How to Install Apps From Panda Helper on iPhone and Android

How to Install Apps From Panda Helper on iPhone and Android

The Panda Helper is the number-one third-party app installer globally, the best source of unofficial modified apps & games, plus loads of other content. Furthermore, it’s all for free without needing to jailbreak first; anyone can use it, & it’s super-easy to download and use.

How to Download Panda Helper

Take your best – Panda Helper comes in a free version & a VIP paid version a well as being supported on Android:

Method 1: Free

  •     From the Safari browser, go to the Panda Helper download page and tap Download.
  •     Tap Install on the Profiles page.
  •     You should see an Installation indicator on your home screen – if it says, “Waiting,” tap to start the installation.
  •     This app icon will show on your homepage once the installation is complete.

Method 2: Premium VIP Version

This Panda Helper VIP is the paid version of the app installer. So, A one-off payment gives you way more content than the free versions, along with being more reliable and stable. Besides, it isn’t ad-supported like the free version is.

Well, Once you have made payment and the process is done, this app is ready to use – see here for the download detail.

Method 3: Android Only

So, This requires you to download the .apk file onto your device manually, so follow these steps very carefully.

  • First, open Settings on your device and go to Security.
  • Now, Enable the Unknown Sources option so the file can download.
  • Then, Please find the file on your device (Downloads folder) and tap to install it.
  • Next, Wait when it’s finished. This Panda Helper icon is on your home screen.
  • Suppose you do NOT see the icon. You must repeat these steps carefully.

Panda Helper Features

The Panda Helper is packed with useful features:

1: App Store Apps – a massive choice of iOS apps & games, including premium & paid, for free.

2: Exclusive Apps – Cydia tweaks, themes, ringtones, emulators, screen recorders, & more.

3: Tweaked Apps – Stock iOS apps tweaked to work creatively.

4: Modified Games – iOS games with extras plus in-application features unlocked.

The Panda Helper is famous, and we do get many questions asked – these are some of the more common ones:

  • How Do I Fix the Untrusted Developer Errors?

That is easy to fix and is familiar with custom content:

1. Open the iOS settings

2. Click General > Profiles

3. Click Panda Helper in the profiles list.

4. Click Trust and try again – the error is cleared now.

Will My Warranty Be Affected by Panda Helpers?

Nope. Panda Helper works as the same as any standard application, not requiring root access to the iOS as Cydia does. This doesn’t hack through the Security on your device and downloads with the same permissions as an app store app. What may cause a problem is using a tweak from the installer – So don’t worry, if your device has to go to an Apple store for anything, delete the tweak first.

  • Is it Safe?

Yeah, because it doesn’t break Apple’s Security, which means it isn’t opening your device to potential harm. Plus, your Apple ID is not required during the download process, so Apple can’t track your app’s use and revoke the certificates. These developers also monitor the app and fix any issues immediately, so be sure to install every update released.

  • Can I Request an App?

Yes, you can request. You will post your request on the developers’ Twitter feed – give them as much detail as possible. All will try to get your application or game, but they do get many of these requests and cant always honor them. Plus, not all apps and games can be added, so don’t be too disappointed if yours doesn’t appear.

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Well, You don’t have a thing to lose with Panda Helper. Then Not only do you not need to jailbreak, but you also have the choice of a free or a paid version of the installer for iOS and an Android version. And, it’s all free, & if you can’t get on with it, deleting it is simple.