How Will AI Change the Mobile Industry in 2021

How Will AI Change the Mobile Industry in 2021

During the past decade, in the last few years to be specific, AI has been transformative, not a lot in terms of what we could do with it, but on what we do with it. Can you imagine your day without AI on your smart devices? Mobile app development has altered and has considerably improved with the advent of all the evolving technologies.

What we need to understand is that Artificial Intelligence affects all aspects of our daily lives. From healthcare, education, entertainment, to eCommerce and technology, all are impacted by it. Moreover, all this is tied together by our smartphones, since it’s through our phones that we leverage all the technologies.

AI’s have been dominating mobile app development services for years already and could potentially grow more in the years to come. Today, devices are offering several features to build up Artificial Intelligence. Can AI change the mobile industry in 2021 and even beyond? It certainly looks like it will.

Artificial Intelligence Will Transform the World of Mobile

The mobile industry is one of the most eager and hugely fascinated and driven toward the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. Mobile app developers like Etatvasoft are eager to use the technology in developing applications. With the technology, creating a personal assistant that could help track everyday tasks is possible.

Nowadays, there are several apps using some form of AI and boosts the overall personalized experience, user engagement, and ease. Apps that have AI, in short, are best in meeting the evolving expectations and needs of consumers. AI and machine learning furthermore let developers develop an app with high-grade interactivity, which could analyze and organize data, as well as build a user engagement experience that’s top-notch.

Covid-19 has affected a lot of aspects of how we do business but hasn’t diminished the impact that Artificial Intelligence has in our lives. It has, in fact, become obvious that smart machines and self-teaching algorithms would play a great part in the ongoing battle against the outbreak, as well as others that we may face in the future.

When it comes to picking the technologies that would transform how we live, play, and work in the future, AI without a doubt remains a major trend. This is true specifically in the realm of mobile app development.

AI-Driven Mobile App Development in 2021

Improved App User Experience

In app development, the most important aspect is boosting audience engagement. For which each and every app developer and UX experts today are relying on Artificial Intelligence. As the user experience increases, it’s all the more important to provide a personalized experience.

The AI technology could provide a higher quality UX by determining the user behavior patterns, and enabling user behavior analysis. The technology could take different user input data with various behavioral patterns and aspects and do deft analysis to establish insights that are relevant. AI-integrated mobile apps would be amazing since they’ll drive a user engagement that’s constant.

Intensified Cybersecurity

The abrupt rise in online activity and remote workspaces has created several ripe ground for hackers. Besides using antivirus software and VPNs, business organizations should implement more security controls to protect not just their data, but their customer’s as well.

The first step would be modernizing security infrastructures so employees could securely work at home or in public, beginning with making certain that all confidential information is stored in the cloud. The steady growth of AI development in the mobile field also has enabled us to quickly determine cybersecurity threats, as well as respond to them faster before they spread.

More Automation

Since there’s no shortage of assumptions in the market about Artificial Intelligence, people presume that the technology eventually would reduce human input and design in analysis, which is utterly wrong. The technology helps people make better decisions.

The automated apps and tools integrated with AI would replace only the tasks that could be performed and automated with no human intervention. Such tasks include maps that bets show an optimal route to drivers to minimize the consumption of fuel.

 Personalized UX

Personalization, at present, has become a major part of most apps driving user engagement faster. Although the practice is picking up speed, users expect more and want apps to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience in every way possible, which include user ease, more quality features, user-interface, content, and so on. With AI, UX personalization is possible.

In mobile apps, AI offers searches that are locations-based. There is ample data like the purchase history of a user, shopping behavior, patterns, preferences, and so on that provide a personalized application that’s become much easier than ever.

Now, users need not keep on scrolling to reach what they’re looking for. Personalized solutions would lessen the time and allow users to explore more as per their preferences.

Personalized Answers

By next year, the ability of assistants to provide personalized answers would increase multifold. This we are experiencing already. Ask your VA app about the news, weather, or information on any specific topic, or your schedule even and it would tell you all.

Since the app is integrated with the other apps on your smartphone, you could ask it to play your favorite song, order pizza, or send an email. Personal assistant apps would do it all without you lifting a finger.

Video or Audio Recognition

It’s getting more and more popular to find mobile apps enhanced with a chatbot, such as for instance the Apple Siri. For most service providers, such as mobile app development India, using the AI technology is all about streamlining authentication via using face recognition or fingerprint while to some, the tech could just be used only for entertainment purposes, such as Snapchat. It’s important however to note that there are various ways that AI technologies could be used to boost the audio and video recognition abilities in a mobile device.

The Pros of Integrating AI into the Development of Mobile Apps

  1. Helps accomplish monotonous work fast

Doing the same thing repeatedly at once could be burdensome. It would probably kill creativity and a waste of time. Now, when doing such things with AI, the mobile app developer actually could concentrate on more critical tasks, solve several real-time app development issues, and pour a few innovative inputs towards the app.

  1. Taking the customer comfort to another level

AI is embedded heavily into our lives, they’re everywhere, from our day-to-day routine, AR, to travel applications. By providing customers with the advice they’re looking for, you could take their satisfaction to the next level.

  1. Mobile AI would attract retail consumers

The AI technology, for the retail industry, is making new frontiers, which redefine the mobile apps’ potential launched with artificial intelligence. Major retailers serve a huge number of consumers via integrating AI algorithms in their brands. Business apps gather a great amount of user information from online traffic, mobile devices, and others.

The algorithms in these apps process data and adjust to encourage apps to make marketing notifications and messages that are more relevant, and learn about trends. Such a meaningful and rich engagement method would connect more consumers to a brand.

  1. Smart interactions and competitive business

With the introduction of ML or machine learning into the AI system, organizations are all set to change their radical practices that engage their consumers. With the personalized intelligence of AI, businesses, developers, as well as customers could gather together to think about intelligent mobile app interactions.

Artificial Intelligence reads the choices, trends, and processes that it has gathered to provide solutions that are accurate. Since customers get help in the way they want, businesses feel the need to incorporate AI into the customer service strategy. Businesses that take no heed of the power of Artificial Intelligence are likely to fall behind.

On the other hand, companies adopting the AI trend would be more productive and competitive in the future.

  1. Artificial Intelligence helps retain users

Mobile apps that are launched with AI means providing a seamless, tangible, and personalized customer experience. AI’s major principle is to gather data from previous interactions for such mobile applications. A precise understanding of the AI machine behavior is used in connecting customers to the business brand.


Without a doubt, AI and machine learning have been the industrial revolution that has impacted the world of mobile app development. The AI integration not just minimizes the time of development, but optimizes it for more speed and efficiency as well. In 2021 and beyond, AI is one of the leading trends in the app development realm.

As the trend continues to grow, we can expect a better future for ourselves when it comes to digital technology, and apps for mobiles would be more advanced and user-friendly. Next year and in the years to come, expect the industry to expand more than ever to bring out the best experience for us all through mobile applications. As we draw nearer and nearer to the future, all the technologies would even be more multi-experience and prominent and would take over with a full swing.