How To Fix Sky Remote Not Working Easily

How To Fix Sky Remote Not Working Easily

Well, In terms of build quality and overall functionality, the Sky TV remote is one of the best. It, like other remotes, can, however, malfunction. Nothing is more aggravating than a broken TV remote. If your Sky TV remote is not working, you have two options: submit it to an authorized Sky TV repair shop or purchase a new one.

Both options are costly, and as a Sky TV customer, you should look into other options first. This is a step-by-step instruction on how to fix your Sky TV remote. However, ensure your TV is connected to the right HDMI/Video channel or AV input before proceeding with these instructions.

1. Check Batteries

Well, Your remote may stop working if the batteries are depleted. Fortunately, verifying the state of these batteries isn’t difficult. Simply:

1 – Put your batteries in another remote, and if they power it, you need further diagnosis. 

2 – Well, If not, you need to replace the batteries. Ensure to get your new batteries from verified dealers.

In some circumstances, it might be difficult to tell the difference between drained batteries and a broken remote. For example, if the Sky remote is not working, but the red light is, it’s a sign that the batteries are running low.

2. Clean Remote

The next step is to clean your remote after cleaning that the batteries are in good working order. Dirt might cause problems with the buttons on your Sky remote. However, the cleaning process below does not apply to the Sky Q remote.

1 – Remove the batteries from your Sky remote 

2 – Next, Using a cotton swab (already soaked in water), clean the buttons carefully. 

3 – Now, Repeat the process to all the places that may have dirt. 

4 – Well, If the volume on Sky remote is not working, open the remote and use a dry cotton swab to clean the circuit board.

To minimize further damage to the Sky remote, use a slightly moist cotton swab to clean it.

3. Reset Sky Box And Remote

It isn’t easy to reset the Sky Box and remote, but it works. Before resetting the box and the remote, try connecting the Sky remote to the Sky Box. Try the steps below if you’re having trouble syncing the two devices.

1 – Continuously push the on/off button on your Sky Box for around five seconds.

2 – The red light will turn green after five seconds.

3 – The box will then turn off and reboot. 

4 – Now, Wait another 60 seconds for the Sky Box to take you back to the channel you were viewing before the reboot process.

The remote may not work after resetting the Sky Box. You should contact the Sky customer service staff for more assistance in this situation.

Conclusion: Sky Remote Not Working

The three options have worked for most individuals who have encountered this problem, and you do not need to buy a new remote. If you still can’t find your favorite channel, remove all electronics near the Sky Box that might interfere with the remote’s signal reception. Most Sky remotes, including the Sky Q remote, are repairable, contrary to common assumptions. Did you work these methods to be effective? Do you have a different idea? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.