How to Mirror iPhone to Amazon Fire Stick

How to Mirror iPhone to Amazon Fire Stick

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, together with Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Cube, do not bear national screen illustrate. You can not launch your iPhone or Android devices to your Firestick, properly out of the box. But thankfully, there is a simple workout for you.

How to Mirror iPhone to Amazon Fire StickHow to Mirror iPhone to Amazon Fire Stick

For the not known, AirPlay is Apple’s wireless technology that lets you browse content wire-free in Apple devices and iPad. For instance, you can use Airplay to cast iPhone’s screen (which acts as an object) to Apple TV, which works as a receiver, visibly both connected to the same Wi-Fi network system. Now, though Firestick does not support Airplay out of the box, there are as many third-party apps that can bear Google Cast, Miracast, and of course, AirPlay. Let’s check them out.

Best 4 Mirror iPhone to Amazon Fire Stick Apps

1. AirScreen:

AirScreen app is one of the best apps to mirror Android and iOS; both devices screens to the Firestick. It replicates the AirPlay protocol on a local server run on the Firestick. You can tap the device from the control center to turn on the screen mirror.

For working, install the AirScreen app from the Amazon store link is below. The next tip is to head over to your iPhone and scrolls up to bring up the rapid setting tab and press Screen Mirroring Airplay. It shows you a list of all active devices, tap Airscreen server tile and viola, you can now successfully browse your iOS screen on the Fire TV Stick 4K. While checking the app, it worked well, and you had no issues; however, Fire TV Stick 4K sometimes did not connect successfully, which might be a bug there because the same worked perfectly on the old one Firestick. You can install the app for free from Amazon as well.

Easy to use UI
Quick Connection
Fast feed transfer

untrustworthy connection of the Firestick 4K maybe it’s the software problem

Install AirScreen Firestick

2. AirPin Pro

Same like AirScreen, this app creates a server on the Firestick to simulate the AirPlay protocol. However, if you wish to play some music from your phone on the TV, you can do it with this application. It can come in as much when you don’t want to show the phone’s UI and navigation to play some tracks. The app is paid and will cost you $4.99, but you can check the free version to see that if the app works for you or not.

Local Connection Feed post transfer
Different modes of AirPlay for Video and Audio formats

UI is confusing for the first-time

Install AirPin Pro Firestick

3. WebTV Player

Firestick has a formal app for most of the video play services like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, etc., but what happens if you want to see videos from websites other than these apps? WebTV Player allows you to surf the web on your iPhone device and move the videos to your Fire TV Stick. Just download the application on both the iPhone and the Firestick.
While I was checking the app, I felt that it would be a little irritating for new users to use this app cause it is not available on the Amazon Store. However, you can try out this video to familiar with how to sideload applications on Aptoide TV.

Play a wide range of video from the web
Intuitive App UI
Automatic connection establishment

Installation on Firestick is a little boring

Check out Aptoide TV

4. Video & TV Cast

The last app lets you cast videos from the web to the Fite TV Stick, but it couldn’t fling your media to the TV. Video & TV Cast can move your media files from your Camera Roll and the iCloud to the Firestick over the particular network. Download the app on the devices and enjoy the videos of your cute cat and others on the Fire TV Stick. Cool.
The free version is more of an experiment where you can only browse the new three media files from the Camera Roll also. It will cost you about $6.99 to unlock all the features and specifications that locked behind the paywall.

Capacity to browse Files from Camera Roll and iCloud
Media transfer on the local networks

The entirely free version doesn’t offer much cost

Install Video & TV Cast Firestick, iOS

Mirror your iPhone device on the FireStick

These were some of the right apps that let you provide to view your iPhone screen on the big screen system. AirScreen and AirPin Pro are well ordered and available on the Amazon Store. WebTV Player is available on Aptoide TV that makes it a little challenging to download, but it is worthy. The last app is perfect for many times when you wish to mirror your old photos and videos to the TV system. While you are at it, buy an MHL cable, it’ would be a good investment if you want to browse the phone directly to the TV using the HDMI port. So which app do you want to use to mirror your iPhone screen to the Firestick?

Let us know about that in the comment box below and feedback us.