How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar Easily

How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar Easily

Reset Vizio Sound Bar: A Vizio sound bar is an excellent method to boost audio from an external device without buying a whole speaker system. Most modern TVs, for example, are thinner and lack adequate space for a great internal speaker. As a result, you may improve your TV viewing experience by using a Vizio sound bar.

However, there are times when the Vizio sound bar stops working, becomes static, or has audio and connectivity issues. The easiest solution is to reset your Vizio sound bar when these issues arise. The instructions for resetting a Vizio sound bar can vary depending on your model. Vizio sound bars are available in a variety of models.

Well, to factory reset your Vizio sound bar, you must first discover the model number. Your model number may be found on the back of your device, on the side of the package, or in your quick start guide. The majority of reset methods, though, are nearly identical.

How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar Audio

The audio in your Vizio sound bar may be reset by performing the following:

1 – Press the Setup button on your remote.

2 – Select Reset Audio or Reset All from the menu.

3 – To reset either the Audio or All settings, use the Next/Previous buttons.

4 – To choose, press the OK button.

5 – When you reset the settings, all LEDs will flash three times.

If you pick Reset Audio, the procedure above will reset audio settings, including bass and treble levels. On the other hand, choosing the Reset, All option will reset all associated Bluetooth devices and other settings. It will also erase all IR remotes that have been programmed. For Vizio M-Series and V-Series 5.1 soundbars, work the steps above.

How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar Without The Remote

Without a remote, you may factory reset your Vizio sound bar by completing the following:

1 – On your Vizio sound bar, press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

2 – Hold for at least five seconds more.

3 – All of the device’s LEDs will flash three times.

You’ve set the factory reset at this stage since it will delete all of your previous settings and preferences. Follow the steps above for Vizio SB4531-D5, M-Series 5.1 models, and V-Series 5.1 soundbars.

Why Is Vizio Sound Bar Not Working?

If your Vizio sound bar is not working, work the following troubleshooting steps:

Make Sure The Vizio Sound Bar Is Powering On

When your sound bar first turns on, you’ll see the light on the left or center of the device. Double-check that the power wire is securely connected to the outlet and the sound bar if you don’t see any lights. Then, using a separate device, confirm that the outlet provides power.

Check That The Vizio Sound Bar Is Set To The Correct Input

Here’s how to check sure your Vizio sound bar is set to the right output:

1 – Turn on the TV and start playing an audio or video file.

2 – On your sound bar, press and hold the Input button.

3 – Keep holding until flashing LED lights appear.

4 – A search using auto-input will begin.

The LED lights will flash again, indicating that the device is scanning the available inputs for the one inserted into the TV.

Connect Vizio Sound Bar To An Audio Out Port

In general, your TV features several ports with various functionalities. The majority of them are inputs that work to bring audio and video to the TV. However, only connect the sound bar to output for this workaround. The audio Out port is labeled audio Out on the back of your TV.

Connect An Other Device To The Sound Bar

The device causes most issues with the Vizio sound bar it is connected to. In this situation, connecting a separate device to the sound bar is the finest Vizio sound bar troubleshooting step you can take if you’re having audio issues.

You must execute an Auto Input Search after connecting the device, as mentioned above. The Vizio device is working if the sound is coming out, but you have a problem with your TV. However, if you find any issues, you should seek further assistance from support services.

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The Bottom Line:

With or without a remote, you may reset your Vizio sound bar. The best technique is to simultaneously press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume Down buttons for five seconds, then wait for all of the device’s LEDs to flash three times. When you’re finished, the settings will revert to factory defaults.