How To Watch AMC On Apple TV? [Easy And Quick Guide]

How To Watch AMC On Apple TV? [Easy And Quick Guide]

The AMC is a progressive channel that broadcasts TV shows and feature movies. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are just two of the channel’s award-winning shows. The channel is available on Apple TV, one of the greatest platforms to watch it on. Is AMC available on Apple TV? AMC is now on Apple TV, and you can watch it. In reality, the AMC app is compatible with all Apple devices. This article describes how to obtain AMC on Apple TV, activate it, and sign up for it.

On Apple TV, Download The AMC App

The AMC channel app is available for download from the App Store in addition to the native Apple TV apps. Fortunately, the app works with all tvOS versions, so you don’t need the latest Apple TV to watch AMC content.

1 – Open the App Store (using the Apple TV remote) 

2 – On the top-right corner, click the magnifying glass icon. 

3 – Search for “AMC” app 

4 – Click ‘GET’ to download

After installing the app, you may watch all of the content with the “No Login Required” tag. However, to watch premium content marked with the “Sign in to watch” marking, you’ll need an account with one of the TV providers.

How To Activate The AMC App On Apple TV

After you’ve downloaded and installed the AMC app from the App Store, you’ll need to activate it. To turn on:

1 – Get the activation code on the app 

2 – Go to (on your computer or mobile device) 

3 – Enter the activation code from the app 

4 – Log in (with your TV provider if you have an account)

You may now view AMC content after you’ve logged in. If you don’t have an account yet, follow the steps below.

How To Sign Up On AMC App (On Your Apple TV)

While some of AMC content may be seen without an account, on-demand content is exclusively available to premium users. As a result, the AMC app needs a TV provider account. The following are some of the most popular TV providers:


2 – Optimum 

3 – Spectrum 

4 – AT&T TV (among others).

You may pay for individual programs in the form of bundles if you have DIRECTTV. This payment content is best for people interested in a subset of AMC’s content.

Watching AMC From Your iPad, iPhone, Or iMac On Apple TV

You may also download AMC apps straight from the App Store for your iPhone, iMac, or iPad. In addition, any show from the AMC app may be streamed to your Apple TV using Airplay. However, the AMC live stream for Apple TV requires your iPad, iPhone, or iMac to share a WI-FI connection.

Apple TV Programming Options

Popular shows including Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad have been shown on the AMC streaming Apple TV. All premium members get access to the TV programs. Aside from famous TV shows, the portal also hosts feature movies and other relevant content.

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The Bottom Line:

The steps outlined above demonstrate how to use the AMC app on Apple TV to access the content. While the free content is enjoyable, a premium subscription grants you access to a limitless amount of content.