How to Fix An iPhone That Keeps Restarting

How to Fix An iPhone That Keeps Restarting

Different individuals use their iPhones for different reasons. But regardless of the reasons, everyone wants and expects their device to be in good working condition. It is expected that there are no problems from the device, particularly if steps are taken to make sure it’s protected. Still, though, problems happen. There are several issues peculiar to the iPhone that can make its usage a frustrating experience for its owner or user. An example is a situation where the iPhone keeps restarting. This particular problem can bring about justified annoyance or even panic. It can signify that there is a broader issue wrong with the device.

If you are currently experiencing this issue with your iPhone, there is no need to panic. While it is a disturbing situation, it is relatively not a big deal. This article will give some practical and workable solutions as to how you can solve the problem of a restarting iPhone.

When iPhone Keeps Restarting

A restarting iPhone signifies a broader problem with the device. Typically, an iPhone would not just begin to constantly restart itself unless there is an underlying issue. The good thing is most of these underlying issues can be dealt with. Some of the common reasons for which an iPhone keeps restarting include a malware attack, hardware problems, bugs, a bad update, etc.

Different malware attacks operate in different ways. While some may typically shut down the device, some force devices to do weird things – like constantly restarting.

Hardware problems can also be an issue. A sensitive power button can reboot the device at the slightest of touches. Similar to malware attacks, bugs can find their way into the device due to slack in the device’s OS. This is typical for iPhones that run on old updates.

And then similar to running on an old update, a bad update can also pose a problem. An example of a bad update is where an iOS update is incomplete due to some issues – and example is connectivity issues. Since the update is incomplete, the device will miss some pieces essential to its operation. This can give the device problems that manifests itself in the form of a constant restart.

These are examples of situations that can cause your iPhone to keep restarting. The idea is that there is some underlying problem. By and large, though, those issues listed above are some of the popular causes of a restarting iPhone.

How to Fix a Restarting iPhone

Now that it is clear what can cause a restarting iPhone, here are some solutions to fixing the problem:

Wondershare Dr.Fone – System Repair

Our first recommendation will be Wondershare Dr.Fone – System Repair. It is an application that runs on both Windows and Mac laptops and it is compatible with all iPhone devices. It can be used to deal with a dynamic range of software-related iPhone problems. Therefore, if your iPhone keeps restarting and it has nothing to do with hardware problems, the Wondershare Dr.Fone application can be your best bet.

To use it, follow these simple steps.

Download Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS)  and install it on your laptop. After a successful installation, connect your iPhone to the laptop with a USB cord, launch the app, and choose “system repair” in the list of options.

How to Fix An iPhone That Keeps Restarting

Then choose the “standard mode” option.

How to Fix An iPhone That Keeps Restarting

The application will immediately run a scan and pick up the necessary information on your device. Alternatively, if the app does not pick up your device, boot it in DFU mode.

After booting your device in DFU mode, then the application should identify your device. Check the information the application displays and ensure it is the correct information of your device. Things like the device’s Model and its System Version.

How to Fix An iPhone That Keeps Restarting

If you are certain it’s your phone’s information, then begin the process of downloading the firmware. The download is expected to take a short time so far your internet connection and speed is above average.

After the relevant firmware has been downloaded, your device will be scanned and any problems encountered will be fixed. This should solve the restarting issue. However, if you are unsatisfied, you can try the process again.

Check Third Party Apps

Apple warns about third-party apps because of the possible baggage they can bring. Third-party apps can be insecure, for instance. This security problem can be a good pathway for a malware attack or a bigger software problem – like a virus. Therefore, it is possible that if your iPhone keeps restarting, a third-party application has compromised your device. You might need to remove most third-party applications or even restore your iPhone.

Update Your Device (Again)

This relates to two possible scenarios. First, your iPhone might be constantly restarting due to a bug that is found on an old update. Therefore, the OS of your phone is getting too old and less secure. On the other hand, as well, your iPhone might be constantly restarting because the new update you just made was either incomplete or it failed. When an update is incomplete or failed, it can put your iPhone in a state of confusion, literally. The constant rebooting can be your phone throwing a techy tantrum.

This is why it is important to update your device. And if the issue began when after you recently updated it, then you should update it again. This will help clear the possible bugs if your problem was an old update. It will also help solve your phone’s tantrum if the problem was an incomplete or failed update.

Backup Data

While all the solutions proffered do not have a major risk of causing data loss, it is still important that you backup your data before beginning to try them out. Just to be on the safe side.


An iPhone that keeps restarting can, of course, be annoying. However, it can be addressed with small fixes. Try these. If the problem persists, you might need to see an Apple technician.