How To Fix Roku Remote Not Working Easily

How To Fix Roku Remote Not Working Easily

Roku Remote Not Working: A remote that is not working is one of the most aggravating situations. The Roku streaming stick remote is no different. When you switch on your TV, you could discover that Roku is not working. A mix of circumstances may cause such mistakes. For example, when a remote has been tampered with somehow, it will cease working. This applies true for a universal remote as well. You must first identify the issue and then choose a suitable solution to correct this.

Fixing A Roku Remote That Is Not Working

Here are several options for repairing your Roku remote.

1. Check Remote For Any Physical Damage

It’s critical to know whether the remote has been misused and damaged. The most prevalent cause of remote problems is this. Every device has crucial components that, if damaged, render the device worthless. You should consider replacing the remote if it is broken. If there is no visible damage, go to the next step.

2. Restart Roku Device And Remote

Remove the batteries from your remote’s battery compartment to restart it. Connect your Roku device to the power for 5 minutes before reconnecting it. Replace the batteries in your remote once your Roku device has reconnected and is on the home screen. Wait a few moments to see if Roku re-establishes a connection with your remote. If the Roku remote does not pair, check to the next step.

3. Check Batteries

The power source is an essential component of any electronic device. The batteries power the remote, and if they fail, so does the remote. The battery life varies depending on the kind of battery. To increase the number of remote users, invest in good brands with long battery life. When your battery power runs low, Roku sends you a message. To get the best results, replace the batteries regularly.

4. Check For Blocked Signal

Most of the commands you’ll need to operate the Roku device are usually found on the remote. Therefore, a direct connection to the Roku device is required for this remote. This means any object should not block the signal. Before attempting, make sure the remote is in direct line with your Roku device.

5. Use Or Check HDMI Cable

This only applies to the remote for the Roku streaming stick. Connect your TV to the Roku device through an HDMI wire. This will have a considerable impact on your remote’s performance. Unplug and re-plug the HDMI cable if the Roku remote is still not working on the TV. A Roku remote should be able to pair with this.

6. Replace Remote

No one wants to do this; thus, it’s the final alternative. It’s utilized to solve problems that your existing remote can’t fix. You may not be able to connect your remote to your Roku device if the pairing button on your remote is damaged, for example. This means you’ll need to get a new remote. If you can’t replace the remote right away, you can use your smartphone to download the Roku app. The software offers a remote control function that will assist you in controlling Roku.