How To Fix Terraria Join Via Steam Not Working? 4 Ways

How To Fix Terraria Join Via Steam Not Working? 4 Ways

When attempting to join your friend’s world, have you ever had a Terraria Join Via Steam Not Working issue? ForTech provides four solutions to fix this issue in this post. One by one, you may test each one.

Terraria Join Via Steam Not Working

A 2D sandbox simulation game is called Terraria. Playing a randomly generated 2D world with exploration, creation, construction, and combat with various monsters are the game’s features. When the game was first published, it garnered mostly favorable reviews, and people enjoyed the sandbox features. The total sales volume surpassed 35 million units by the end of 2020. You may play multiplayer in Terraria. To play, users can either build or join a world. On the other hand, some users claim to have had a Terraria Join Via Steam Not Working issue when joining a world. These are the signs and symptoms.

  • Nothing happens when you select the Join via Steam option.
  • “Connecting to” is where it becomes stuck.
  • It says “lost connection” after stating “joining.”

How can I solve the Terraria Join Via Steam Not Working issue? You may find the following techniques useful.

How To Fix Terraria Join Via Steam Not Working? 4 Ways

Ask Friend To Send You An Invite

The host users are asked to select a Steam multiplayer option (Friends Only or Invite Only) when they build the world. Their friends may join the world straight through Multiplayer > Join via Steam if they select Friend Only. On the other hand, if they select Invite Only, they will need to send an invite to their friends for them to join the world. To solve the issue, ask your friend to send you an invite.

Making Correct Character

You must have a Classic Character to join someone else’s Classic Mode game. It would be best to have a Journey Character to play a game in Journey Mode. An inappropriate game character greatly increases the likelihood of a Terraria lost connection issue.

Update Terraria

Users of Terraria have the option to play any of the earlier iterations. However, playing out-of-date games may be why Terraria Join Via Steam is not working. Update the game to the most recent version, please. Furthermore, included Steam Multiplayer for Terraria, so if you still need to upgrade, this approach won’t work.

You should troubleshoot network difficulties using the following techniques if the preceding approaches don’t work for you.

  • Verify that your network connection is stable. You may be stuck on “connecting to” for a long period if the network work connection is bad.
  • Verify whether Steam shows you as “online.” Please update your status to online if it is “away” or something similar.
  • Turn the host server back on.
  • Verify whether your firewall or antivirus software is blocking the game. If so, kindly turn off your antivirus software briefly and put the game on the firewall’s whitelist.
  • No port forwarding is configured. This may also be the reason Terraria Join Via Steam is not working. In this scenario, kindly turn on the function on your network right away. You may call your ISP for assistance or access your browser through the gateway access to accomplish this.

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