How to Make Money While Staying at Home

How to Make Money While Staying at Home

In this time of economic uncertainty, people are seeking better ways to earn cash while staying indoors. As cases of COVID-19 continue to mount across the world, now may be the best time to consider making money without having to go outside.

Fortunately, technology has made it possible for us to make a living in these uncertain times. Whether you are a student saving up for college or a professional who is looking to open up a new revenue stream, you can try out these awesome ideas to earn as you stay safe.

1. Work as an Online Tutor

Even as schools are looking to open as health and social restrictions begin to ease, some parents are not taking any chances. The demand for online teachers has increased in the past few months, giving opportunities to people who want to make steady money teaching English, math, or even history.

If you have classroom experience or are an expert in a certain field, you can sign up as an online tutor for kids, highschoolers, and even post-graduate students. It can be taxing, but if you are planning to make a serious career teaching online, you could gross at least $44,000 annually. With your passion for teaching and a decent PC with a high-definition webcam, you can turn this opportunity for making quick cash into a long-term career from home.

2. Support Businesses as a Virtual Assistant

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely disrupted the business landscape, closing physical stores and prompting entrepreneurs to build their own ecommerce platforms. Not all small to medium businesses will transition smoothly to the digital realm, which is why most of them are outsourcing crucial functions to virtual assistants.

Everything from digital marketing to website development and even telemarketing can easily be delegated to people who can work remotely. The payoffs can be tremendous even for newbie virtual assistants, with annual earnings of up to $40,000. It’s only a matter of promoting your services to individuals and organizations in need of extra help with long-term projects.You can set up a LinkedIn profile or use platforms like Fiverr to start looking for specific jobs.

3. Invest in Cryptocurrencies

If taking on a new job is not your thing, you can try your hand at earning passive income through cryptocurrencies. Investors, in fact, are pulling out from the stock market and diversifying their portfolios with digital assets like Bitcoin.

Understanding how cryptocurrencies work might seem complicated, but given enough time, you can master the art of investing by diversifying your portfolio, analyzing price fluctuations, trading in legitimate exchanges and knowing how to sell Bitcoin when the time is right.

If there’s one valuable piece of advice you will need from experienced investors, it’s that you shouldn’t let your emotions take control. Rather, you need to stay abreast of important developments and avoid jumping on bandwagons that will cost you dearly.

4. Be a Content Creator

Do you have a hobby you want to share with others? Do you want to help people make money by doing arts and crafts? Perhaps you want to share your fitness routines with people trying to keep in shape?

Indeed, there is truth in turning your passion into a career. If you pour your heart and soul in a certain hobby, you can turn this activity into a source of livelihood. All you need is an HD camera, your own studio at home, and an account on sites like YouTube and Skillshare where you can post informational and valuable videos.

Trying your hand at becoming a content creator allows you to share your craft with the world and, in turn, get paid for doing it — all while you are taking shelter in your humble abode! It’s only a matter of making time for creating content that is relevant and useful to the right people.

5. Explore your Creative Side

Do you have a talent for digital drawing, music production, and arts and crafts? You can turn your passion into a lucrative venture by creating commissioned work for clients. For this, simply create an online portfolio so you can showcase your best work to interested clients. You can check out platforms like Behance and Adobeportfolio for promoting your services as a creative.

If you are more into writing, you might as well start a career as a freelance content writer. Companies pay a lot for blogs and e-books, so put your flair for words into action by joining freelance writing platforms like UpWork and The Writer Finder.

Lastly, you can also consider writing and promoting your own ebook. Whether it’s a guide for helping people gain financial freedom or a motivational self-help book, publishing your own material can help you earn a lot in the form of royalties.

Never let such a crisis as this keep you from making a ton of cash. After all, you can get the same money-making opportunities at home as you would anywhere else.