How to Send Animated Message Effects on Instagram DM?

How to Send Animated Message Effects on Instagram DM?

When Facebook decided to integrate Messenger with Instagram Direct, Instagram users had access to numerous features including new chat topics, disappearance mode, customized emoji responses, selfies and answers and transmission, to name a few. The new animated message effects are one feature that has been ignored. I like this new feature and will show you how you can add Instagram DM Animated Message results in this article.

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Add Animated Message Effects on Instagram DM

We’ll take a more intimate look at your tweet results, how they can be accessed and used to spice up your Instagram DM. Let’s start without any additional delay.

Note: You can follow the same protocol also to add Messenger animated message effects. 

How to Send Animated Message Effects on Instagram DM?

What are Animated Message Effects?

As the name suggests, animated message effects are effects that can be used to differentiate a message. You may already be familiar with them if you’ve used iMessage effects on your Mac or iPhone. Instagram now sells four items, and in the future, the company might be expected to add more products. This current range includes a heart effect, fire effect and a gift-box-effect. 

Access Animated Message Effects

It’s easy to use animated message effects, but most users don’t know how to access them. You must first type a message to access these effects. You will find that the camera icon on the left of the conversation window switches to a search icon when you order the news. To open the message effects interface, tap the search icon and wait for Instagram. Stickers and GIFs can also be sent from here.

How to Send Animated Message Effects on Instagram DM?

Pick one of the effects from this list, and Instagram will submit this effect. Take a looks at the GIF below to get an idea of all the results:

Instagram DMInstagram DM

Now the receiver is opening your post, which can be a cool factor because you may use it in your text messages to be more expressive. Note that only after the entire message is entered in the conversation box, you can choose the effect. However, another thing to point out is that the receiver must opt for your animated product in the latest Messenger experience. 

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Use Animated Message Effects and Personalize Your Instagram Messages

So, that’s how you can use Instagram DM animated message effects. What is your favourite of these? Let us know in the comments, don’t forget. See our post on the best tips and tricks for more such information from Instagram.