Destiny 2: The Quickest Way to Get Your Hands on High-Stat Armor

Destiny 2: The Quickest Way to Get Your Hands on High-Stat Armor

Destiny 2 has been making waves in the video game world for some time. In a crowded marketplace, this is a standout for its superior graphics, brain-bending battle sequences, and intricate plot that only becomes more complex as you learn more about what’s happening.

In Destiny 2, armor is a vital element. Getting high-stat armor is one of the best ways to avoid more powerful enemies wiping the floor with you while you try to figure out ways to repel their attacks. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can get high-stat armor, as well as what to do with it when it’s in your possession.

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Now, let’s dive in and learn about this extremely fun game, how to get the armor to stay alive in it, and how to best utilize the armor packages once you have them safely in hand.

What is Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play game, and it’s online only. It is a first-person shooter style of game, one of the more popular game formats. Bungie is the developer. In D2, you’re a Guardian, and your primary purpose is to collect more armor and weapons to become more powerful as you fight alongside other Guardians in loosely-knit alliances.

Guardians survive not just because of weapons and armor, though. You must also learn to fight with others in your party in ways that complement each other. For instance, one of you will defend against enemies that are attacking while another creates a shield made up of Void energy, which you’ll learn more about as the game progresses.

What Kind of Games is Destiny 2 Like?

Destiny 2 and Warframe are rather similar to each other. These games also share a kinship with Battlefield and Call of Duty, though. Any of these games take the basic premise of the first-person shooter and try to elevate it with improved storylines, side quests, and various unique features.

Why Do You Need Armor in D2?

Earlier, we mentioned how much armor and weapons matter in D2. Think of it this way. With your armor, you will receive a random amount of points with each stat. The community you’re playing with and against calls this your armor’s stat distribution.

Every piece of armor you collect changes your vital stats. These include things like Mobility, Resilience, recovery capabilities, etc. The best kinds of armor boost your stats and make you more resilient when other players attack you. In other words, armor like boots and chest plates that are given the description “high stat” are the most valuable to you. They can protect you long enough for you to prepare and launch a counteroffensive.

How Do You Get High-Stat Armor in Destiny 2?

In this game, you are always on a quest for better armor and weapons. That means high-stat armor is inherently valuable, and you must always look for it. The highest number you can get with a piece of armor in the game is 100. Mods can increase your armor’s stat number if they desire. You can also masterwork a piece of armor to give it slightly higher stats.

If you need high-stat armor in the game and you’re determined to get it, you have a few options available. For instance, you can do the ever-popular Dungeon Farming. This is a method where you reach a final boss, then have another player join you using an alternate character. You start the boss encounter, then wipe.

Next, you’ll have the alternate character leave and rejoin on their main. At that point, you can play the boss encounter as you usually would. The other player can then hop on their alt and boot the dungeon back up. The first player will join in, and the second player can swap with them. You must beat the encounter with the boss and then repeat as many times as you want.

In essence, you’re using an alternate character to boot up the dungeon, then you’re switching to your main again. If you use this method, Duality is the dungeon that’s most effective. Doing this all but guarantees you can stockpile high-stat armor. Getting it this way is time-consuming, though.

Getting High-Stat Armor Drops from Umbral Engrams

This method uses H.E.L.M vendors. You use Umbral Engrams and get high-stat, seasonal armor. Umbral Engrams is a legendary Engram. The armor pieces that drop if you use this method have at least 60 points, making them high-value.

Seraph and Season of the Haunted are your two best seasonal options if you go this route. Each season, you can expect the same focusing outcomes. Umbral Energy is the main determining factor when you’re trying to decide which season to farm. Seraph and Haunted are generous seasons when it comes to armor.

With Haunted, one Nightmare Containment can focus some high-stat armor for you. With Seraph, you should grab all of the Exo Frame upgrades, thereby maximizing your efficiency.

Pit of Heresy Farming

Farming high-stat armor through the Pit of Heresy is also a viable option. You do this through the Pinnacle Weekly version of the game. Each week, you can expect one of the older dungeons to drop Pinnacle gear. You must successfully get past the first encounter, though.

You can farm the same encounter many times, provided you have the patience for it. You get the rewards from each clear. Zulmac, the final boss you’ll face during the Pit of Heresy, is relatively easy to beat. That makes him a suitable choice for this harvesting technique.

The armor you get from this drop comes pre-focused, which is a huge plus. When you slay Zulmac, you’re guaranteed a high-stat armor drop, and two of the armor’s stats will come with at least 16 points, if not more. This is probably the best way to stack up some high-stat armor in the game if you don’t own any seasonal content.

Master Raids

Some advanced game players will be willing to collect high-stat armor through master raids. This is somewhat challenging, though, since master raids are difficult. If you want the most powerful armor around, you might at least think about using this method.

There are two variants you’ll want to focus on, Vault of Glass and Vow of the Disciple. They will each choose an armor stat for that raid. The pieces of armor that drop will always have a stat bias in the given stat. The biased category should yield at least a +16. This means you’ll have a focused Umbral Engram after every encounter.

One Additional Option

The ways we mentioned are probably the fastest if you want high-stat armor, but there is one other option that is at least worth mentioning. You might master Lost Sectors. Keep in mind, though, that you can only get Exotic armor this way and not the Legendary armor you might crave.

You can also use Nightfalls if you do this. Mastering Lost Sectors has an advantage over Nightfalls, though. You can target-farm any needed Exotics, and you’re bound to get them all if you remain persistent. You want to focus on Lost Sectors that have difficulty variants. Note that these rotate daily. 

What Else Should You Know About High-Stat Armor Collecting?

The one other thing you should keep in mind about high-stat armor collecting is that there are some stats that are inherently more valuable than others. For instance, it will always be to your advantage to get High Resilience for PvE. You will also want armor with excellent Discipline and Recovery for PvP.

You want Mobility because, as a Hunter, it reduces your Dodge cooldown. It also gives you a boost of strafe speed. Resilience is more critical for Titans. It reduces your needed Barricade cooldown. Intellect is seen as unnecessary by most players, and so is Strength. You would do better to focus on Discipline, as everyone needs it for grenade cooldowns.

Recovery also matters since it’s almost universally sought. After a major gunfight, you can use it to speed through your recovery and get back to the action.

A Brief Recap

While there are several options available to you if you need high-stat armor, some seem to be more popular than others. Using Pit of Heresy and Dungeon modes for farming seem like the most obvious methods, while Umbral Engram drops are preferred by longtime game users who find these first two methods tedious.

As for Master Raids, because of how difficult they are, some players choose to ignore this method. If you’re a seasoned player, this way of collecting armor emerges as a more serious choice.

Destiny 2 is a fun and challenging game, and the better your armor, the longer you can last against heavily-armed foes. Remember that if you’re ever farming and finding the game repetitive.