Hublot Timepiece: The Watch For All Occasions

Hublot Timepiece: The Watch For All Occasions

When shopping for a timepiece, it is highly recommended to look for a quality that comes from a trusted watchmaker that has a strong heritage of excellent watchmaking. Not only are we pertaining to a brand of wristwatches, but the mechanical workmanship behind these ticking devices, and when it comes to wristwatches, Swiss-made watches are considered synonymous with quality that surpasses others.

With 400 years of timepiece making running through the industrial veins of Switzerland, watches developed and powered by these watchmaking experts are a highly regarded credential. One wristwatch brand that honors the quality of their horological roots until today and can proudly claim quality and precision with the Swiss-made mark found on every wristwatch they produced is Hublot.

A Brief History of Hublot

Founded by Italian watchmaker Karlo Croco, who made his own watch company in Switzerland, Hublot is a brand that masters the art of fusing materials to create contemporary and unique watches.

However, even though it is widely known as a brand that combines avant-garde and modern concepts in its wristwatch designs, it isn’t left behind in producing classic pieces that will not only sit well on your wrist on any occasion but will also catch the eye of anyone. We’re talking about the Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Blue. If you’re curious about what makes this watch, a timepiece perfect for any event then listed below are the fine qualities of this watch.

Facts About Hublot Watches

  • A Dress Watch With Supreme Comfort

With its sunburst dial elegantly adorned with hour markers that look like set gems, and the refined shape of its 42-millimeter high-quality titanium case, this watch is classy in its design. If you’re going to attend any business meeting and want to impress your investors with a sleek but unique style, then go for this luxurious watch and you will catch their attention. A trademark of a Hublot Watch is their fusion of materials that maximize the quality and improves the watch wearer experience. With a blue alligator strap that is fused with silicon to make it more durable and completely sweat resistant, you’ll find yourself loving the comfort of wearing this watch. With a 42-millimeter case, you’ll expect something bulky, but you will be surprised that Hublot Classic Fusion will easily slide under your sleeves. However, if you’re looking for a watch that gives you optimum comfort while you maintain that A-class look, then gracing your wrist with this watch is a fine pick. With shades of blue, this watch matches any casual setup you’ll attend in a suave way.

  • A Classic And Modern Timepiece

When going out for special events, we often find that we prefer to present ourselves with a clean yet sophisticated look. Unless the special occasion is given a wild motif, we usually want to be minimal and posh. With Hublot’s classic Fusion Titanium Blue, you’ll find that the fusion of forms found in this wristwatch will complement any no-nonsense style. With the iconic circular porthole shape of the case and finely brushed and polished edges of the bezel, you’ll find that any simple casual wear will look stunning when paired with this timepiece. If you’re cautious of being labeled as a traditional watch wearer, then having this watch on your wrist will show off your fun side. With lugs having an angular shape that gives it an edgier and dominant look, you’ll find that Hublot is a master of mixing classic style with modern concepts. With the fusion of both angular and circular forms, this watch gives any wearer a playful vibe.

  • Durable and Convenient

As we all know, some luxurious wrist watches need to be babied and be worn with caution. However, with Hublot watches are made to endure. With an alligator strap that was developed to ensure longevity in life span, and a titanium bezel and case, you’ll be sure that this wristwatch will be your companion for years to come. When it comes to material, titanium is stronger compared to stainless steel, but if you’re worried about scratches, then be assured that with routine polishing titanium will maintain its sleek look.

This classic Fusion is also powered by caliber HUB 1110, which is a Solida SW300 movement. This trusted movement can be easily serviced in any local shop, which is convenient for any watch wearer.

Even though the movement is not in-house, you’ll be assured that this watch is made with the evel of quality and precision expected from a Swiss-made watch.

In Conclusion

A Swiss Watch is truly a mark of quality, and with such mastery of craftsmanship combined with ingenious ideas for innovations that Hublot has, revolutionary wrist watches like Hublot’s Classic Fusions and other lines of bold designs are made possible for watch lovers to wear. There are many Swiss watch brands in the market, but only Hublot can combine style, comfort, and eccentricity in an excellent balance.

With Hublot’s Classic Fusion Titanium Blue to dazzle on your wrist, you will surely have a conversation starter on any occasion. If you want to try this magnificent timepiece, a recommended authorized dealer you should check out is The Watch Company. You will find Hublot Classic Fusion along with other eye-catching timepieces from Hublot, for you to easily inquire and purchase.