What Does ISTG Mean In Text And TikTok?

What Does ISTG Mean In Text And TikTok?

ISTG is among the newest acronyms used in adolescent slang. The discussion may have a different meaning if you know what ISTG means or how to interpret it. What ISTG means in text and how to use it are explained below.

What Does ISTG Mean?

“I Swear To God” is what ISTG means. To emphasize a statement or to express dissatisfaction or frustration about something, use ISTG. This term may sound unfamiliar to others, but social media users are extremely familiar. This abbreviation is frequently used in online chat rooms on social networking sites and text messages. Many prefer this one because it sounds more similar to the other well-known terms, OMG or Oh My God. The majority of people use common slang terms like “HBD,” “ROFL,” “TC,” “GN,” etc. in everyday discourse. However, everyone eventually begins using acronyms and reducing sentences. Particularly, today’s young folks like using abbreviations in text.

What Does The Urban Dictionary’s ISTG Stand For?

The literal ISTG meaning is “I Swear To God,” according to the Urban Dictionary. The phrase expresses one’s willingness to be truthful about something.

How To Use ISTG In Text?

The abbreviation ISTG can be used to express a variety of meanings. To convince someone of anything, ISTG may also highlight your statement. This slang demonstrates your emotional sincerity and proves what you say is true, like proof. Let’s examine some textual examples of ISTG usage.

Example 1

The ISTG: Last night, I spotted a huge snake in our lake.

When the other person doesn’t believe you about anything you know or see, ISTG convinces them that you are speaking the truth.

Example 2

I will hit you in the face, ISTG, if you don’t stop.

To get the other person to take you seriously and quit doing anything you don’t like, you may also use ISTG to convey a broad warning or threat.

Example 3

ISTG. I’ll do the task by tomorrow.

If you want the other person to believe what you say, you may even use ISTG to make promises.

Where You Can’t Use ISTG?

Employing ISTG in a formal or professional setting is unacceptable to make your sentences sound more serious or complex. Additionally, as it may offend and cause problems, you cannot use ISTG in front of spiritual or religious people.

What Does ISTG Mean On TikTok?

You may come across the term “ISTG” in text messages from friends or postings on many other social media sites, like Twitter or Instagram. ISTG is by no means a term that is just used on TikTok.

The Bottom Line:

You should be familiar with the ISTG. As a result, you may immediately begin messaging your pals using this slang.