. Download the Video:

YouTube videos will now appear in your selected folder. You may get astonished by the scalability and robustness of the 4K downloader as it is capable of downloading up to 20 to 24 videos immediately.

How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

Although the video will be obtainable in the destination folder, you can still search the video on the 4K software inventory. Videos will stay in the listing except if you delete it.

How to Download Videos with YouTube Premium?

With the YouTube Premium subscription, you can simply enjoy offline videos without the assist of a third-party tool. And these premium version services are accessible for YouTube, YouTube gaming applications, and YouTube Music also.

The disadvantage of using the premium version is that the content is obtainable only in the application; you cannot move the video to another device or watch any other place.

To begin watching downloaded videos, you will have to start the video and tap on the Download button beneath the player, after which you will have to select the quality setting. The installed video will be handy in your library. Make sure you are signed in to watch the internet free videos.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android SmartPhones:

Tubemate is leading software for downloading videos on Android smartphones. The application is the best blend of functionalities you require without any other unnecessary characteristics.
Word of caution, the application is not accessible on Play Store and requires downloading from another place. However, you will turn on the settings to permit downloading applications from another location, but keep an eye out of risky applications.

1. Install the TubeMate Application:

You will require to open the Settings in the app and go into the Security option. Press toggle to turn the setting on. Then, check the Tubemate YouTube downloader website and select from a substantiate site to download.

Get it from here:

You may face a warning sign about installing APK files, so tap OK to permit it.

2. Choose the Video You Want to Download:

Once the application is in place, you will require to grant permission for the smooth functioning of the use. Allow authorization and proceed.

The application is similar to the official YouTube Android Application with a black backdrop. But here you do not require to paste a URL, instead search for content and start playing it. Then proceed and click the red Download button.

3. Install the Video:

Now, select the format you want to download. Then you will find video and audio formats and access quality and resolution options as well. If you have a costly device, then you should download the best official video, even now keep in mind the size of the content as it will consume sufficient space.
Now you can take the video by tapping the download button. The video will play install in the backdrop, and you can keep using your device generally. You can also use the queue system to download videos later.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone?

With Apple iPhone, you will face a little change in the procedure for downloading videos, different from Android OS. The video conditional on which version of Apple OS you are recently on. For iOS users on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you will need the first technique, and for OS X or macOS on a Mac, then you will use the second procedure.

For iOS users, install the application called Documents. It is a file manager, and it assists in establishing video content also. The method is as follows:

  • Look for the video you want to download on the browser
  • You will require to click on the ‘Share’ icon and press ‘Copy Link.’
  • In the above steps, follow these steps and open Documents app, finds the web browser icon, that looks similar to little compass now click on that and Paste the YouTube video link on the address box and choose your preferable quality options and start downloading the file.

Download Document App

One of the positive features of the Documents application is that you can use the video into Camera roll without the app.

How to save YouTube videos on Mac?

Airy Youtube Downloader
With Airy youtube downloader you are getting an awesome YouTube downloader that can download YouTube playlists and YouTube channels. Convert YouTube videos to MP3. Additionally to MP3 Airy supports other audio file types.   
  1. Download Airy from its official website to your Mac. Install it as any other app.
  2. Launch it.
  3. Copy the video URL from YouTube and paste it to the search area. Click Enter.
  4. Select the format and resolution for the video you’d like to download. To rip audio out of the video, find MP3 in the list of available formats.
  5. Click Download. The downloaded video will be saved to Downloads/Airy folder. To change this path go to Airy Preferences.

Final Words:

Video download has a lot to do with the quality and format. Much online media content is accessible in MP4, AVI, MOV, and 3GP. Though, if you are not too fussy about the quality of the video, go for 3GP. And unless you fixated on a big screen, you do not require 1080p. 360 p, 480 p, and & 720p is sufficient for your use. And if the purpose confined to audio-only, then the quality of the video will not play any remarkable part.

I hope the guidance on How to Download YouTube videos assists you in killing your extra time in commute without cribbing for poor internet connection.